I Don't Need Everyone to Like Me! - Bill Burr

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    Taken from JRE #1348 w/Bill Burr: https://youtu.be/--SCDa1zsYI


    haha the Joe Rogan experience that's my favorite quote from Tarantino what I sought interview one time and they were saying like yeah we know it's trying to write movies and stuff you know and they were going like you can't do this you can't do that he's like why maybe cuz I do another fuck I want it's like that well that's why your movies are great yeah what are you like you just like that's that's the comic I want to watch I can say whatever the fuck I want yeah good I want to see you totally unfiltered yeah that's good I mean there's a time in a place I think you know you know to to be filtered sure you know what I mean there's no sense just going in and showing your ass and being you know right if somebody hires you for a private gig and they go okay perform between these two lines you're not Lenny Bruce if you go in then you go outside and you're a fucking asshole right cuz you agreed to do that right you do a corporate gig for a Christian Church right but if you're at like a comedy club it's like no you you're a guest yeah you came into a nightclub so right this isn't you know if you don't like it you leave but I came to see you specifically and all the other people did too and the one or two people that'll get upset well you're the problem the other people are there to see this kind of shit it seemed so selfish I'd be like if I went to a restaurant and I didn't like the meal and then the chef owed me an apology and had to change his menu and you didn't want anybody else to eat stop yeah I hate this food and if you go in there and eat off of that menu then you're part of the fucking problem and I'm gonna try to take you down - yeah cuz you didn't have a problem with this fucking chicken and dumplings whatever the fuck it's making no strange time strange best name special I feel yeah well I didn't know what else to call it just that's all I could think of yeah I like it because it's not it's not you're not punching them in the nuts you just said strange it's a weird time yeah paper tiger yep how long do you think you're gonna wait until you do another one do you have an idea in your head you gonna try to do two years we try to do you have a set schedule never think that no because that takes the enjoyment out of it it's like more like I had a bit that I was doing the first time I told the story and my new our two women like yelled out simultaneously and they yelled the same thing which means they whispered to each other let's yell this in three two one and I got out go fuck yourself I got into that with them and then they went upstairs and I'm like it's a comedy club I know they're still there because comedy club security is the worst it's the worst they just they just they they don't know how to kick people out so I went upstairs I had to put the hoodie up and all of that shit they said they were at the bar I walked by and then I go outside the club took the hoodie up and then they were there and then we got into it again and I was just like you don't even know me go fuck yourselves you know what the fuck I'm saying fuck you fucking with him Anna just my perception on something I was telling a fucking story right so and it had to do with a lesbian so that and then it was the wrong show to do it on because I think it was kind of a gay show I mean I went up there they had paper cutouts of dicks all over the place so I'm like I but it's a comedy club so I'm telling I'm telling the story I want to tell so I told the story and you know so it took me a little while you know to kind of imagine I've pretty much of me it was like you know I don't want to have that kind of interaction with people so I've just been you know working the bit out working a bit out and then like you know I did the joke the other night at the Laugh Factory and the exact person from that group came up to me told me she loved the joke and she was just like I feel like you would describe in my life and I'm like that's why that's the fun of this shit and you know as people say like oh you're working out a joke I can't do it at home yeah I have to go out there and just start throwing shit against the wall and see how to piece this stuff together so to go back to like when are you gonna do a special again like I enjoy this part too much to rush it we had to be thinking about like you know then you're like okay I'm doing is special I'm taping it here and then I'm in the bubble and then every night I go onstage and it's just like okay and then I got to do this and maybe what if I open with this and what if I put in and just it just becomes um you know this is added weight to it mmm that makes it like you know the opposite reason the entire reason why I got into this business was not that fucking real job I wanted to have fun so this which just goes back to what I was talking about you when I was watching us a flock Joe's on the other side he shot his special and now he's going down and as much as it can be frustrating putting it together he's having fun every night seeing alright where's this idea gonna go yes it's gonna leak cuz this sit like when I'm putting together a new hour like I have some of the hacky is shit ever and I take all of those rules and throw them out the window I don't give a fuck if you see me doing these jokes and most of them don't live but some of them grow into something better yeah and then it's not hacky and now it's this this thing that then shoots off into this and then you just start spinning off over here yeah yeah and then all of a sec eight minutes I got 12 minutes they're seeds right yeah it's starting to come together so when people go down there and it's literally like it's not even done you're just starting to draw and they're reacting to it saying it sucks and it's like it's it's not done I'm just yeah I agree with you it sucks yeah yeah yeah I'm with you yeah this is our work out but some people know that some people understand that some people think they come to see if most product most people now today in 2019 yeah crowds are great yes just one person in 50 shows complains and it's you know because there's so much shit to look at like controversy gets people to stop at your website and then you get credit from the advertisers in the side and then they they gas up shit and they donate they you know I saw a guy recently talking because you know suede everyone in the internet hates me but I walk down the street and everybody loves me so it's just like so what is what's really going on there's what's going on is is the small that percentage that don't like you is being shown to be the majority you know well it's a very vocal minority who get upset about things and they're very they're adamant about it and they're very active that's what it is the people that are upset certain things people that are in the really respond specifically it's long if you know because then you can do exactly nine times out of ten exactly what they're complaining is being done to them they turn around and then do trying to find their justice and they just I don't know the irony seems to be lost on these people but like I don't talk about I try not to talk about that shit a lot because I don't want to give it any more added weight than it deserves and it's just like bullies if people bring it up I just say you know not everybody's gonna like me yeah I I don't know what to tell you I don't need everybody need enough people to fill up enough of wherever I'm playing so I can continue doing this
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