NBA greatest players of all time draft

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    NBA greatest players of all time draft


    at the best team ever and tackled the angel question magenta welcome to the ultimate NBA all-star fantasy draft here's your host our all-star weekend coverage continues with promises to be an hour filled with strategy suspense and trash talk it's the ultimate NBA all-star fantasy draft six former NBA players will draft ten players each selecting from the greatest NBA players of all time on this board right here are 117 guys who were all-stars at least five times in addition there are a dozen wildcards who also deserve consideration so in the next 60 minutes 60 players will be chosen as we mark the 60th NBA all-star game and later we'll explain how you defends and tell us who has these strongest teams let me say this about the six former players or for the purposes of this show the six general managers in this draft if there were a Mount Rushmore of NBA greatness these six would certainly pay good money to see it they will start the ultimate NBA all-star fantasy draft in order of most all-star appearances and since Charles Barkley has 11 all-star appearances he will in a few moments have the first pick have you been doing a lot of homework charms yeah I played the 16 year that's a plenty the second pick will representing the Big Green Machine Kevin McHale I did a lot of studying to Ernie we're off to a flying start this election even though both Reggie Miller and Chris Webber are five-time All Stars Reggie has more NBA Finals appearances so he will have the third selection it's only one NBA final so sorry Chris yeah I wasn't going to point that out for the boom baby daggers it's Reggie Miller Chris Webber as we point out is the number four selection the superfriends the name of your team why why Chris yeah you know I played on that's my first organized basketball team AAU team was 12 years old we got the name the team sub coach Curtis Harvey and so I'm bringing the AAU my team appeared at the drafted thing that was very special now I'm one of would apply Pacifica this pic will belong to again we have to break a tie here because while Steve Kerr and Kenny Smith have no all-star appearances Steve Kerr does have five championship rings compared to Kenny's two so the fifth pick belongs to representing the luc longley express Steve Kerr Thank You Ernie luc longley Express look I guarantee you Luca on that board he's a wild card and the final pick of the first round will belong to the two-time NBA champion legette kenny smith aim high is the team that's all we do that's your friend that's your team right we aim high we never lay a Milou and we will win this charity event oh that's so Terry you've got really cheering Aventa there is no way I could possibly do a show of this magnitude by myself I do need a sidekick a co-host if you will and so it is my pleasure to introduce to you the wife of Kenny the jet Smith family affair we call her the lovely Gwendolyn Gwendolyn Osborne Smith wait wait wait hold on Boykin you want to tell you ain't I my name is Bart or see a movie with a blue he's the name of our team is Amy let me just say this window let me just say this point I've worked with Kenny for a good 12 years now and and already your work ethic far surpasses is I really I really don't think we needed the six or seven hours last night to go through the rundown but I do let's get to the rules vacatur you don't go to Neiman Marcus let's go let's get to the rules for the ultimate all-star fantasy draft there will be ten rounds it is a snake format meaning you go one through six and then that number six pick has the first pick up the next round so it continues through ten rounds NBA players as we pointed out on the board with at least five all-star appearances and then there are the dozen wildcards who don't fit that criteria 24 seconds to make your selection if you do not make a selection in 24 seconds if there is a violation will be penalized I don't think that's going to happen but we are prepared that does and there are no trades allowed when we come back who will be the number one pick Charles Barkley will answer that with the vaulting action right after this and on TNT and we're ready to begin the ultimate NBA all-star fantasy draft first two rounds are about to commence the first pick belongs to the Chuckster representing the rebounders charles who's the first pick let me guess Allen Iverson Wow are you serious yep there's a Michael Jordan not on your list you don't things on my list but I look at Wow all-star game just support guard dominated game has the ball most of the time I like I picked out an officer this is not an all-star game okay this is your your greatest team you can assemble it's too late now yeah now second pick belongs on the Big Red Machine Kevin McHale yeah well sorry Chuck ha ha ha now you screwed up my plan again sweat well the big green machine is not getting off the guy he was going for another got 13 more seconds Larry Bird my teammate three-time world champion 12-time all-star makes everybody better could dominate the game by taking ten shots he'd have 17 points 12 all right all right I know he was good okay Reggie Miller Reggie Miller you have the third pick are you all kidding me no kidding I know you gonna say you gonna tell me I've a chance did you take the greatest playoff yeah Sam Bowie are you gonna go to battles we had in the Central Division uncle with Air Jordan Michael Jordan are you kidding us there we go with six seconds on the clock I felt okay for the rest he repeats us all he went again I just asked it he went with a count of one hey I got microphone ROC Charles that's past history it's Chris Webber's pick he's number four go ahead Chris yeah I'm not thinking I'm just looking wow it's the first round and you're gonna have to boar over that yeah because because I got some options I'm very cool he's got three pages of notes up here with a big fella I need to get an IV with him seconds on the clock in seconds I am going well at honesty I'm going with will chamber will Charlie number four pick solid and we move on to Steve Kerr with the luc longley Express well first of all the name of my team implies several things winning clogging the lane slogging through thickness clogging that's all that's logging Jane I'm not putting myself up sorry Luke but I just want to win I'm gonna take Bill Russell oh it's a great pic of that it was between Russell and Iverson but I but I respect matter which returns us brings us to Kenny the jet Smith with the last pick of round 1 in the first pick of round 2 well it's great that in 24 seconds my wife is actually gonna respond to me so yeah last trick of the first round and now the first pick of these second round jet I get the first pick of the second round as well Bev you want to take this pick for me no all right so when de lijn passes now you I'm going you know we're gonna stay in Lake a country magic Earvin Magic Johnson what a start for the guy with last hit in the first Helen Iver that really bad and now take neck sexy all right Steve you're up well to continue my theme of defense and winning I'm gonna take my old teammate Scottie Pippen Scottie Pippen joining Bill Russell on the Luc Longley Express a phrase I never thought I'd uh tur yeah and now it's Chris Webber and the superfriends oh man a lot of deep thought going into this and I don't want to remind you too often of the shot clock Jimmy there you go Oh Oscar there we go Todd arena darkness I just taking the dugout all the rebounds right now all this yes yes you do yeah there we go okay the boom baby daggers of Reggie Miller well I'll tell you what I'm gonna have a lock down defending team cuz not only is no one gonna score on Michael Jordan but no one's gonna score on my sinners and you can appreciate this I'm going with the dream Hakeem Olajuwon he's on a hand IV someone's all along with right there and I really enjoy the the explanations you're giving going into this it lends a lot of credence and expertise to the program sort of okay Kevin you are up here at round two kinda all right staying with my green theme I'm gonna go with Shaq daddy who was wearing the green rain now multiple multiple champion hold down the paint he versus Russ and wilt III like dogs and he's and he's wearing green yes and now the guy who surprised the world with you are you looking for someone else I think I'm gonna play them Perry you're looking for somebody else who's played in Turkey burned Neil God okay you know Turk Alou is available live you oil jars of Turkey George you're five seconds three mothers belongs joining Allen Iverson he played together fall and Charlton girls team appropriately named the rebounders cuz he's going to have to rebound if he wants to win I pick the first 12 picks have been made the big board reveals the big names yet to be picked there are some big ones still out there obviously we're only through two rounds back with more or right after this books Charles begins round three and of course he began the proceedings with a pick that surprised even Allen Iverson with Allen Iverson so start round three now with election he kicks Jack Twyman I borrow we have ten seconds I am gonna go with Tim Duncan Oh Groundhog Day he goes to the Chuckster and Kevin McHale who was gone Larry Bird Shaquille O'Neal tick three is and he's a guy that I have a long time to talk I have 23 seconds left a guy that I drafted years ago Minnesota now playing for the Celtics Kevin Garnett great defender gonna come out there he's played in what 14 all-star games yeah and I tell you what a great great forward okay so so uh Kevin Garnett continues the celtic run for yeah the Celtic legend Kevin McHale R...
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