I lowballed people on Facebook Marketplace

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    Lowballing on Facebook brings out the worst in people
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    HIDDEN COMMENT: hope this comment gets hugh jass likes lol


    about a year and a half ago I was pretty desperate for money I did not have a job other than YouTube and I wasn't necessarily raking in the views now my apartment complex apparently doesn't accept shoutouts as a form of payment for rent so I had to improvise I had to find a way to make some dough basically what I did is I started flipping items on Facebook Marketplace buy low sell high I know I'm a hustler what I realized after a few weeks is some people can get really really angry if you make a lowball offer like a somewhat low offer and it's kind of funny so today I'm gonna make some insanely low offers on people's listings and see what happens so first I need an alias I need to hide my identity my true identity I'm making a new account I'm trying to think of like one of those names that is such a troll like oh my god huge ass low balls no wait it can't be straight up low balls huge ass lobell's Hugh Jass Lobos okay I'm gonna make an email real quick you Josh oh my god I can't type lobell's at gmail.com shoot me an email guys password and we're in let's go Hugh it's make some offers off Rick I need a picture I've got an idea oh my god this is perfect this is perfect whose dad is this I'm sorry I am so sorry but I have to use this god that's perfect what's up Hugh how's it going this is the best day of my life what's on your mind Hugh about to make some low balls baby let's do this describe who you are name is Hugh I'm known for my low balls post how do you gonna marketplace facebook there it is did I just look up marketplace isn't it like a massive aspect of their website I hate Facebook okay I'm just gonna look it up Hugh Jass low balls coming in hot oh this is in Texas how do I change my location New York I think people in New York who's gonna get mad at me for some reason I kind of want to go for some like high ticket items and just see what people say when I lowball the heck out of them okay here's a here's a 2009 Kia Sedona ask for details can I not make an offer oh I need to log in boom what am I not allowed to go to freaking marketplace what I I can't do it I'm so confused let's see Congrats to mill she's hit 2 million subscribers I'm about to make some below balls what do you think about my profile why won't Facebook letting me access market place yeah that's exactly my problem I don't know what's going on Facebook and market please Facebook / marketplace sorry this content isn't available right now ok I'm gonna I'm gonna be back in a second ok so update apparently I'm not allowed to go on Facebook marketplace is huge a slow balls which you know I think that's pretty fair it would be pretty sketchy if some guy that didn't exist was able to make offers on stuff so I guess I'll just have to use my own Facebook so that's where I'm at right now I'm on Facebook marketplace and I put the location as New York again so let's just get started one thing I hate about Facebook's so obnoxious look at this shirt you done messed up ay-ay ron it was like five years ago say that was relevant $17.99 you kidding me so a lot of those stuff I used to flip was like video game stuff like Xbox and one night I put them the minimum at $1,000 so these are my top picks here's an iMac an Apple iMac so let's see what do we wanna send him would you do 120 that is a nice computer a lot of these people I probably won't even respond to me just out of sheer ignorance my ignorance that is here's another iMac these are fantastic okay so I'm just gonna say is this available you know I kind of build them up a little bit and then we will make our awesome offer but if some of these people say yes I actually have to go to New York in that case cuz that's a good deal where are the vehicles I'm gonna vehicles there's a Ford Focus it's pretty sweet car is available it's got some marks on there here's an Acura let's see how much should I offer for this accurate I'm just gonna say $20 no context other than just 20 bucks let's see what they say I haven't gotten any messages yet well this is a sick car look at that 3500 that thing is sweet is this available clay look at that car it's got that a butterfly door that is sweet I feel like people with trucks will really get mad at me truck I just want trucks 2004 f-150 this was my dream oh it's a dealership I don't wanna message dealerships they're not gonna reply to me 2017 BMW i8 message is it still available the real sauce is gonna come whenever they start replying you know let's see let's see let's see okay I'm done with cars entertainment okay let's do this arcade machine let's see what they say hey is the machine available Lamborghini who sells Lamborghinis on Facebook marketplace oh my gosh harley-davidson pinball whoever owns this is gonna get pissed at me let's go do electronics how about this Sony a7r three what's your best offer which is what she should be asking me still no responses are you serious I feel like most people are like on Facebook all the time I am Telling You guys this is like what I did for like six months to make money it was actually really good money a lot of people think it's kind of like messed up to do wrong even but to buy and sell type world you know supply and demand sometimes people want to get rid of their stuff for some cash it's just the way it goes what is this this is $4,000 I wish you guys could see this guy's name it's awesome almost as good as Hugh Jass low balls okay I have gotten no responses sent like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 messages I think I'm gonna come back in like 30 minutes to an hour and see if we have any responses so see one hour later and we have a ton of responses so let's see what we got here did the he respond 120 120 yes for the computer this available yes sir so he's asking 4000 I'll do 400 okay so Brad says this is available they're asking for 3500 would you be open to the 100-200 ballpark surely he'll be opening that Mel I offered $20 for this Acura she said $20 for what the car Eric yes hey is the machine still available I'll accept your offer for 150 he's asking 1,500 drop off a zero if I just act completely oblivious maybe they won't get mad at me okay harley-davidson pinball machine this thing right here I'll meet you in the middle at 200 I'm gonna get my butt kicked 2017 BMW i8 can you meet me in the middle let's see what they say I didn't even offer a price yet so that's I okay the Ford Focus is available I think the moment they get the most offended is when they think it might actually be a serious offer asking 6,200 for this Ford Focus I'm gonna say 3500 I almost feel bad but honestly like people like this who like flip like are selling cars on Facebook marketplace are probably doing exactly what I did low balling the heck out of someone else and then reselling it for more that is the epitome of a used car dealership i'ma start dealing some more people this is cool let me go to all is this a house okay so they're asking for 180 grand for this house I'm gonna say I'll do 150 cash so this is the this is the BMW i8 no I cannot you have to come to my yard to inspect vehicles because the majority are Salvage titles and cannot be driven on the road no I mean the price can you meet me in the middle am i a bad person what is this a guitar this is a bass hey Daphne can you do 200 I have a good feeling about that one wait what they have to be messing with me I offered 120 for this computer and he said someone's coming to pick it up for 200 later I really gotta appreciate these guys sense of humor dang it okay I'll meet you in the middle at 250 but you have to save it for me he's asking 3500 for this awesome car okay I said would you be open to the 100-200 ballpark sold we have a deal I am already having a good time 200 not make your best counteroffer 3500 make your best offer I'll accept your offer for 150 I'm selling it for 1500 oh how about 150 so far not much luck I think this is what I'm gonna do I'm gonna make an offer on a bunch of things just like as many as I can physically get myself to do and then we'll come back tomorrow and see everyone's responses that sounds like a plan to me is this Shane Dawson lots of Christian books just like Shane Dawson so yes I will see you guys tomorrow and hopefully fingers crossed huge ass mobiles can do his thing work his magic all right yeah welcome back it is in fact the next day there is probably the biggest thunderstorm of the year outside my window right now so please forgive me if there's any massive lightning bolts and/or Thunder roars I'm really excited right now because I had my phone blowing up with Facebook Messenger notifications and I think a lot of people replied so what we're gonna see right now is one if anyone accepted our offer I didn't come on that'd be awesome and two if anyone if anyone got severely upset am i huge a slow ball okay so I asked this guy who's selling the Volkswagen Bradley GT this bad boy right here if you would do one hundred to two hundred dollars and I thought he said sold as in like you got it you got the deal like it's yours hey so I said we have a deal thank you he said no the car is sold it's quite the disappointment I'm not gonna lie I can't say I'm surprised though I thought he was going along with the charade okay this is genuinely concerning he's selling an Apple iMac for $1,400 and I said 120 and he said someone's coming to pick it up for 200 and I said I'll meet you in the middle at 250 which isn't logical by any stretch of the imagination and he said I already promis...
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