50 Cent On Michael Jackson vs Chris Brown Debate, 6ix9ine, Jay-Z, The Game + 'Power' Intro

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    One day after his directorial debut, 50 Cent sat down w/ Ebro in the Morning for a very open interview on some of the biggest topics surrounding his controversies and debates.

    - During the conversation he explains why he feels Chris Brown is a better artist than Michael Jackson

    - Feeling Like Teyana Taylor's next step is acting, does she have a role?

    - Changing the 'Power' Intro back to singer Joe after the outrage behind Trey Songz's version

    - Talking To Dr. Dre

    - Will He Ever Work w/ The Game?

    - Doesn't Believe Nicki Minaj should retire

    - Not Allowing Wendy Williams Into His Tycoon Party

    - His Thoughts On 6ix9ine

    - We He Ever Squash Beef w/ Rick Ross?

    - Why He Went After Teairra Mari

    - His Instagram Posts Against Young Buck

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    New York and on the new odd 97 app in the morning hey I'm good man I'm up early I'm enjoying life yo Congrats on episode 3 season 6 right you're the director you that's right now why is it such a big deal well I mean I got a chance finally this direct episode of power look that what you own the hole I know but like I had to go through the DGA courses in order to do it like first you have to have an offer then you go to the course and then you get actually direct episodic television period like I've done independent film before number before I self destruct yeah I put into the outer packaging so I kind was familiar with the process and just being on set all the time even witness your program right you still have to go to a process with for you to be able to direct you did it because it was important to you to do it the right way or it's just how it goes it's just you have to it's almost mandatory for you and you're not gonna be a guy now who's gotten taken so seriously in Hollywood and then come do some bullshit directing job where people behind your back like he doesn't even know what he's doing no like you're not gonna that's not how you move actually won't be they don't have the budget right you don't have to pay me to do that it's like it was it was the process for me because like I would read everything and concentrate on the material that I needed to perform as Kanan and looking at it from its 3031 scenes and you need to be conscious of everybody's performance there's a whole nother thing yes was it fun it was it was good because everyone's played these characters for five years they pretty much they felt like this points to the actors for like they know the character is better than the writers you know I mean so they see things and I look like I don't think he would do this or you know feel like but I get that all the time because I movie would complain to if there was having those issues as executive producer and then the show opens up you got Larenz Tate smashing his a campaign manager from the back okay oh he's hitting it phone call comes in crazy and he pulls his joint out she starts giving him top was trying to do poor now my jewels are slow it was just ill he got a matrix fucking from different films like yeah but it was that was a difficult thing man I've used the sex scenes don't have dialogue you just just go ahead and do parts and pieces of done like that's why I got a Halle Berry in trouble one time she was kind of saying some things she said oh yeah yeah and then they felt like I'll to make me feel good that was an actress she was doing the scene and she said things that she said to you know shiny shiny shiny things it's your fault Lala Carmelo broke up yeah that's true that's true not a lot of T he shouldn't they gave her a shot broken she was ready for the shot and she took off and now she's not listening behind the scenes was so so ready like I'll make suggestions people that I think should be in projects when I do that it's because I know that they've been working like like what's the name is ready to Teyana Taylor what to act yeah has she been working it so I think she's ready to be in something so we'll be looking for something to do to you got an exclusive 50 cent says Teyana Taylor is gonna be in spin-off of power how many spin-off that's something good we got something good coming ok but now you do have marry in something that's been else what is that well when power ends this way I said it doesn't have a true ending because it is powerful to continues the story 48 hours later so introduces new characters and marries starring a powerful tool but it comes on it's like the aftermath of the finality sigh God goes killing Tommy ghost is killing Tommy after that phone call as a strong those killing them that's I called you like yo let's iron this out let's fix this over here you wanna try to play me a hang up on me like I wasn't the one okay I'm about to kill you and my son is already moving funny and I told you to stay away from ya your arms and he killing him now I can see that did this reason for it don't don't allow this to become a spoiler moment where you beat people already hates you do not stick this reasoning like what are you saying is logic connected on this right that makes sense and a ghost is on the ropes on the ropes money low everybody owes you money a lot of people owe me money you all know you see this man right here yeah you know how many records we play wait that was in him that was I 97 yeah nasty class a week we huh he wasn't even running it yeah it was Tracy go for an attack yes absolutely I was eight I was the music director I was the one fighting for you oh yeah okay he was Instagram all the time and I got him I got him in the room right trophy you know what he did he go hit me with that but he's the program director he moved from misdirected to the program director whose responsibility was it to play the new music and break the new music if the artist won't make the music no no I'm saying now the artist won't make his play pop smoke right now you don't play pop someone new don't know hot well anything he didn't know who I was talking about when yo and by the way hey hey followers of 50 cents Instagram don't always listen to no II just loose out here and if you notice he just like why you love start so much shit become I don't start with people I don't start anything I just have an opinion at points and people disagree what inspired the Chris Brown Michael Jackson thing oh look I believe this whole hard okay well you exactly believe what exactly the things that are happening now like the artists now are getting better what with having the work the body work the artists created in the past they've been able to listen learn that and evolve and become better they've been able to add on that point right so it's like I look at Chris and I go yo Chris might be better than MJ to me right now like the showmanship the stop but you don't think he has a better body of work that off the wall or throw come on look look of the Walter Willett check this out then you tell me who's in hip-hop has a better body of work than get Richard I try you know it's a very that's not what have you done what have you done for me lately okay right you know I'm saying so it's like that when we have in general like like just just looking at it's different time periods I'm looking at the things like I still I don't have favorite artists have a favorite moment from art it's like I look old and for me futures moment was March Madness mmm-hmm then it just that was it like nobody could've did that better than he did that at that particular point in time in music and I was like yo after that he was ill to me you know I'm saying a certain times a moment like out all of the music all of the work that he did that was it that was do you think that a lot of some of the ways we view hip-hop would be music I know it sounds terrible to say but your philosophical guy death is such an advantage for the way catalog is viewed right well when you die it's all great in absence than we are in our presence right you can't challenge someone's like their legacy or something like I'm just saying but none sits but yeah once they're gone when I'm speaking about what Chris I'm looking at how he's involved what he's doing right and I'm going now this is boy back flipped onto the stage I mean he's pretty incredible I'm like his acrobatic he's far yeah Mike Mike had Michael's legs were flimsy Mike my my my did things many things first and it was electrifying and his abilities he had this like ya paws thing like his pocket was mean and they said they're bout the stillness yeah to stop and watch the whole place just go crazy because you're giving them a moment to think about it and then it's that that's a part of it too like I think this was a powerful move but if you're talking about stillness I can do this as well as Michael you know I'm just talking about the the showmanship the things that they did do that were made like the King of Pop and Chris having those those qualities will closest thing to it and in this period because other guys dinner you'll have you have you ever because I was trying to remember a time in the 50 cent kana dad you were forced into something you just got forced the same tool you used to force people into shit got used against you to change the theme song of power oh yeah over like put it back actually yesterday was that wouldn't be Sanford and Son without that song to me right but I'm looking at going it's giveaway run a whole nother six years so I was looking to give you something else so it wouldn't be the same thing for another six years as we keep good with power book to but now that you want your way if stay with six more years fine I'm gonna argue it we played the theme songs back-to-back huh the new theme song is phenomenal to keep it honey your performance on the first one uh-huh I think it's better than the formants on a second look it is two different songs people just invested in the first one now what the first one is I was making what I felt like the show was the second one I was trying to bring it to now bring it to like the do you Trey Songz a boogie you know I'm saying that's right now hip hop R&B music you know I'm saying and then I was doing doing that bringing it making it new and then to make it feel a little more up-tempo and dance it's better because dance culture it means more to music culture now than it did when I'll just do it I'm just making...
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