Summer Mckeen’s Finsta Got Exposed

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    literally go away we are non the birdie wait what what is this group where am i with three minute like you guys should have send hate to them or anything um I honestly don't don't know why that was said but um I really like don't don't send any hate to them just be mindful because at the end of the day they are still people they still are influencers and getting hate is hard to deal with anyways no matter what you did um and I'm not I'm not mad I'm not like upset I was earlier but like at the end of the day it doesn't really matter like people say things it's you know you brothers so black powder it's not what am i I don't know I'm trying to figure that out Shh move out the way you trying to get in a car because I I'm sorry this me and my friend don't answer the phone then what something bruh answer the bomb there's my alter ego what what heard a veto what in her name maybe you want to do it but that's not good to your body don't do it it's so trendy and whatever but don't do it if you really want to look cool start wearing silly bands again that'll get you so freakin straight okay the legends those not good
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