Megan Thee Stallion's 2019 XXL Freshman Interview

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    Megan Thee Stallion reveals her goal to be an icon in her 2019 XXL Freshman interview.

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    what's up is making a salient okay egg yolks in the snow aka a strong hottie and I am a 2019 SS helpers everybody know about Houston you know we got a lot of culture everything that I feel like it's going on and poppin right now and music I feel like it kind of came from use they're from the south at least be honest they came from Houston so me being a woman coming from uses I got a really put on so it definitely just drives me and makes me want to be greater MC biggie and three six months are like my favorite rappers of all time so when I was little I was my like five and my dad and my mom used to be like you know bumping the artists I just named in the car and I'm like this sounds really cool so I'm like okay it'll sound even better if a girl was saying it so I was just like when I grow up I'm gonna be a rapper every time I'm writing I just always keep him C in the back of my head always keep like Biggie's lyricism in the back of my head and just Juicy J like the swag like the confidence like I really fuck with it I like the whole movement I feel like I bring like a lot of realness I'm not being a character like this is really me like oh hi I'm in the booth that's how I'm the real life how I talk a lot of times who feel like they can't beat themselves cuz I feel like they probably don't think they'll be accepting or I feel like it's probably better to put on a persona but I feel like just me being me people are like fuck with it they really rock with it so I really appreciate this so I have not dropped the album here right and I feel like that's just a huge commitment I feel like a mixtape is like we're dating you know I'm saying that's my boyfriend we're like an album that's my man so I'm not really ready to like Jennifer to alamode or whatever so like I've really been dropping like a lot of EPS and mix change so Tina snow was just definitely like more turnt up than anything that I ever dropped it's my alter ego like I said PIM C is my favorite rapper and he was Tony Snow so full moon that's how you got Tina snow she took him see the mag you know she slapped me with the backhand you know it's a freakin mixtape and big on fries it's like I'm bill boy from it I think it might be the only song on Billboard that came a little mixed fast oh we did that okay being a double XL freshman really shocked me because too much for them or something to like that's really poppin so just to be up here right now I'm really doing a damn thing I really appreciate it because this is like something that everybody be looking at and you know something everybody takes really seriously and I feel like it's like you know just up for me the thing that's most important to me that motivates me is just being my true and authentic self I was raised by a woman who was her true and authentic self so I was like it's very important to just you know put on for people who probably aren't that confident or people who probably don't realize the value is self-love and everything so like just when I wake up every morning I'm the first person on the please when I go to sleep at night I'm the last motherfucker I please so I just really want people to understand that that's what it's all about that stuff living that self-confidence five to ten years from now I'm gonna be an icon okay because we work in we working real hard we're gonna be a household name okay the hot hottie bruja girl shit that's gonna be everywhere we're gonna be going global right and so if you don't know me you better get to know me now cuz in 5-10 years we're gonna be up there okay
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