Male Privilege Is A Myth (2nd Edition) | Change My Mind

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    Steven Crowder takes to the streets to have real conversations with everyday people and students on hot button issues. In this installment, we talk about male privilege once again.

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    some of what's been said you're kinda racist I'm cool with it that's a little bit racist latest installment of real conversations changed my mind the full unedited interview will be coming up soon I know that's why you tune in these these are our segments where we have full unedited uncut interviews usually involving a topic that's somewhat controversial just to prove that you can have conversations with people and sometimes Minds can be changed and sometimes you can part ways and sometimes there's nothing productive happens sometimes nothing productive happens and today's a little bit different because this comes from when we were at TCU we were doing the mail privileges of myth which turned into a meme changed my mind and then I sat down with a couple of people they were very beautiful and have a conversation that day it was one of our less productive changed my mind days they wanted to go to the the white privilege thank you so well sure you interpreted the sign is saying white male privilege yes white male privilege either that was a thing and we'll show you that in a bit and that's what actually spawned a conversation between a black gentleman and an Asian gentleman they prefer Orientals they do not agree with the previous black girl who was talking about white male privilege and how I was not entitled to an opinion so we'll get she was trying to speak on behalf of all all black men yeah exactly in this black guy said like I don't agree with that and so he came up and he spoke and he sat down they talked about cultural differences with us you'll see this this Asian gentleman there and it was it was really fun this is not really an argument and actually I think the black guy was a fan so full disclosure so that it's not that what you're used to but I just thought it was something really cool was an organic conversation that warranted a watch and I will say this with it with the real conversations that changed my mind segments we've been very happy overall with what will we say 70% positive maybe Larry more than that it's pretty rare I mean I think I think even if you have to be a pretty hateful little booger to just find this to be like an evil well yeah I mean there were a couple of those there's like the guy the white male pros VI frustrating SMU they tried to run us out in a rail which is why we're going back to perform on March 22nd and the feminist said it was male priviledge II yes in the first place but yes I'm you they got pretty mad so that was one where there are a few like they were they were pretty upset and that's why we're going back in the 22nd so book now but I'd say you know I'd say I would say 70% trying to be Jenner 70% been positive and 30% have been somewhat hostile and I will tell you this though any success that we've had with this segment when we first started doing it we said you know if there's any success with this at all if we're able to actually keep it civil and actually have a conversation we want to have with people the kind of conversation that we've always had off air with new people yep sometimes new hires or sometimes when when people show up to live shows we'll sit and I'll talk to you for a long time sometimes even just nuba right or at an uber ride for exactly around so if there were if there were a me level of success with this series we would have been happy let alone to see how much it's been embraced by people out there because that doesn't really happen in the age of the clickbait title and everyone wanting to talk about controversy and anti fun and obviously that's that's that's reality you have to deal in reality but you can also have these kinds of conversations that are very productive there there are two sides of that coin and you don't really hear this other side so we're pretty happy I would say overall I mean I would consider something that would probably really would consider most proud of here on this let's proud of it and we kind of fell into it yeah there wasn't a plan thing it was like let's just try this and let's see and we didn't expect much to come of it yeah to the porter we get a lot of requests probably more for this than anything else yeah we have entire campus shows and tour shows that people want right just for change my mind coming to mind right which is very different on the live show a different at SMU in the 22nd and then Illinois in March but we will go to different campuses and do that do to change my mind segments going forward so first off let's show you the this was supposed to be male privilege is a myth and this lady decided to take a different direction what are your names I'm Hannah Hannah Marilyn Hannah and Marilyn Jared how do you okay Hannah and Marilyn so it's sort of become this neologism this idea of male privilege and I know we talk about it a lot on campus and I've had some conversations with people on campus today I don't agree with the premise but I'm open to having my mind changed well male privilege is definitely a real thing okay our country country was built by white males and it was built for white males that's why women and any minority don't have an equal chance of being in politics that's why most of our politicians are white males instead of representative of the actual politic of the actual population that's why gerrymandering exists that's why redlining is this white privilege and white male privilege and male privilege is real things okay so I want to make sure I have this clear do you agree with what yeah absolutely okay sorry I'm trying to try and balance this with the both you hope hope you forgive me if I'm not perfect so you believe that this country was founded by white males exclusively I don't believe it was I no innovation okay you know it so what would use to substantiate that a lot of white males obviously came here because you know Western Western civilization people came from Europe lot of white males I thought it was founded exclusively for white males that's what you said yeah how did Amin ated Society but that doesn't imply that that doesn't necessarily equate to design the the Constitution originally didn't mention women black people or anything or minorities or anything and only mentioned white men it didn't specifically say white but it said man they didn't give any minorities the right to anything we had to fight for that right who's we the minorities women had to people of color had to everyone had to except for white males I'm sorry I'm confused so you're saying that the Constitution first off mentioned only white men I would say it denied man it said men give mankind men turn you know again this is just sort of a colloquialism men the rights were extended to women you're here aware right they weren't extended to women women had to fight for their right no women never had to fight what do you mean women didn't have to fight for these rights they literally had marching women were hard for this lake for the First Amendment and second amendment women the right to vote for the right to not be treated as property okay so that's interesting you bring up the right to vote so you say we fought for it everyone except for white men know some women did but fill minority it was mostly white men women at first who didn't include black women okay so who do you believe procured the right for women to vote women fighting for it really yeah why men one not gave it to him and if they didn't fight for it so you believe a majority of women fought for suffragettes fought for the right to vote I don't know if it was a majority but I know women did and we wouldn't have it those women hadn't stood up for it okay well because I seem to move on to a historical timeline historically that's actually not accurate the majority of women so women actually the majority woman didn't want the right to vote I told you it I didn't know if it was the majority but it wouldn't have happened if wouldn't haven't stood up and this stuff for just well the reason I bring that up is because you said it women and minorities fought for that right not white men when the fact is women actually as a majority didn't fight for that right many of them fought against it white men fought for that and were the ones who signed that into law because of women and they wouldn't have sign it into law a woman hadn't made them sign it into law but they didn't the majority of women didn't want it that's my point the reason I didn't want it by the way we'll move on from this was because of the fact that voting came with the draft mandatory bucket duty responsibilities that were actually not bestowed upon women at that time and they didn't want the right to vote because it would come with the same responsibilities and so women got the right to vote but they didn't have to be a part of the draft or mandatory bucket to the mandatory firefighting service so historically I'm just saying that's actually it's not really accurate it paints in an accurate picture I know children there was an anti suffragist movement I know conservative women didn't want the right to vote but it's because of women that they were given the right to vote and there's of course there's gonna be people on each side but there's gonna be women who want to stay in the home but the whole point of women fighting for it is so they have that choice to stay in the home or go out to vote short or go into the draft if they want to I don't think you respectfully fundamentally have a misunderstanding of the draft no I go in I didn't believe in drafting any one at all I don't play at a time i...
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