SHADOW BOMB Loot TOWER *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

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    Today in Fortnite Creative we do a SHADOW BOMB death Run in Fortnite Battle Royale!
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    one new shadow stone two different events the Tower of death and the ninja parkour of death sorry if this video comes off a bit rushed they're about to take the shadow bombs down so app we're using the old shadow bombs it's still a sick video so do me a favor hit the like button if you know what is it like what if you guys still love me let's get to like 10,000 love likes hope you guys enjoy this update we gotta hurry everybody ready we're already weird we don't know when they're gonna take out this shadow stone okay so first of it we have two different events first event giant Tower of Doom Henry you go first oh gosh did you have to that's really dramatic you get two attempts at this okay oh I see him if you fall off if you so remember you have a green you get one more attempt however high you get that's the loot you get if you get all the way up to legendary at the top something awesome happens you'll see if somebody gets it okay Henry do you are you ready to go attempt number two we got a hurry to it there they may have to update this game and take out the thingy okay so you have blue for this first fight I made a new map you guys will see that in a minute we're gonna fight on it okay okay everybody ready who wants to go next meet me meet me I credits on you go ahead oh my gosh here pony here who's calling hello if you guys think crater won't get past great head down okay I'm going go ahead oh oh great oh gosh great you got him to green oh look at crater oh dude did he make a pass blue I didn't see I told you my toe all right Dan so you got green for yours and after the after this Tower of death I made like a parkour thingy this thing it's pretty sick okay okay you guys ready you guys ready Craner your second attempt go whoever you have that buff up until you hang up until you hit the ground good oh he's still good he caught himself good craters going up he made it in blue so they both have blue for this fight all right Nico I said we got a hurry dude they might update the game date they take they take a knee corn ate out of their game but I just cheated it in there's no way you're gonna be better than me did well oh you still gotta you still got it you still got it and great night Nico you ready for your second attempt you sure about that ready dude I'm just trying to go fast you know go ahead is how do you do you ready enough to green you made it up to green sweating hi my first attempt boys we out here hi oh I'm anemia I have been training as anemia he's already agreed oh we're good oh my god let's do this of these it's a long wait what I got to blue dang it so good dude alright so that was my first attempt ding okay we gotta get the legendary got to get the legendry alright boys all right boys alright what I just like I just like yeah yeah yeah sure you did what they all say dude we're still here we're still out here we still out here we still got this saving it saving it okay okay now see what you're doing yep okay you're dancing around why is it you should probably start going off I'm going up right now he's going up right now up going up right now oh okay here we go here we go got boo blue here we go is he gonna make him pass blue oh here we go home oh my oh crap our crib just in that game dude literally just sent me across the world yeah I have no clue how you're supposed to get legendary but if you do check this out will you blow the whole thing up I so first battle we're doing 10 eliminations look at this mandate I made this yesterday you guys like this map hit La Pointe alright so we can get purple or below so you guys know what I got I got to do it to him I got to do it to him with my combo there we go uh so since this round is 10 eliminations I don't really care about health and look I can't even use this shadow stones because they took them out dang it why do they do that I think I'm actually gonna go with a sniper rifle clingers and then a shotgun yeah I haven't tried to sniper in a long time I'm gonna try that and I'm also because that you know I have purple I'm gonna grab some traps yeah oh yeah and also stick around for round 2 that next event is pretty sick wait damn alright everybody got their loot dude what you guys think about this map do you guys like it say yes if you don't say yes I'll hate you I did you build it yourself yes I did no you didn't yes I did a promise it's way too good for you to have built it dude oh you okay okay okay I ten blue mination two three two one go bye nation you know what it isn't oh I'm so fast oh it's so hard to do anything while you're this fast you just got quickscope crazy man again please don't shoot me again oh my head why everybody has snipers why that's huge wait who's here nobody oh no of course trip dance minutes oh how did I not hit you have a drum gun nope do you ever just not suck nope damn plane just took you out dude why me fine I'll leave you alone find it on the chocolate are you farting oh no oh no oh no aah what happened my hell no Manny go Oh crazy how's that you know how no who's got a double snug dude oh there we go ice what I'm talking about I got a kill do it oh no Ian espect oh gosh I really try to like kill you with your Olsson aid wait who shot me ah crap in it get out Henry get out of my house head we I can't be born Oh dance with me boy there's some okra oh crap oh crap dude that thing is broken bad boy oh no oh no don't you think my kill Henry what if they're gonna unball tit what if we're gonna choose to unbolt it I'm gonna vote for that I'm actually a vote for siphon to be involved yeah okay everybody write down how many kills you have let's go to round two so going into the final round two I have nine points crater has six Nico has three Henry has one good job hen we get one kill Henry no he had he had two kills but he who came in last only gets one point all right crater is going first on this second event so we have we each get two attempts at this Park or keep in mind you can only bring one grenade with you ah yep you only get one grenade you can only use one grenade yep you'll see why you'll see why as you go through the course I'm going yay we made it you made it you made it huh man there you go that's why you only get one that's why you only get one go it only skin-deep we're gonna skip it dude oh no don't die dude I'm good at these moves you are owning highboy go ahead hope you made it No so you got two blue but you get another attempt from that you get another kid okay dude I'm gonna own it this time I guess ready aiyyo aiyyo can he make it to blue again oh so he got boy not bad Henry's only gonna get gray dude dude nigga Niko's only gonna get grave right yeah can we more like gray we go ahead no more like Graco sounds like a store Geico oh yeah at a time though hi boy go ahead he's it why do you look so angry when you throw the grenade Henry does oh there's any skipping he's skipping it as well you little skippers he's in he's in oh he's messing up he's really messing up there are death stones up there oh all right now can he beat the part where Craner failed and we gotta go down here that hook there wait boy wait what Henry zoning and rezoning Henry's Onan all the way up hey there's a pin down here but you know if you want to take darling oh my goodness he's climbed alright final jump right here can he make him that's onto the tiny little legendary spot oh he's jumping Oh shot it and he got or purple all right dad was that was your first attempt right holy crap yeah oh yeah alright I had second attempt and you do it again well you kind of hit that tiny thing yes oh wait oh dude what was that Henry all right go ahead Nico is he gonna be gray Covell Graco valve incoming I'm scared oh oh it's too slow oh no we made it oh thank you bet it's a green all right oh wait wait you might run out of time though you might run out - all at least you made it to green eco pretty good all right go ahead Nico final attempt right here can he get better than green once in his life green co Geico save 50% green co what yeah no come on Nico come on Nico I believe in you dad hey stop cheesy a bunch of chasers you're not gonna cheese it go ahead he's got a cheese the whole thing dude he's going up going up going up will he messed this up though will he mess this up he's currently messing it up oh no he's not no he's not he made it wait he stood you up are you still going I can't get on it maybe yet be made can he make it to purple don't do better than me Nico made it to blue now can he make it to purple can he make it to purple hey man into purple now can he make it to the better purple square can he make it Larry she didn't even get he didn't even attempt for gold all right my first attempt you boys ready I'm ready oh here we go here we go nailed it nailed it nailed it nailed it nailed it okay got a hurry got a hurry oh yes okay we got three we got great we got green we got green you're doing pretty good dude we go here we go here we go I gotta get blue now gotta get blue gotta get blue okay you do it again do it okay do it you can't do it easy way out here all right now can I get per better than Craner I will ranges a foothold well here we go okay run another time yes just sue me out here okay no can I attempt at that gold here we go you got this Ian I believe in you Oh nailed it oh he's almost out of time I got infinite time on this okay don't hit that don't eat that yet okay got a jump on this oh yes all right my gold attempt right here you guys think I can get gold here yeah buddy everybody ready this first try okay be...
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