Professor vs Trash Talker 1v1 for $100.. EPIC beach court

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    all right so after two and a half hour drive half hour traffic even on Saturday we just pulled up we're gonna Beach basketball courts man Oh puff man hey but you gotta you gotta watch the hips though oh my god oh my guys you're good shoulder out of place shoulder on a plane now we're done he's hurt he's hurt you okay bra heatless what happened was it's art playing three on three I'm shaking of the do doubt guard he say hey I got news watches waiting ain't nothing sounds like hard so you got next he was like you're right I do got max he's like I'm a seven let me get a shove one time so me my overly compare that to I was like you got a button up on my ready room like you order you look like you're ready to go to work business was at the desk so he's like I always heat this up he said I'll play you 400 after this all right cool I said let's do it I said I don't even gamble if I win you get nothing you don't pay me anything if you win I'll give you hundred bucks I say I know he's on the ground shoulder out a sucker but I actually respect his courage to be major shout-out to everybody who just watched that video if you want to see what the rest of that day look like from sunup to evening check out the link in the description to my new vlog channel Global Hoover flogs funny stuff like this happens to me all the time and I want you guys to level with me day to day we'll be uploading vlogs about two or three times a week I'm blessed by God to be able to travel the world and pursue my passion entertaining people with the game and I want you guys to live it with me on a day-by-day basis um subscribe to this channel in the description link in the description below but also then new vlog channel I'm trying to cry just started it's brand new I want you guys delivered with me on the daily basis alright thanks again for tuning in god bless
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