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    Today Colleen Ballinger and I made a Lion King inspired cake!


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    1 ¾ cups flour
    2 ¼ tsp. baking powder
    ¾ tsp. salt
    ¾ tsp. cinnamon
    ½ tsp. nutmeg
    1 ½ cups sugar
    1 cup vegetable oil
    3 large eggs
    2 cups honey mangoes (diced)
    1 ½ tsp. mango extract

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    This #Mango #Lion #King Cake was super fun to make with Colleen Ballinger/Miranda Sings! Are you excited for the new Lion King Movie? What is your favorite Disney Movie?


    hey guys let's roll welcome back to my Channel today I am so excited we are baking today and we're gonna be making something from one of my favorite Disney movies ever yeah you know your mom are you watching them again is one like one you know I think we should start though because we've been watching like dinky little like baby cartoons and they're very painful to sit through and I miss Disney movie least got baby grease hidden from the TV and we didn't even know if he would know what it was but he watched half of Dumbo really like had his full attention span not halfway and then had to have a snack that's what Whitney starting to like Disney films and how do i do favorite ones is being remade and I'm so excited for it and that is Lion King yeah I try to decorate it make it look like more of a jungle in here I like it it's not like a jungle yeah and I got this basket of mangoes over here the cake that we're gonna make today is gonna be a mango cake recipe and we're gonna use fresh mangoes in it flinches had his first mango Oh Masoli yeah this is on brand for us so today we're gonna make a cute little Lion King Simba cake with a mango recipe and if you guys are new to my channel go check out kollene if you haven't subscribed to our channel already it is amazing she is so talented one of my favorite people in the world I'm gladder links down below go check her out subscribe show her all the love we have so many things going on this year it's hard to even keep track we were in a scape night season for together it is about to come out i'm joey graceffa channel so go check that out also come leads on Broadway everybody okay so she's gonna be in waitress this is one of my all-time favorite Broadway performances and I don't think you need to do that I was very impressed that you not only know it but you've seen it I haven't even seen it I've seen it multiple times really yes and it's really cute if you guys haven't seen waitress I would just encourage you to go see it especially goodness get with me in it baby now what our schedule here all right now are you ready to be I am so ready I have to practice I'm have to be baking on Broadway let's get started this mango recipe is delicious I'm gonna be putting all of the ingredients and their measurements down below in the description so if you want to follow along at home and make this cake you can go in we're gonna start with in dry ingredients so I'm gonna put you to work so we've got flour so cinnamon nutmeg and baking powder pour all of these little guys in your hair now yeah boom cinnamon cinnamon nutmeg oh my gosh I love these baking powder powder baking powder and then we're just gonna whisk together towhead combines this looks really good now when I move this out of the way and we're gonna cream together usually do butter and sugar but now we're gonna be using oil wait am i dumping yeah oh my gosh you guess your instincts on point this goes in here yeah so I am using mango extract to boost the flavors of the cake you can get a really yummy organic one and we are using real mango this goes in last though okay and eggs you today okay ready this is gonna be three whole eggs lock her up yes it mix together on like a medium speeds if you like to pull up a little and over on a nerdy nummies spatula I'd have it on him do we even need this Oh No have you ever been egged no have you been a ex-boyfriend that was crazy that that just happened I know oh look you can tighten that maybe that's what I mean it sounds our fault we didn't check to make all the screws taste noise wonder what's inside of this it is a spinning square actually that's good you can turn that off okay boom yeah do you know what you're doing yeah whoo we're gonna add all of our dry ingredients to our wet ingredients right here alright I'm at half of it I'll show you just go for it go for it mixing dry and wet ingredients oh it smells like better do you ever accidentally skip a meal and then you get real desperate right now like I skipped lunch but now I'm just like want to eat unready batter oh why did I do this that looks really good it's Rafer mango now last but not least ingredient fresh mango diced cut up really small so they're flynn bite-sized do you want them to look like a baby could eat up for me yeah let's just we'll just I just have one fun fact dogs get eat mangoes so that's right so good poopy will eat them then they go let's scoop them in there that's really good actually good mango the mangoes that we're using our honey mingos there's different types at the store all right so just gonna mix this on a slow-speed some yeah some too much right nice and slow usually I fold it in but I don't want to found those to me so slow speed it is that was pretty good wraps we're making the new style trendy cake so we're doing a 3 layer cake where all the designs of the face are gonna be on the front of the cake and not the top we've done this with like the unicorn cake the reindeer cake from my book what else Narwhal cake Pikachu so many cakes like oh hey these are six inch round cakes which we've greased and lined the bottom with a piece of parchment paper and this is so your cakes won't stick this is a pro tip always do this and you will never have a problem getting your kicks out of your pan if you don't do it probably crumble yeah they'll be a disaster I have a story listen I learned this lesson the hard way when I was little my mom always made really extravagant cakes for my birthday mm-hmm and one year my 12th birthday she's making a sunflower cake so I was like really detailed like had so much like the stuff in the actual pan like the pan was the shape of a sunflower you know yeah and she couldn't so she baked it she got it out and it got stuck oh she was really upset so then she made another one she another and it came out and I got stuck again and it just crumbled and she got so upset and I was like nervous cuz my mom was angry and I was like oh no my cake is making my mom angry she's like kollene come outside and we went outside and she's like take a piss fall and we took a fistful she's like let's throw it and we're just throwing the only ones I'm like laughing and having so much fun and I have thought about that every time I'm angry or get like yeah I think about that day and how like you can take an angry like bad upsetting situation and make it fun like I it's like such it's so burned in my brain I don't remember the final cake I don't remember my 12th birthday very well but I remember taking handfuls of cake and throwing it in the streets with my mom in the night if these don't work out we can just we can just do that we'll just throw em in my swimming pool or you can put parchment paper at the bottom and then it'll come out and you go yeah let's divide this batter between these three pans we can just eyeball it doesn't have to be perfect I'll help out I'll do a little spatula action do you I forgot to ask you do you like mango yeah I think that I do they made this cake and I was like okay I'm allergic fishy like I'm definitely allergic boom cake batter is in all of the pans and I love these pans they are awesome I'll put a link down below if you're interested in checking them out they are from the role baking line and I designed them to have bigger handles like lips around the top so it's easier to put in that Jesus thank you I love that I was like if I could make a pan anything shedders you have the pitch and then it's like flimsy in there betrayal genius thanks I made a tweak and I enjoy it all right now it's time to bait we're gonna pop these in the oven at 350 degrees and bake for 40 minutes okay the cakes are baked we've given them plenty of time to cool so what is next in front of us I've got a little cake plate and a turntable which are really fancy and they make piping and icing like they just changed the game they make it look professional so pick whatever you want to serve your cake come on okay right now and I'm gonna place it on top of the spinner and then we're gonna stack and frost the cakes it's classic buttercream I've dated when she kind of look like Simba yeah the cartoon to him oh it's going what do I do piped out line all the way around the outside yeah like a little fence and then do zigzags touching itself to kind of fill it in then you're gonna take an offset spatula okay and then just gently boom boom view all the way around nervous if the frosting comes out a little that's okay because we're gonna ice the entire thing this color right doing this right I feel like I mess up this is so flat I mean it doesn't matter because it's gonna be but it's gonna be inside the cake anyway so it doesn't take pretty are you ready I'm gonna have you laying it up okay some people hate word but do you feel how moist it is yes it is cuz you don't want a dry cake I don't care what anybody says dry should be the bad boy you don't want to do it moist is good dries your eyes back i defined the wet moist smoothing out smoothing a Rosanna pansino part two on the way you there we go all right I'm so good that's so loud now this one you're gonna do something a little bit different flip it upside down who she's gonna oh hang on to it oh yeah yeah that's that so the really flat fight the bottom is now the top mmm whoo that's gonna reduce Mike rummage and now we're just gonna ice the entire thing okay okay just like you were doing before like piping an outline oh you do that fast and really good and you want to be really generous with the icing because when y...
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