Switch Lite vs Switch: 10 BIGGEST CHANGES

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    The new Nintendo Switch Lite has been announced for this Fall season. What's the deal? How is it different? We've got all the known facts so far.
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    the Nintendo switch light has officially been announced what exactly is it how is it different from a normal switch we've got all your answers right here with ten things you gotta know let's get started off with the first point at number 10 the biggest thing the light is confirmed to not have any docking or TV output whatsoever this makes the switch light a dedicated 100% handheld device this is the thing we've already seen people arguing about the most I mean if you think about it it's a Nintendo switch that doesn't switch to anything it's missing the charm it's missing that cord design philosophy what the switch set out to do but it's made for people or maybe even young kids who just play exclusively in handheld mode I much prefer paying a little more and having more options but that's just me there's going to be a lot of Nintendo fans that just don't embrace this but it might find a new group of fans who knows it could do really well we're just speculating other people are comparing it to a 3ds switch the price wise we'll talk in another point but I think the focus here is really the games you're playing on it and also think of the 2d s it wasn't really for the hardcore crowd we all laughed at it but it worked for kids and it sells but anyway let's move on to number 9 another thing that makes this thing stand out from the standard Nintendo switch is the lack of HD Rumble and the IR sensor thing this is another thing that Nintendo tried to make an original selling point of the switch before launch and it didn't really take off the way they were totally expecting to sure it's got some cool implementation in some games but it's not exactly standard other than just the vibration still you do lose out on some functionality in games that do rely on those functions especially vibration and those vibration motors are really really good but alas this is interesting though but it makes sense and probably helps out with increasing the battery life because at number eight speaking of that battery life the switch light apparently will have a longer one seeing as how it's optimized for portability only according to Nintendo the switch light will have a battery range of like three to seven hours depending on what type of game you're playing because of course you could be playing little 2d games or massive 3d open-world Gamze that's gonna affect the battery now this three to seven hours is a slight jump from the original switch which Nintendo has listed at two and a half hours to eight and a half hours so roughly the light will be a half hour stronger Nintendo references breath of the wild as one of the more battery intensive games your play will jump from three hours to almost four hours this feels to me like they could be stretching it a little bit with the numbers but love to wait and see what we could really get our hands on the thing to see if it really makes a difference moving on to number seven the Nintendo switch light will not have detachable joi cons this is big which it makes sense for a handheld only version of the switch seeing is that you won't be docking it but what's weird is that not having detachable joi cons actually affects how certain games will play the biggest one we can think of is Pokemon let's go which is a game that you have to play with motion controllers you need to be able to detach a joy Conda catch Pokemon which you can't really do on the Nintendo switch light the same thing goes for Super Mario Odyssey which you can technically play handheld fine and get through the whole game but I'd argue that playing the game with motion controls is a bit more fun and the way to play it something else like snipper clips is another example and that game is built around co-op with each player using a single joi con but if you can't attach them how can you really do any of that well they're technically is a way to play these games because you can it is confirmed sync joy cons to the switch light and play that way but seeing that you can't dock it and play it on TV and the fact that it doesn't have a kickstand just makes that more Unknowing I think but at least you have the option I guess anyway next at number 6 with more facts this thing is gonna come standard in a choice of three different colors we got yellow sort of teal and a light gray or as I call them DP colored Gumby colored and a better than regular switch Bray these come in 32 gigs like the regular Nintendo switch and thankfully just like it the memory can be expanded with microSD cards also there's going to be a pokemon sword and shield Edition that has a super sexy color scheme a look at this thing as of the time of making this video it looks like it's only Europe but it could likely come to North America you know we're putting this out the day of the announcement this one is super nice looking though and maybe it'll come with more Pokemon shots fired sorry over at number five this one is another smaller detail that you may have missed but it's definitely worth talking about that we mentioned briefly the thing doesn't have a dang kick said the official nintendo.com fact sheet for comparisons of the 2017 model and the switch light reads as follows and that quote does not support output to a TV therefore it does not come with a dock HDMI cable or kickstand why you would include the kickstand but in the part relating to the docking it to a TV is beyond me but still the point stands Nintendo opted out of a kickstand when building this newer cheaper model which like I don't really want to speculate on design decisions most of the time but for real how much extra could having a kickstand included really cost so yeah if you get a switch light we regret to inform you that you can't be that guy from the initial switch reveal trailer who's playing on a train table which I guess makes it a little sense if you don't have detachable joi cons either but come on hey that being said fully I expect there to be third party cases definitely that have a kickstand integrated into them you know like the ones you see people buying for their big phone so they can sit and watch a neon genesis evangelion on their phone or they just eat alone at Arby's and hope nobody makes eye contact with them next up at number four the og Nintendo switch weighs in at approximately 0.88 pounds with joy cons attached whereas the new switch light clocks in at approximately point six one pounds making it a much lighter option a full roughly 30% lighter to be specific if you want an easy comparison you can make right now if you were so inclined you can just pop the Joye cons off of your regular one and just hold the standalone unit with screen that part alone weighs approximately 0.66 pounds so it's about 22 grams heavier than the switch light in its entirety now you know yeah it's not an exact analog for the weight of the new switch but you can get a general idea that it's in the same ballpark and it's wild to think that something that small and light can play the majority of the switch library like that's crazy like Mortal Kombat I don't we're into it little bits of difference in weight make a difference we're looking at you cellphones that upgrade every single year but anyway at number three I think one of the most exciting revelations of the switch light is on the Left joique on side look at that d-pad man since the joy cons don't detach the left and right sides don't have any obligation to also double as small mini controllers to be passed around and therefore they don't need dedicated buttons on the side it can have a proper d-pad this is very cool considering a lot of folks have wanted this option you know Hori the accessory manufacturer actually makes a left joi con that has a d-pad and people who like a bit more precision with certain games have embraced it call me silly call me petty but I think this thing having a dedicated d-pad is awesome the joy con thing is fun it's great but sometimes it feels like this thing is coming home does that make sense also Nintendo switch has just come out and said that they have no plans to actually make a left joi con with a d-pad and yeah okay thanks a lot guys anyway at number 2 with the switch light eating the cheaper alternative is just smaller all around has a smaller screen as well while the original now standard switch console has a 6.2 inch capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 1280 by 720 the new switch light is still rocking capacitive touchscreen but the screen size has been reduced by 0.7 inches leaving you with a 5.5 inch screen that said the 5.5 inch screen has the same 720p resolution as the larger 6.2 inch screen so we should be seeing a slight bump in pixel density that should in theory give us a slightly crisper image on the handheld which I mean that I will not complain about I know a lot of people tend to freak out when there's a change like shrinking down the screen but it's nice to see it's more or less the same type of situation and screen setup as the last model just I'll be it slightly smaller plus a 5.5 inch screen you can compare that with smartphones to get a feel for it so you know what you're getting but finally at number one the new Nintendo so which light will be launching at $200 which is $100 cheaper than the current og model switch now I see a lot of people online thinking that the $200 price point is a little too high but also fun fact you know Nintendo stuff is always expensive the og 3ds launched at 250 and then dropped to 170 after six months of kind of languishing and the new 3dsxl launched at actually just $200 also at $200 is actually the cheapest console even though it's not a console anymore at all but then you know that you get at retail pricing yeah sales h...
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