September Event 2019 — Apple

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    Innovation takes the stage September 10, 2019. Check out the all-new iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, Apple Watch Series 5, and iPad. And get the latest on Apple Arcade and Apple TV+.

    3:20 — Apple Arcade

    13:12 — Apple TV+

    19:58 — Introducing the all-new iPad

    36:35 — Introducing Apple Watch Series 5

    46:56 — Introducing iPhone 11

    1:07:40 — Introducing iPhone 11 Pro


    thank you good morning and welcome to the Steve Jobs theater we've always believed that by giving people wonderful tools you enabled them to do wonderful things and Apple we put the customer at the center of everything that we do with products and technologies that are designed in the service of humanity innovations that enrich people's lives to help them learn create work play share and stay healthy through the deep integration of hardware software and services these products empower people to do incredible things every day we have a huge morning plan for you with some truly big announcements so I'm going to just yeah so I'm going to dispense up my usual updates and get right into it beginning with the app store we're adding a whole new way to enjoy games on the App Store with apple arcade we've joined forces with the world's most innovative game developers to push the boundaries of what's possible to tell you all about Apple arcade I'd like to invite Anne to the stage and we are thrilled to launch Apple arcade on the App Store the world's first game subscription service for mobile desktop and TV Apple arcade is the only place you can get unlimited access to over 100 groundbreaking exclusive new games made for iPhone iPad Mac and Apple TV you can't find these games on any other mobile platform or subscription service no games service has ever launched as many games at once and we can't wait for you to play all of them instead of paying upfront for each game your subscription lets you download and play any Apple arcade game right from the app store it all starts with the App Store's brand new or ktab where you can discover the latest apple arcade games with new games at it every month get personalized recommendations watch game trailers and get expert editorial content like game guides and sneak peeks this collection of awesome games cover so many genres and play styles so everyone in the family can count on finding games they love on Apple arcade we are really excited to show you a few today first up our partners at Konami who have delighted players for decades their next game is sure to be a hit for the whole family please welcome Konami brand manager benjamin Kinney to tell you more thanks Anne everybody loves Frogger that's why together with cue games Konami could not be more excited to bring our title to Apple arcade Frogger into a town in this level we find ourselves in bathroom and Frogger has to rescue somebody's froglet friends by classic Frogger there are many obstacles in the way over now you can find power-ups like this bomb and you can use to clear the path ahead of you you'll also notice we're collecting jelly beans there's a fun and important part of gameplay but I'll tell you more about that here in a little while so the physics are incredible see how the blocks bob up and down in real time when you jump on them and look we rescued another problem you will have dozens of different outfits that you can put your Frogger in today we have picked this adorable bathing suit isn't he cute is that said Italian baby wearing sunglasses he is making a mess let's try to go around camp now you remember those jelly beans from earlier well when you collect a hundred you unlock super Frogger alright alright enough of that we got the last froglet to rescue and we did it great job Frogger and Toytown will be available at launch and we cannot wait for you to play with your friends and family exclusively on Apple arcade thank you thanks Benjamin Frogger looks adorable next up is legendary game studio capcom their new game brings console quality graphics and gameplay to a whole new audience to tell you more please welcome Capcom producer Peter Fabiano thanks man with shinsekai into the depths we set out to create a beautiful yet treacherous underwater world the world above is covered in ice you have no choice but to search the ocean below this is humanity's last survivor you'll notice gauges at the top that indicate air health and depth you'll need to be thoughtful and careful as you traverse the new world you can use thrusters to navigate or get to safety while searching for resources our explorer encounters a terrifying feature which is why it's ever important that you maintain your oxygen levels lucky for us our little drone is here to help us out we crafted every detail of the world to make it feel authentic and immersive in fact we reported music and sound effects underwater let's give it a listen Shinseki's controls are simple yet mastering shooting while thrusting will challenge even the most seasoned gamer the underwater physics and the creatures unpredictable attacks make battle both challenging and a blast you'll have to find out what happens next by playing shin sekai into the depths we're bringing our brand of game design to a new wider global audience both at home and on mobile available only on apple arcade thank you Wow thanks Peter that was beautiful our last demo is from Annapurna interactive known for innovative games that break the mold their next game is truly one of a kind to tell you more please welcome annapurna interactive producer kelsey hansen we are teaming up with simogo to bring their creative ambitious new game to apple arcade sayonara Wildhearts is a fast-paced neon pop music dreamscape we like to think of it as a playable music video let's jump in you play as our heartbroken heroine as she races to win back their hearts in this level our heroine is chasing after the stereo lovers filled seamlessly transition back and forth between rhythm babes tapping and high speed Racing's you as the player will never actually be moving the camera but playing as the perspectives automatically change makes this game challenging and so much fun the battle and storytelling are interwoven with the music making sure you never miss a beat to add to the excitement collecting hearts will increase your rank the more hearts you collects the higher your score will be sensing defeat the twins up the ante and transform their swords into a giant jet in an attempt to escape but our heroine has other ideas with one flash of her sword our heroine defeats the stereo lovers she reclaims a piece of her heart and steals a piece of ours we hope you enjoy sayonara wild hearts on Apple arcade thank you thank you healthy what an awesome soundtrack these three talented partners joined so many more amazing developers bringing new games to Apple arcade this year Apple arcade is available starting on September 19th that's in over 150 countries around the world we'll be introducing over 100 new games to our launch catalog in the weeks ahead so how much does unlimited access to all these amazing games cost just $4.99 a month for the whole and we're launching with a one-month free trial we hope you have a blast playing all the incredible games on Apple arcade thanks and back to you Tim thank you an apple arcade is a gaming service unlike any other out there we can't wait to start playing when it launches later this month next up let's talk about Apple TV plus our mission for Apple TV plus is to bring you the best original stories from the most creative minds in television and film stories that help you find inspiration that are grounded in emotion truly stories to believe in stories with purpose this summer we released three trailers for a few of our premiere originals like for all mankind an innovative reimagine ation of the space race in Dickenson starring Hailee Steinfeld a coming-of-age story about Emily Dickinson told in a completely modern way and the morning show with this blockbuster cast during Reese Witherspoon Steve Carell and Jennifer Aniston in her first TV series since friends the reaction to these trailers has been incredible they've been viewed over a hundred million times in fact the trailer for the morning show is one of the most watched trailers for any new television show ever this is incredible and the new issue of Entertainment Weekly calls the morning show fall's most anticipated series this morning I want to share with you one of the most imaginative thrilling and thought-provoking dramas ever see stars Jason Momoa and it takes place hundreds of years into the future in a world without sight we worked with blind and low-vision cast crew and consultants who provided the detail and the authenticity for how this world should be defined today I am so excited to share with you the worldwide premiere trailer for C centuries from now almost all humans have lost the ability to see some say sight was taken from them by God to heal the earth for the few who remain vision is only a myth but after so many years the power of sight has returned what is it sometimes different the children they have the ability to see my children they have the power that we would call magical or evil must protect them for centuries we feared this day would come the evil of light ones almost destroyed the world and now it has returned find the children who can't sleep and drink some tea if we give the babies they might leave us alone go I start with the social market they will print knowledge that will begin in the world your family we are one we fight his point the moment has come it's astonishing how the smallest moment can change an entire world I hope that you think thank you I hope that you can get a sense of why I love that show and I think that you will too now these are just a few of the exclusive originals from the exciting Apple TV Plus lineup with Apple TV plus you'll get access to these and so many more the best movies comedies dramas and kids shows now I know that some of you have been wondering when will Apple TV Plus be available and how much will it cost well today we're excited to tell you that the first shows will be available on November 1st and will be...
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