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    It's all about keeping it 💯 because 'Pleading The Fifth' is a hard pill to swallow! 😂Featuring appearances by Charlamagne Tha God, Stevie J & Joseline of 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta', Tyga, and more!

    Watch us put some of the BEST in the hot seat, and buckle up for the most honest answers EVER!

    #PleadTheFifth #WildNOut #MTV

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    Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out delivers lightning-fast improv and head-to-head battles, helmed by the master of ceremonies, Nick Cannon. The stakes are high as teams face off in a series of visceral, hip-hop-edged comedy showdowns, all culminating in a rap battle for the championship belt.


    Nik you know I never wanted you to go to know the boys but don't it feel good to not have to lie about smash in the wild and our how old were you when you sold out to the man I sold I sold out a Walmart Target Nicholas Bartholomew Canada is it true that Bauhaus slept with Kim Kardashian before you did now I went first ass rayj put your right hand up right the beautiful Remy Ma how're you doing today I'm fine I just want to ask a couple of questions um we all know what happened we know that you have been to the penitentiary system you have inside information so what I want to ask you today miss Remy mom is how many cartons of cigarettes exactly do you think this bitch would a win for I have a half price it depends with you know that person's willing to do it Charlamagne half a cup of cigarettes god bless you my sister it's nothing it without here we're supposed to go to the studio last night won't yeah yeah man ain't hear from you so what was you doing between 10:00 p.m. and midnight to 10:00 I was getting I was about to get something to eat and I was sleep by midnight really Nick your honor I'm gonna bring out a witness she said was you gonna let the people know exactly what it was she was about to eat Oh I got a question for you Stevie J okay can tell you what blow my mind these wild now girl look we got one with the cotton candy here we got the short brown with the sideburns all curly on cue my question is if you could have one of them which one would you take down the people in the courtroom today are watching you play plead the fifth and we want to know five rappers that you can rap better than Nick Nick Nick Nick Cannon now you my man shit but I got a question that I know everybody in here wonder what do you do when you have to take a number two on an airplane the doors be real small right so I gotta come in headfirst then I gotta get on around make sure the toilet clean wipe it off then I gotta put my whole body gets it though you have to show uh love AJ right did I get ya yeah you did you did I just want to know I know America want to know which girl on that shelf had though what gay I'm keeping one let me use teeth oh I never did this it's okay it's gonna be a lot of people that's about to be mad really I see name's baby alright I plead to fish sniffles Kenneth yes just three questions okay three just left the crime scene what letter is between H and J uh okay all right PL e a D spells wet please oh please don't care yet that's okay now on this one here I just want you to fill in the blank okay just fill in the blank it's gonna help us a lot and the soul Martin I like it's a bro man from floor the fit on we see them all on Instagram you know with matching Ferraris he's managed she's out of control amber all the white man Oh manager that was a good point you know do nothing Nick you can't answer ever you'd like well I like the truth mr. Harris do you mind if I call you mr. Harris there's your name right sir don't have anything to say government Clifford Harris correct well I can understand I only know two Clippers that's you and the Big Red Dog we're gonna keep it no we're gonna keep it moving we all know you a mogul you won the greatest hip hop artists of our time but people don't give you credit for as you are also a lifesaver you talked a man down from off of a skyscraper they're preventing him from hurting himself right there could be the cage that could be the case well since you like saving things so much how come you never have done anything to help save my team captains rap career how come you never deliver you've never done a few you've never done a song I've never even seen you in the picture with them what rap career Nick Cannon yes missus only one question we all want to know the answer to do you even like your music to say he's real like really real beautiful and myself my castmates and I know every dude in here would really like to know how much of that booty is really real y'all don't want to know these guys yes yes yes yes I'm gonna put you up on game it's real in your hands but y'all don't need to be worrying about booty that's above your weight close mr. Ross right right let me get straight to it ah you know mm gee that's your label you know mm G is more than a label it was like a family oh you know you guys like brothers and once we all know brothers you know fight sometimes and it was a well publicized dispute between two and your biggest artist so my question to you mr. Ross is in a brotherly friendly fist fight who you taking meet me or Wally I'm a bleeder fish back Hynek how are you hi Jess which one of her hits something you don't have it's very rude I know you're my boss so sorry um which one of her hits would you say best describes how you feel about Mariah Carey now um I should have cheated I just want it to be over I don't know book I don't know you know okay I love a little bit yeah my plan all right yesthank loaded yes sir you're a family man now yeah but you wasn't always there way you told us you had holes by near holes by far it was holes in the room it was holes in the car and then you win a spotter tell us you had holes in other area codes now that you married when you visit with your family what area code are you most worried about that's a good question I'm gonna have to go with the to 1/3 you create opportunities for people for example the Wilin out girls like you give them an opportunity to be more than just objectified on Instagram and social media right so my question to you with that said mr. cannon is would you allow your daughter to be a Wilin out girl Hey ladies come here come here ladies well with that being said what is it that the Wilin out girls do that you wouldn't want your daughter to do please if you guys want to see more while in our videos click right here and be sure to click that subscribe button so you don't miss any of the craziness we got going down hit that subscribe button right over her
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