YouTubers React To Try To Watch This Without Laughing Or Grinning #29

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    YouTubers React To Try To Watch This Without Laughing Or Grinning #29


    - Oh no, I laughed in between. ? (upbeat intro) ? - (FBE) So, it's time to put your game face on, 'cause today we're doing a try not to laugh challenge. - Sweet. - Again? I'm already laughing. This is bad. - I'm the most humorless person on the planet. - This might be uninteresting. - Good thing I don't laugh ever. Ah man. - I'm gonna do my best today to be as stone cold Steve Austin as possible. - Well luckily, I laugh a lot, but at certain types of comedy, so it depends. If it's in my wheelhouse, - Certain comedy. As a connoisseur of comedy. - (FBE) So here are the rules. If you laugh or smile during the video or in between videos, you'll get a point and to win the game, you want as least points as possible. - It's like golf, gotcha. - Whoa, in between videos? - Holy butts, this is gonna be tough. - Got my frowny face. - Oh my gosh, how clever. Oh my gosh, it's Mary. (buzzer) ? A little bit of Mary in the sun ? - It's so stupid. (buzzer) - These aren't the lyrics, right? ? A little bit of Rita in the sun ? (buzzer) ? A little bit of Rita in the sun ? - It's so stupid. (buzzer) ? A little bit of Erica in the sun ? ? A little bit of Rita in the sun ? - I remember that movie. ? A little bit of trumpet in the sun ? (buzzer) - Nope, nope, nope. Not funny. Not funny. - (groaning) - Why did it have to go for so long? - Damn. I did not get far at all. At first I was like, "Have I been singing the song wrong, incorrectly the whole time?" I was like, is it in the sun every time? - No. - To the surprise of no one, I'm already laughing. - Oh, my weakness. No. I thought he was just gonna jump on it, but the chair broke. (buzzer) - I know where this is going. - Damn it. (buzzer) That was you. I blame you, not the video. - Maybe I suck. - Maybe you're not a comedy connoisseur. - Yeah. - That was very, very funny. I shan't laugh. . (buzzer) - Nice try. - I feel like I've seen this. - Those never break me. Doesn't work. - Calm, calm and collected. - (woman) So this is my eight year old brother. - "So my dad decided to check the history on my eight year old brother's iPad. Watch until the end." - (man) How did XXXTentacion die? How did Michael Jackson die? - Oh my God. - Oh, all the death. - I wanna know who broke the iPad. Why is it scratched? - (man) Shadical face. Oh. - That's basically my Pornhub searches. - (man) Barbecue sauce on . - Literally. That counts as a smile. - It does, it does. (buzzer) - (man) Barbecue sauce on . (buzzer) - (man) Barbecue sauce on . (buzzer) - (man) Barbecue sauce on . (buzzer) - I can't laugh at you laughing. - He keeps saying it. - Oh no, they're all laughing. Ah, heck. - (man) So I'm sitting there with barbecue sauce on my . - It's just the way the guy said it. (buzzer) - That's just uncomfortable. - I'm really glad when I was little, there wasn't really the internet, so there was no way my parents could find my search history. - That was worth it. I'll take a point for that. I don't care. - What kind of eight year old is this that is looking up the deaths of musicians and then barbecue sauce on ? At eight, I didn't even have a comprehension of what-- - Of barbecue sauce or ? - I mean, I knew generally. - You knew what they were, you just didn't think about combining them. - Fortnite is the only thing that makes sense in that entire kid's search history. - Damn it. You got me. The video didn't get me. I made it through that whole video and then you had to make a Fortnite joke. (buzzer) ? I want to be the best that ever was ? - Who doesn't love this song? This is the greatest song of all time. - This is gonna get me so bad. It's Pokemon. ? Nickelback, mancave, vichyssoise, ricotta ? - God damn it. - Pokemon's very serious and I feel very passionate about it. - I've even seen this before. (buzzer) - I actually really like the original rap. This is kinda funny, though, but won't get me. ? Release from my hand ? - (FBE) I would call that a smile. - Dang it. (buzzer) ? Xenomorph, pottyman, nick Jr., Cool duck, applestore, grindr, ? ? Wikihow, Moses, Nippleking, Footfist, avril, chickenpuff ? (buzzer) ? Catch 'em catch 'em gotta catch 'em all ? - (singing along) ? Gotta catch 'em all, Pokemon ? ? Zoobooks, primus, mraz ? (buzzer) - See, I'm just going through the actual names of these things in my head. - This is a hate crime. - It's awesome. - Let's keep going. Okay. ? Gotta catch 'em all ? - I don't know why. I feel like this should be funnier than it is, but it's not getting me at all. - Did you make it through? - Yeah, but that was hard. - That's not fair. - This should have been the actual name of the Pokemon. It would have been so much better. - . Such a narrative implied. That man is having a day. (buzzer) - Oh my gosh. What do you even do in that situation? - I wanna know the story behind that one. - That's close. - Oh no. - Thank God. - Okay. If that was a couple seconds longer or more naked people on top of donkeys. - Oh yeah, if it was like then a stampede of other-- he wasn't naked. He had underwear on. - You're right. He did have underwear on. - Come on. - Or a speedo. - It's a classy guy. - He was a classy guy. (buzzer) - Okay, I'm doing very poorly. I thought I was gonna be good at this, but I'm not. - I wanna boop the snoot. I wanna boop the snoot so badly. ? When you smile ? (buzzer) ? Precious when you smile ? (buzzer) - I'll take twelve points for that dog. ? Precious when you smile ? - Aw. - I love my dog. - (FBE) You did smile during that one. - Ah. (buzzer) ? Precious when you smile ? - Mm-hm. Nice try. - That was more adorable than funny. My soul is warm. - (host 1) Good morning TPS students, it is testing week and it's time to slay all day. - (host 2) Yeet. Stay woke, be on fleek. Get that Gucci breakfast. - (host 1) Goals. Say bye Felicia to that testing stress. Weather's gonna be turnt, right? (buzzer) - (weatherman) Yass. - Ah crap. (buzzer) - (weatherman) A hundo P chance of success. - I lost, sorry. (buzzer) - Who's parents are these? Somebody come get your parents. - (reporter) Better than okurrrr. - Okay, that was good. All right, all right. (buzzer) - (weatherman) How about that traffic? Are we looking okurrr? - He said "Okurrr." (buzzer) - This isn't a smile. This is a grimace of, "Ooh, I can't." - Okay, it's still going. - (host 2) Sleep, do your best. - I've never thought that old people trying to act kid was particularly funny. I just thought it was very upsetting. - God bless local news. - No. - I want them to do that all the time. - Get rid of it. - If I were a student, I would be very inspired. - Kill it with fire. - It's a palate cleanser for me for comedy. - That was the sherbet in between meals. (buzzer) - I just felt like I had to laugh just so I didn't have to hear any more of it. - (voiceover) Here again, another day at the lab. - I do love robot comedy. - (voiceover) Yeah, the standard door handle-- hey! What are you doing? (buzzer) - (voiceover) What are you doing, Carl? - Carl. Freaking ding dong. - He has a goal. He has a goal set in mind and you're trying to get in his way. - Did somebody-- (buzzer) - This is silly, but this is terrifying to me. This does not make me laugh. Reminds me of that sci-fi show when those dog robots take over. - We should not be making things that are in Black Mirror, obviously. - (voiceover) What are you doing? Just stop. - Okay. (buzzer) - (voiceover) Just stop. Stop it. (buzzer) - (voiceover) Don't pull on my string. - Oh no. . (buzzer) - That's harassment. That's totally harassment on that poor robot. That's very sad. - The only reason I'm not laughing, that was very funny, is because I watch that Black Mirror show and I was terrified. I had nightmares. - God bless you, Carl. - Robots are gonna kill us one day. - (FBE) You just won. - Yeah, all right. My inner over achiever is very happy. Up your game, other YouTubers. - (FBE) That was it. - Oh my gosh, am I the winner? (buzzer) Am I somewhere in the middle? (buzzer) Am I a poor little broken sea biscuit? (buzzer) Oh shoot. - To all the YouTubers who didn't laugh at anything, do you have a soul? Is there one in there? Have you no smiles? - Would you rather have fun or just not laugh and win no prize? - Thanks for watching us try not to laugh on the React Channel. - Subscribe for new shows every week. - If you like this episode, hit the Like button. - Got a funny video we should see? Let us know in the comments. - Thanks so much for watching. Bye. - Hey guys, Caprice here, your React Channel producer. Make sure you go check out FBE2. It's more than just behind the scenes and we go live every week. Bye.
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