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    Saw the Captain Marvel teaser trailer and it reminded me of my Blockbuster Video adventures.

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    who here remembers Blockbuster Video I know a lot of yellow heard about it for those y'all who have never been inside a blockbusters you go in they have all your favorite movies all your favorite video games their bad candy and popcorn for anybody that remembers going in as a kid they will tell you it was a good experience it just made you feel good when you're here mom say your reactions I was like nah whenever they had a new release it would cover the entire wall and it was always sold out imagine going to Netflix and typing in a show or movie you want to watch and Netflix is like nah BAM and some of y'all young bloods don't know nothing about that life but you know what else was awesome about the whole Blockbuster experience when you got your own blockbuster card like that's a big deal you're not even supposed to be able to get one until you're 13 but my mom like forged the document and like made a fake passport for me or something and got me one before I turned 13 like that was a moment in life my friends would call me after I got my card like Donnie let's go play outside nah fam I'm a man about to go job hunting I gotta start doing my taxes big month things I'm out here making money moves okay come holla at me and to make matters even worse sir my parent started giving me allowance around this time there's $20 every two weeks I felt like a millionaire like y'all couldn't tell me nothing that welcome to Blockbuster like he liked my pad how do you think Harry Potter hunger games I want it so once I had my blockbuster card and allowance I would just jump on my bike and drive down the blockbuster cuz I need my mom to drive me no more cuz I'm a man now and then one day out of the blue random they added an anime section it was only like one tiny little corner had like 15 movies but I was shook if so the first anime I ever rent was ninja scroll all right take it to the register the lady looks at the movie and looks at me and she goes where's your mom home cuz I'm a man hold on one second she looks at the computer picks up the phone and calls her hi ma'am I'm Stacy over at Blockbuster in Metro West your son is I went a movie that's pg-13 and he doesn't look 13 to me so now I'm like crap my mom's gonna think that I'm over here trying to abuse my power and rent adult movies then I hear the girl go mm-hmm okay that'll be $5.99 yo my mom is a G so the next weekend comes along guess where I'm at at Friday night right back up in the anime section so I walked over to the same lady from last week and I hand her fist to the north star of the movie I just have to call your mother to get permission to rent this to you yes mrs. tazie them blockbuster amateur with your son is here trying to rent a movie it's in Japan amazing movie okay okay let me just read you the ratings really quickly okay nudity adult situations blood and violence that I mentioned that it contains a nudity do you want me to rent this movie to your son who is here are you sure no okay okay okay okay blink once for yes blink twice for no okay no problem yeah sure okeydoke and I'm here like mom is the MVP me and my mom never even talked about this she just knew what to do and this other time I went into blockbuster I go over to the video game section the brand new starfox 64 just dropped all of them were sold out except for one again for anybody that's gone to Blockbuster and you've experienced this scenario you know how happy you get when you get the last copy grab it go over to the register give it to the guy he goes yeah I've been trying to get my hands on this you know how hard it is to get your hands on this game I can't even get my hands on it and I went here when did this copy even get back in there I've been waiting for it so give him the money I rent it take it home the graphics were like mind-blowing so I take it back to Blockbuster drop the game off in about a week later I'm home I hear the phone ring my mom goes and answers it then she walks in the room like blockbuster says you still have their game and you need to bring it back no I returned the game like last week he said he returned the game last week they says you didn't well I did my son says he returned the game that means he returned the game so fast-forward like a month I think it was I'm home I hear the phone ring my mom answers and she runs in the room Blockbuster says you still have their game and then I owe them a part of me is happy part of me scared for anybody that has a parent or parents from Barbados you know that they swing first and ask questions later so the fact that my mom's asking questions first I'm very happy about it mom I returned the game on time I swears he returned a game on time he wouldn't lie about it click blockbuster kept calling I pick up the phone they be like we know you have the game the collection agency after you every time they would call I'm sitting here like I'm like crazy did I imagine taking it back and I didn't really take it back when I was stressing out and when I get stressed out I break out and get acne once I get acne the chance of me becoming a child bottle is out the window I'm not gonna book any gigs if my face is covered in pimples okay then I start thinking hold up maybe when I returned it that clerk swiped it up and took it home and never brought it back like two or three months later blockbuster calls ma'am we just wanted to call and let you know that we found the game where did you find it it doesn't matter where we found it but we found it I think that was their way of being like oops we done goofed so they erased all of our late fees but please believe every time I rent it from Blockbuster from that day on I wouldn't just drop it in the Dropbox and I'm returning a game I would walk inside with the game and be like hey guys I'm here a little while after this Netflix started getting popular and soon as I heard the premise of Netflix where movies come to you as opposed to you having to go to movies I knew that was the beginning of the end for Blockbuster and I don't know if any of y'all know this but Netflix offers to partner with blockbuster and blockbuster was like nah then Netflix offered to get bought out by Blockbuster and blockbuster was like nah and look what happened but we can actually all learn something from blockbuster because the world around us is changing real fast blockbuster was stubborn saying the cab drivers to Ober drivers these cab drivers are real stubborn they have a really bad attitude even uber drivers about to be obsolete uber is developing driverless drones that we can ride around in as we speak google it traditional media print y'all don't have to attack YouTube blockless is a great example to teach everybody to not be stubborn and stuck in your ways even you sitting there watching this video because the people around you're gonna change your relationships are gonna change and if you're not willing to evolve with some of the challenges that get thrown at you you're gonna be stubborn and close-minded you might end up just like blockbuster moment of silence pour some off my dead homies
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