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    if if you want hey family what goli know everybody if you were new to this channel make sure you that subscribe button and join the family tell them click the button so as you already buy today's title today we will be doing the ACE family morning routine we've already done the night time routine but we have not yet done the morning routine which you all have been requesting us to do so in today's video we're gonna show you how we get ready every morning how do you get Radio good job baby Alea Oh Leigh is back there breastfeeding Oh Leigh is coming Aaliyah how do you get ready huh Lee how do you get ready as you can see we all look crazy because we just woke up alright a family so first things first captain I already have our outfits picked out for the day being parents bebut tell the Hayes family being parents with two kids now you have to try to be as organized as possible because it can get very hectic correct we have to get change a family it's just not us anymore we have these two to look after so here we have datas outfit mm-hmm Leia's outfit mama outfit and whose outfit is this okay girls so what's next I have to watch her and then Austin has to shower her so pretty much there's different options Kathryn can either get ready first and I watch both of the girls or vice versa I can get ready first she watched the girls or we can try to knock out two birds with one stone that would they say which means I try to take a shower with the laya and then Kathryn will try to take a shower with Elle so which one should we do today you take a shower with you mama and then Mina Leia okay cool so who wants to go first Bernalillo you and daddy come on let's go taking a shower together and I definitely recommend if you are taking a shower with a baby whoo is under two years old I recommend for my fellows you guys are the ones who are responsible for this because I feel like us holding the baby in the shower is a bit dangerous because it is a bit slippery and wet but for us men we are no offense bavette we are a little stronger than our women so it is easier for us to hold a baby in the shower so again fellas please take responsibility to hold your baby in the shower if you do decide to do it so before awesome in the land get in the shower Ellen I just wanted to show you guys a new shampoo and conditioner that we've been using for like the past couple of weeks and we have these as well these are actually travel kits so we can put like shampoo and conditioner and these when we travel so this brand is called function of beauty and look how cool they put her name on there since the aids family so basically I never really know what to use as far as like shampoo and conditioner and I kind of just use like the same things like over the years but with this brand function of beauty you can actually customize your own personal shampoo and conditioner depending on like what your hair is so I personalized this shampoo and conditioner it takes two minutes literally and I personalize it so that L can use it as well so it's fragrance free no GMOs no toxins 100% vegan cruelty free if you guys saw in a recent video was talking about how I've been losing hair because of my poor moans after my pregnancy and so I have noticed a difference in using these because my hair has been actually growing back and haven't been losing as much so if you guys are interested in trying out function and beauty to customize your own personal shampoo and conditioner I'm putting the link below so you guys can try it out you guys you guys will get 20% off of your first order of you guys click down the link below and try it out I love that you can literally personally make your own shampoo conditioner like when can you do that it's really cool with just like this quiz so yeah try it out let me know what you guys think so we're all about to hop in the shower baby wait for Dad okay so we're all bot stop in the shower and get ready and we'll see you guys in a few bye alright yeah this is how we do it I used to get myself all washed up first and once I'm there Aleya comes in here and she just watched up next the thing it's really steamy in there huh huh so they steamy in there did you see what we get ready to put a lei on the ground and keep her occupied us out so she's occupied right now is something all right family not the way it's turned to get all cleaned up she's used to this hi master she loves taking showers again warning a family please hold your baby extremely tight when you are taking a shower with them right you can easily fall because it's so slippery but he's a clean baby all right he's family so now Catherine L in the shower and while they're in the shower I'm gonna get this little chunky monkey ready huh Oh mom are you so beautiful in the steer here now key data tier here okay so whenever I'm doing lays here I love to make it curly because obviously I have curly hair and I love for my baby to have curly hair so I love to give her curls right baby Elia I live do you love your curly hair yeah so beautiful Wow mama you're gorgeous you like your dress all right so now it's daddy's turn to do with his hair and why daddy does his hair we put a lay it back on the ground and keep her occupied by baby right so this other girls take a shower they take a shower sitting down lru shampoo Mama's hair okay so there has been a mistake here I don't know what like oh did you put more shampoo in your hair happen baby oh gosh do you want your hair done today you want it curly you want pigtails you want it down down oh I love it down a stem look how long Elle's hair is getting show them this super super mom yep get in there brush that tongue - you got that tongue good you got all your teeth how many teeth you have in there let me see how many you got in there oh yeah oh that's a pretty smile I see you I see you there then what we gotta do next L lotion lotion what lotion do we use oh that good lotion oh okay you gonna pull ocean or daddy's toes what smell what about Dada Dada wants his toaster okay your sister is gonna put lotion on you Aleya oh I see your teeth I see your teeth I see your teeth so these give your teeth the only one coming out right now oh hello why are you making it difficult for Susan to put lotion on you what are do your legs Janet Leigh ha ha ha let her do your legs Leigh Ann let her do your legs thank you good job such a good big sister Elaine's crazy huh she's so silly that is turn well what about that SB you don't like my toes what's wrong with them all right partly it's your turn to put lotion on your sister come on sister good job Aliya good job mama good job a leg good don't eat them now tell they see under what you said you have a boyfriend Wow no you don't what's your boyfriend's name Robbie come here right now hey hey hey I don't want to hear that again where'd you do Robbie where'd you meet him Hales you met him at the park you got his number or he got your number you got his number I'll give me his number right now I'm gonna call him you really have his number so wait so you want me to call him or you call him alright : you text me just call him and just tell me when I talked in it what do you say what see you later you said on pigs no leg did your sister so you mean he's mean to you why do you mean oh why is he mean because he didn't text you back and like text him right now tell Robbie he's cancelled okay thank you baby you don't need any boyfriends okay you just need her Alea Leigh Leigh so hope you enjoyed today's video with our morning routine it was a bit hectic but we managed to get it done so yeah usually our morning routines are actually like pretty insane like there's so much going on or running all over the place we're trying to get the clothes we're trying to get you know them showered and then fed and all that kind of stuff there's just so much going on to be honest with you I think that in today's video it probably looks like a more together that actually is really crazy baby give me that phone before you start telling you had a boyfriend give me that phone right now give me so before we close out today's video we do have to give our pulse invocation shout out to who better so today's posted a vacation shout out goes to Yan Boone Dao shouts you bro thank you so much being part of a family you or you know we love you bro whoever else like a pulse imitation shout out all you do subscribe to the ACE family hit that subscribe button turn our pulse notifications hit that Bell button once you do those two things all you gonna do is come in done and obviously if you liked today's video make sure you give that thumbs up give it a thumbs up for give it a thumbs up for all the people in the world to have kids and who have the most hectic morning routine because we all do so like comment share and subscribe like me and my beautiful family always say Ella left us to go talk to Robbie what do we always say we'll be back more videos peace
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