Olympian Simone Biles: Larry Nassar ‘Took A Part Of Me That I Can’t Get Back’ | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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    Five-time Olympic medalist Simone Biles joins Megyn Kelly TODAY to talk about returning to school, the new Lifetime movie about her, and the sexual abuse of disgraced Team USA doctor Larry Nassar, which she calls “very saddening.” She also reveals her two favorite winter Olympians: Lindsey Vonn and Nathan Chen.
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    Olympian Simone Biles: Larry Nassar ‘Took A Part Of Me That I Can’t Get Back’ | Megyn Kelly TODAY


    five-time Olympic medalist Simone biles is considered the greatest American gymnast ever and she is certainly a very busy one too not only is she currently training for the 2020 Olympics but she is also headed to college and her life story is about to be told in a Lifetime television movie over the last few months she has shown us all that she is stronger and even braver than we knew take a look Simone biles the most decorated American gymnast of all time she is now called the greatest gymnast to ever live winner of three consecutive World Championships and wowing the crowds at the Rio Olympics by taking home five medals four of them gold you are seeing the greatest of all time known as much for her bubbly personality waving to everybody as for the skills that take our breath away this month in an emotional social media post the powerhouse said she too was a victim of dr. Larry Nasser we need to know why this was able to take place for so long and to so many of us we need to make sure something like this never happens again last week after a dramatic and emotional seven-day sentencing hearing judge Rosemarie aqua Lina agreed sentencing Nasser to up to 175 years in prison for molesting young girls telling all the brave women who came forward you are no longer victims you are survivors biles responded by tweeting to judge aqua lena thank you you are my hero and shout-out to all of the survivors for being so brave and speaking like the Queen's that you are I stand with every one of you please welcome Simone biles the other love it's the way you make us feel something special it's something special and and when we got to that piece and that tape setup where we talked about Larry they were there were audible gasps because people have an investment in you and emotional investment in your well-being you you came out and said he he will no longer have the power to steal our happiness or joy did he steal your happiness describe the effect he had on you yes I think for elite athletes like some of us have gone through this hard time I think we're very good at compartmentalizing things so I think we just tried to push it in the back of our heads that it didn't happen to us but once you realized you know it happened to you it's very saddening I remember just like bawling my eyes out and I was driving at the time so it was very hard because for the longest time my parents would ask hey Simone like they would never push me to talk about it but my automatic response was no and it would I would be angry and I didn't want to talk about it because I'm like no it couldn't happen to me like there's just no way and then you just come to realize that it has happened and I think that's when I broke down about it because nobody wants their daughter or just even as an individual to have that happen to them so it feels like he took a part of me that I can't get back so I'm still working on that part so it was very hard it's it's hard no one likes to think of themselves as a victim you know that word itself can be disempowering especially to someone like you who is a champion yes I know you said for a time you blamed yourself but you said I know now it is not my fault yes it's not my fault you know there are women out there right now who may be struggling and maybe it's boys and men too definitely yes a lot of us to those who are doing that to themselves right now what do you want them to know it is not your fault because some of them it's called a grooming process and I think that's what he did so the main part that he took away from me that I'll never get back is trust and I think it's very hard for me to trust some other people and I find myself even walking down the street or being in places I'm just very scared so I think that was the main thing but it'll all come back within time that's right I feel like in a way you you have the building blocks for recovery Rd in you right I mean it's not like you hadn't had life challenges before you met Larry and some of these are gonna be documented now in this new Lifetime movie which I love spectacular and and to me the message of the movie is about resilience and sacrifice yes sacrifice it takes to be a champion yeah what can you just talk about that because it's not like you know you see Simone and all of her all of her success you didn't get to go to the prom and the high school football games and hang out with your friends all the time what describe a sacrifice you had to go through I mean it's very hard especially for a young teen a lot of kids get to experience high school and all the proms and all the football games and all of that and I had to sacrifice some of those dreams for a little bit bigger one and at the time it's kind of crazy because you can't predict the future so sometimes I would find myself thinking you know is this worth it because you can't predict the future I couldn't say I couldn't rub a Boldin ball and say hey will I go to the Olympics in four years you never know so you make those sacrifices and hope that you'll make it so it's very hard but I know I didn't make the wrong choice but now you're going can you tell us what the name of the school is you're a paid spokesperson now for the school as well which is the name of University of the people and describe what it's an online accredited yes free yes tuition free but it's not technically free at the end of your semester and the year it's a total of $1,000 so some people can't even pay those minimum fees so we have a Simone biles Legacy Fund to give scholarships away for those minimum funds and I think it's very special they still have the opportunity to go to school and so I'm very excited about it yeah you now we're about to go obviously into the Winter Olympics dude would you watch that yes I will watch it I'm still training obviously but I will take time and watch it what's your favorite thing to watch I love Lindsey Vonn and Nathan Chen those are my two favorite nice yeah if you were gonna be a Winter Olympics athlete which what would you have done I think I would pick ice skating it makes sense I don't know there seemed you there seemed to be correlations between two sports can I just ask you something I've always wanted to ask you and we watched that tape of you flipping around in the air yes what does that feel like to me it feels normal it is it's sometimes like if I do two flips and add a twist in it you don't really feel like you're doing that so sometimes I look back at it and I'm like whoa that's what I do because I don't to me it feels like it looks like it feels like flying you know in a way but sometimes gravity is like no not today now going into 2020 you have a new coach new coach now and so how is that changing your preparation and you took you took some time off is it been tough to dust off the you know wheels and get going again it was tough the first three days I'm not gonna lie the third day I was bawling my eyes out because I could literally barely move like I could barely walk down the stairs I barely slept that night because I was so sore but then after I got over the third day it was all good and it's back to normal that happened to me when my team made me work out with a rope for three minutes like for you Symone good luck thank you good luck thank you for sure hello today feds thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking that button down there and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives
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