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    Arin and Dan give Thomas Kinkade a run for his money. Painter of Light move over, it's Grump time now!

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    but like for real man I work at Subway if you want a free sub like every so often like I got you man fucker did you start my bread slices oh yeah Tucker started the episode mm-hmm classic classic Tucker um welcome to the ten minute power hour my name is Dan and this is my friend Aaron and I borrowed this shirt from Matt and Ryan our sweet former editors who we miss and love so much and they're super manga so slash super manga don't plug them what are we going to do today I don't know I feel like you have a bit in store for us I don't oh all right hmm let me just eat my lunch okay mm-hmm looks pretty tasty I love msg that stands for a mighty good soup fortunately I brought my own lunch today thanks to my pizza pouch I don't want to do this are you just gonna hold the spaghetti for the rest of the day yes what are we dealing man what's up what is the episode today what do we know we're paying oh that's right oh I'm excited about this boy okay what's going on hold on Melissa and Doug easel accessory set why are we bringing out the paints why are we bringing out the paint then guess I don't know but thank you Melissa and uh no thanks to you done oh man would you ever do it helped Melissa as Melissa's party what is this what do you guys what am I looking at it's a painting yes it looks like a painting of it's already done is it or is it the 19th century well I don't know what do you mean is it it's not done yet Dan we have to finish it it looks done finish it because it's it doesn't have our charm on into it what we're gonna be doing is adding our own little touches to these paintings oh I know what I have to do with this I haven't had enough recap I got a piece oh yeah wow that's some carbonated pee that looks extremely uncomfortable to pass kids never never run it through twice there's a reason you don't do that okay all right let's get this painting out of this dang portrait what is this this portrait oh right you were there Andres did you hit him oh my god you hit him oh my god damn Andres Andres grace what I don't need it all right so we gotta take the picture so if I could get something sharp and dangerous that would be great now let's get to your favorite part of every Power Hour where we slowly remove 27 staples isn't it great when we all get together as a family this one's bending my tool yeah my tools pretty pretty long at this mine I guess now we open the paint's and and pour them into the cups and I already peed in one okay so we have three cups left even the paintbrushes are different colors Wow thanks Melissa and Doug mostly Melissa here you can have blue because that's your favorite it is and I will take every other one okay great I want to give this guy a bigger head Wow cool it's a really big hat I'm gonna make the horse into a Stegosaurus let's get some paints oh yeah I'm adding blue spikes Pines Pines plates you gotta mix colors dude you got to make it look like it's part of the painting you stupid smart man good save look you're awesome my Stegosaurus horse looks no give him a little tail steak a horse's brick and then a little bit of bird and then a little bit of Monica by my side a little bit mix it up a nice black tiger requested before we started painting that the one rule is that we have to tell a story with our paintings right so so far the story is dinosaurs are part of the modern world and people have had to create larger hats to compensate now this stagecoach has a tiny head well LuAnn what a large barn it you have dinosaurs summon acid rain yep and to pray protect them these people are gonna need some extra hat action and then and then they they hit the Hat they like it's like and it's like but the stagecoach oh no it's covered in acid that's a GU ring oh that's terrible yes but what will become of the horse asaurus the horses horse not to worry he's got a tiny head oh the quilt is left dangerously exposed until this hot bleep Dan the barn no but will be coming it's gonna require oh thank goodness the moral of the story is you gotta have a huge hat if you want to avoid the acid rain because if you have a tiny hat like the stagecoach you get a melt is exactly right no hands but how no all these flowers taking these really tiny hats get all those hats it's protecting him from all the there's so much rain coming down so many hands Carl Val Valente the person who I see painted this are you happy what are you doing here it turns out that the acid rain isn't really that common and they're actually making it harder for themselves because the the the hats attract the acid storm clouds know who will protect the storm cloud itself I know tiny hat for the cloud as a visibles through clever bats that's good yeah and it just keeps going on and on we know out of know the painting itself needs a hat that's a wide-brimmed tiny hat I think we can sign this right yeah me and then I'll sign with it a sharpie I earn your signature oh thank you let's move on to our second painting hey great thank you and race with now a hat that's very clever Venezuela taught you well it's a beach scenario it could be post-apocalyptic like everybody died and this is the remnants of humanity or it could be like really depressing like the end of Shawshank Redemption where it's like oh do do they were popular for they're still prisoners of their own makings how did you get paint on your forehead did there's paint on my forehead there's a little red and green I can't see it I can't see it it's okay it's fine I think I know what's happening here okay there's it's a beach zombie apocalypse but nobody's here so the zombie hints coming out of the ground and he's not gonna have any brains that's a hand I thought it was a cactus I'm gonna I'm gonna make a seagull and also some vehicle it looks like this guy saw something it really delicious mmm it did see something delicious the tasty arrival of 45 Seahawks and there's a shadowy figure who's pointing out the arrival of the Seahawks oh no in order to fight the impending Seahawk pack alive yeah the Seahawk pocalypse summoned from the distance was Fred stop stop oh my god he's already killed his first victim Oh No Lorie take it out one seagull verbal abuse is the weakness of the seagull board that are very evenly spaced which Kenny stopped the big Z look out wait he's gonna use his more powerful attack manners in response to see Garvey has called it their allies the land god as it turns out the zombies that are coming out are actually just land gulls I misinterpreted a zombie I just have zombie hens but they're just land all angles man but the land goes look like devil use because they're coming up oh this is the one that beached the boat that's why the boats are in trouble oh man but the land girls are good boys what why they fight the air goals it's the classic land versus air battle okay well here's the biggest land girl with the tiniest he's not gonna be very effective very unfortunate for him but they have the upper hand get it instead of giant hands he's got tiny feet know that he uses to kick he comes down and he's like aah in an attacking V pose he's like it's swooping down and then he's gonna tell you the leg because no thank goodness this seagull this land girl rather was wearing a hat Oh protect him from the from the seagull feet he learned something from the previous Dane ting yeah as we all did wait David short who's that and then sorry David oh yeah but wait the end of my name has a la the N is fighting with all the other air goals who will win in this triumphant battle who will stop pointing somebody get this Buddha hat once the boat got a hat all was right with the world and they all got lunch at Arby's eat fresh Arby's eat fresh yeah Arby's hold on it'll make you diarrhea I know what this painting needs that's what I'm talking about now they all ate spaghetti from Arby's which is something that they serve I think we could call this a finished painting I think it's beautiful sign it true with the traditional spaghetti sauce smear do we do good tagger it's all Renaissance artists we made things today it's coming it's kind of good it's kind of right a little bit David short thank you congratulations and I'm sorry and and from me remember the Alamo Arby's remember the album you eat fresh eat for Alamo eat for the Alamo there it is if you like what you saw and I know you did subscribe it's the grumps to the grumps it's the channel you're on right now is subscribe to the grumps not game grumps you can subscribe to that channel too this show is on the channel called the grumps slash the grubs we've got free spaghetti wow that spaghetti has got a lot of tension it's really on there we did
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