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    I put David's underwear on eBay today and it's got four kids at $14,000 what's up people yeah okay guys how are you thank you so much for checking out my channel this is jason nash comedy may be saying yourself i've been here a few times and I have yet to laugh once okay and I say to you go yourself no listen you know I'm doing my best I'll update you I'm 45 years old I've been doing YouTube for two years I am a divorced dad I have two children who are wonderful I also have seven children who are in the vlog squad who I also take care of oh look at this this is vlogging guys this is vlogging oh my god what a thumbnail this is gonna be the road was blocked off emotional oh my god oh my god we did it wait there that holy cow whoa whoa do you guys see that dude I am NOT the same hey oh let me go get a quick thumbnail I will not be the same after that I was intense that road was blocked for a good eight to nine seconds but today on the show I'm going over to David's house right now the other day he was like Oh that'd be a funny vlog if Jason was my assistant for the day so I have been texting with his assistant Natalie and I'm giving her the day off and now I'm headed over to David's and we're gonna tell them that Natalie have the day off she's gonna go get her nails done cuz I mean he works which to the bone we're gonna go over there and we're gonna surprise David with me as his assistant for the day that's a job I'm gonna be relaxed Jason today hopefully I won't get yelled at that's David's assistant all right here we go I love that let's take a look yeah here's one hands painted and the other is not oh my god you've got to go what do I need to do is there anything depressing just get yelled at guess what you had a great little idea for a vlog the other night right here baby does anything I need to know text that to me my phone is dead I lost my phone cell phone so you're not gonna be able to reach me all day if I go out yeah I don't know where it is today is clear okay I have my phone I'm just kidding just text me all that link me up with this calendar I hid did have a question what is the sour bears what flavor or extreme bites what flavor does it like you were saying something about the extreme bites yeah so they come in a variety pack you have to pick all the cream right ones out she doesn't like this okay no problem all right I love the green and red ones so it's gonna be a match made in heaven oh that's me hey Natalie thoughts today Here I am we got to fix the chirping for the podcast oh no that's my job no you know how hard it is to do that oh it's in here no no shut the hell up that's why you guys haven't fixed it cuz you don't have a ladder right okay I'll get the chirping fixed hey man buddy I was thinking uh sushi for lunch maybe a Chipotle time you ready for lunch Dave twelve twenty well go ahead and Natalie get out of here go enjoy your day okay here I come what's this what's the next task this is your next task dad go okay your next task yeah I want that color yeah to light up this fridge what I want this to be that same purple this changes colors no but you have to figure that out I don't know what you're gonna have to do that's silly no no it's gonna look really cool if it's the same purple all right just me and you now what gave you five things to do didn't you hear oh yeah right well I'm gonna work on this in here and if you need anything just let me know you don't work on oh I'm gonna get the chirping out I mean this would be quick is it well no I've got to call some a little ladder I can't go up there use pool sticks use whatever you gotta do just don't call someone no I have to call someone we don't have that in the budget standing on this chair and use a pool stick I can't reach don't leave a lousy impression you just put this in the garage this yeah got it oh oh all right myself oh my god whew that was heavier than I thought baby so storm economy-wise who she's gonna trash this you stop the fridge yes got it yes God all the stuff is here but there in the drawer I'm loving this job already just eats a box you got it boss for a few hours you have that much going on you want me to order the iPhone or go get it I need you to call me because I don't like fucking yes the password stuff too like AT&T that's the coordinator now beyond that you call your dad right now all right I'll get it done don't worry this is all you're in good hands I'm not gonna bother you either first ass get the water David yeah where's the water I gotta go for a little bit I gotta go to my house okay I'll get you Twila David's on the phone with Jack our manager it's really David's a the big client so Jack had called me much quicker conversation then what do you have with David he was on the phone with David for a longer time that he was on the phone with me it's probably just a bit more difficult they think and also because David makes 10 times as much as me that's fine it's usually pretty fun like we don't know I don't have a competitive relationship with David cuz I'm so fat and old that it's just kind of fun just to be around so in some ways this is me the best part of my life ever this stage of my life where he's always like I don't know I would always think ooh I want that why is this person getting this and why is that person getting this and I don't really have any of that because I don't care that's the beauty of being older is you just you don't care okay guys I'm going to get David's Chipotle order oh man was it getting a bowl here's David's order brown rice black beans mild double corn extra cheese guac on the side if it's pretty and bright green if it's dark don't bother oh man I'm serious being someone's assistant is really it's it's a crazy job so this is what it would be like you know for those of you who are like in college and want to know what it's like to be a social media person's assistant this is it drive it around this is part of the day that I enjoy and ago to this Chipotle stop and get myself a little Pete's coffee mm-hmm or if you guys have kids in your neck of the woods but we have a Pete's here doing good work inside Pete's coffee not a brandy I just want to give a little shout out Pete's I get black coffee with coconut milk oh ho David has changed the Chipotle order hold on what does that mean with chicken and steak but no chicken in just the steak what does that mean hey man I just want to thank you for this opportunity I mean so much to me and my family thank you you want a burrito with chicken no steak yeah so put everything that I would have put into a bowl into a burrito but with chicken and no steak got it alright I'm almost at Chipotle you're gonna have your food really soon and then chips and gloves on the side definitely dog yeah I'm Way ahead of you okay goodbye and I think it's going well I think something really well and I just want to stay focused today do a good job in case my channel dies and then maybe I can do this it is crazy traffic had to stop and get myself my Pete's coffee that took about 20 minutes I know David's already gonna be really really really upset with me tell you something Natalie's job is not easy because I'm already stressed out I've got it fixed the alarm I called the TaskRabbit guy I got to check my phone I'm getting the Chipotle did you change the order and also at the other light fixtures fixed and he wants me to change the collar on the fridge to the same color as the view sign and there's no way that I know how to do that really the Pete's coffee has set me back here comes a boss okay we made it all right I gotta get David's food by the way it's just so hot here all the time hey Lily hey tali hey tali I really I love that later just wanted to watch a pool way how you doing man are you available today to do that task or no yeah it's located on like a slant it's about 20 feet in the air and it's on the ceiling sort of at a slant all right I'll send you a picture in five minutes getting stuff done do that natalie is shaking in her boots whoo feels good feels good to get things done my life is a total mess so if I can't make David's life feel good then somehow that gives me good feeling and I feel accomplished oh my god it's so hot all the time I think I was like dripping here all the time in LA you're Chipotle sir how are you hey nice and cool in here okay you want these fixtures in the garage no I'm gonna call Joe right I called you okay let's do pull em is that how you restock the fridge yeah it's put a bunch of waters up there a bunch of waters there's is water cuz I'm trying to get you two off the Red Bull so I thought I put the water there and off the soda this is bad you're lucky I didn't throw the Fanta I don't drink the sodas they're just there for aesthetic purposes any what about the red ball you have to put new Red Bulls in where's the Red Bull there everything's down here oh oh here why are you yelling at me why are you yelling this is if you heavily do this on our first day act like we can't do this anymore it's like my number-one reason I had an assistant was for this reason and my face like over for water into the solder each end that bad that bums you out huh yeah it's not maybe just do it like that napkin I'm new that's okay maybe I'll just forget to bring you your page I just don't they are telling else these are growing in for a bed David these are for a bit in case we want Joe to eat them I...
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