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    you got some like glitter schmutz left-side got it yeah we're back it's back time we did it and for all of you sickos who are enjoying the feet shots now we got now I got socks on and now you've got footage of me touching Aaron's fees yeah enjoy your moments alone also if you want these socks they're available at our gamegrumps merch story yeah bird you suck way to turn way to turn a negative into a positive inthat wasn't my idea of a Suzie's are we gonna get demonetized because of foot no buts it'll have feet man well I don't know would you man's people for showing their fees right yes oh twitch I know well it's cuz they don't want people to be like we have some questions from all you beautiful folks out there in video watching land first question is did you all really forget the password to grump out oh yeah login what is it just like free for anybody to upload I don't know man I've never dyed I don't look at that thing just submit just showing up is basically what I've been doing for seven years anything works around here uh I'm sure it's somewhere I don't know it off the top of my head I'm sure we have a document somewhere that has the pet yes we do actually know what I think about it when you go to but I've done yeah and if you knew it you wouldn't say it out loud yeah I wouldn't say that it's a Chitty Bang Bang one two four come on can we bleep those two parts because it might sound like another word shitty you can see YouTube's algorithm you don't know you don't know how powerful it is it could lack a few power levels shitty don't do it no I didn't forget it we just don't we don't upload to it anymore we upload here this is the better group in my opinion you can you can quote me on that okay another question is is something going to replace the original Monday ten minute power our time slot on game grumps not right now soul sucking vacuum well I mean it's the same it's released at the same time so it's like yeah it's the same show yeah so not really but I mean if we have a new show sometime well we'd probably no the answer is no but if we do put more shows it'll probably be in open time slots so like Friday is open late now and tell you what at that on Mondays when the power would normally go up upload time you and I can blow a kiss out into the universe and then if you're at home you could feel that kiss float and gently touch your cheek think about that and then and then that'll be like oh now I'm fulfilled and I can watch the power are on the grumps so talk about a win-win I mean come on and you got to be looking at the game grumps channel to make this happen or else the energy spirit energy isn't there yeah you think if you're watching jacksepticeye you're gonna get our mystic kisses mmm yeah his mystic kisses yeah which are great which are much better way yeah so we've been getting this question a lot and every time we do something new we get a lot of comments and it's the same comment sort of that that we receive a lot of comments about people who just don't enjoy the show anymore there's confusion and speculation as to why that might be it's game grumps too scripted in four star Aaron and Dan just not funny anymore and they secretly dislike each other okay thank you for that it's interesting to talk about because it does show up a lot when people say you know and they and they try to blame it on different things right like oh man I don't just don't want to show any more I I think it's important to say like it's okay to just not like something anymore like it's you don't got to beat yourself up you don't go to beat other things up like it's totally okay and it's valid to have an opinion that's different than it used to be and also like I don't know we've been doing this for so long like I'm sure after a certain point like I get it like try something new it's totally cool well it's we're not upset about it or anything yeah it's no it's like you grow and change and your tastes change and we grow and change but like the the the thing that's funny to me is the the speculation that like we don't love doing it anymore or that we don't like each other as people and like that's reading way too much into a situation that actually exists no like um it's just it's just how things go like we we've been doing the exact same thing since grumps began like the only difference I'd say is that we like take better care of ourselves now so we don't like eat as much horrible candy garbage so maybe we're not as much on sugar highs as we were like when we first started but that was destroying our bodies from the inside out so that wouldn't have been good to keep up anyway fun times yeah and like but as far as us enjoying it and doing it like we've been doing the same thing like nothing's changed other than just us growing up and having different things happen to know that I was 26 when Dan first came on the show and now I'm 32 like that's a pretty big difference in age so and I will say like just it's a natural part of liking anything where um the stuff that you were attached to at the beginning is often the stuff you hold most dear even if the quality is improving like when when ninja sex party got to the point where people were saying man their new stuff just isn't as good as their old stuff my buddy Joe Spanish was like bro you made it to like they're not as good as they used to be status like in a band's life and it happens to every band and and every show and everything so yeah thanks for being with us so long where you could even have a changing opinion like that yeah seriously yeah it's awesome I mean I I actually consider it kind of fortunate that we even have people that have been around for six seven years yeah that's what I'm saying that's it that's amazing like unbelievable most most people especially people in our position don't get to have that opportunity so that's incredible yeah cuz there's nothing we could do differently to try to appease someone who feels like the show isn't as funny as it used to because that then then it would be forced you know we don't force anything we don't script anything like maybe we'll have as far as we've ever scripted out a 10-minute Power Hour it's like today we'll play Yeti in my spaghetti that's the script all right I'm just cursed by that episode because I wasn't on it so oh that's right oh good script let's check out some meetings I'd like that this one's an Aeron meme found all the way out in the Wild West of our / memes itself Wow a real thing my brain after I touch a cut and feel babe what is it what episode is that from so I got gross the episode before and then washed my face yeah and then the next episode is yeah that sounds right I like how you can make my face eat the open reddit app it's a car good stuff we have a meme like that since I was pouring M&Ms in your yeah screaming more that was very surreal that way all over that was ridiculous I was like looking our absolute worst errand out of context of this video that's right you didn't this time for real is real this time is it this done were everywhere how many times I mean nailed in bra but you don't even because that's the one and and you know what you need to do mac and cheese chicken alfredo mac and cheese and lasagna mac and cheese with some meat in it it's all mac and cheese dude chicken alfredo is grown so much Hedberg bit thanks Marshall does stuff for that Thank You Marshall did you know that Bergy had the secret ability to make socks grow what wait I mean this is a tweet Burgie ok make the socks grow whoa wow you can get these socks I gave us Wow wow that's you after I just said nothing is planned but see we you know what's funny is we have that sticker that they're the post-it note set we that's not us that's just somebody else made a burger with eyeballs on it which I consider copyright infringement and we will be going after you thank you on me Chen at a Hollywood video like a year ago this person actually goes oh that's so great with the lens turning and such oh that's amazing cue Dana James June that's well I'm favoriting this yeah that's wonderful you done good that's from the the French is Beauty Parlor Power Hour where we switch to our hands yeah and I hated it I absolutely hate it like having curly hair no stray hair wasn't that great for me there it's like in my mouth 27 127 4 I feel like I feel like jeans 37 days a week four months a year I feel like our DNA has got it right you know yes I agree it's like I get it you know what your face is like this straight here your face is like this curly here every time having straight hair made me feel like two people were creeping up on me at all times it was terrible window of huh yeah no I get that I get like the one hair that like sort of dangles right here and then I'm just like haha yeah what has her bug I will say that our buddy Matt Mercer did send me a message on Instagram it was like because he is a man of straight hair of a certain length Oh such a beautiful man - yeah he's a he's he's a good one he's a good egg stop making love to my dad supersonic racing it's a really good song sonic I'm just having fun hi Stacy well that's it we're done you know what actually before before we call it quits yeah let's just give a quick shout out to the beautiful Ally who does such great work around here and also to the glorious beautiful Wharf glorious beautiful Wharf he's a good man he works very hard...
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