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    We all attempt to prepare for the next big earthquake in 15 minutes!
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    this year is all about conquering your biggest fears I'm one of five biggest fears is large earth because I can do a large earthquakes which we are well overdue one in the state of California our city falls on this dangerous fault line right Matt we're just near so today I'm gonna put you guys to the test to see who can come up with the best earthquake survival kit what Tod plain fury of this I have a lot of fears and I'm sure you guys all have the same fear of large earthquake you're not scared of anything I think it's so nice of you that you considered us for preparing for an earthquake because you want us to survive right what are we doing today cards three bins in the cards there's no spending limit just don't get a laptop Jeff or err pause because you're not gonna use that after an hour we get in there and earthquake starts have the name like youtubers make video preparing for an earthquake in an earthquake happen only one role you need to be able to close your top on without everything in it so you cannot go over it because you need to fully be able to close we bought duct tape as one of the supplies all right introducing our team Beynon hey Jeff inta and last but not least not Carly and Aaron you guys ready come on on your mark I can't believe on The Amazing Race currency the future is obviously gonna be ice because no air conditioner no water and what is also air conditioner and water when it melts yeah what is it it's ice we should talk to people which is very important it's huge this is what people always do when they're like surviving on the wood when the whole world is collapsing friends I don't need nothing just even me Todd why didn't even think we have to take YT into consideration so that's not she has a diet food cuz you guys overfed her oh okay so it's our fault you need three guys lookin doctor we're gonna get one or two we're gonna snuggle up baby boy just bundled up okay these are so big small one that takes up so much room look at that oh hey we did some stunts at this car huh yeah didn't you guys say you need a tampon Oh perfect for more room to get towels for all the girls with any heaviness in like five towels what about Poncho's what if it like is stormy it is it I don't think it's like funny flashlights to Germany what happened his aim was he getting evicted or something he ran out of money that's why he's doing two videos a week what is it it like breaks water lines and stuff okay all right all right two points for creativity did it really gonna get one because that's very good enough for KNK noodle soup chicken noodle soup chicken noodle soup with the soda on the side with underwear doing the underwear they don't need clothes we do need underwear for each large okay yeah I get some good do you think we need to stilled water at all like if we get like wounds what about some vodka what's wrong you basically put this into anything you suck it up and you could drink from any water source it's genius cue a few murderer now I've been having way too much peanut butter lately last night ate a whole jar do you think our bread I could fit into the bus all the way that camping section it was got to that you put up the water okay no seeds we play vegetable you can't just like seize that girl food these are so cheap now look at this 320 bucks for like a 40 inch flat screen or the first-aid kit be like surgery happy Thursday tips I could seem like you needed it right that's really good that'll fit on my feet that's crazy come on baby paper towels we don't wanna mess though I can't get over how cheap these TVs off what you doing Matt what are you looking for he's looking for psoriasis medication we have more room I wanted to feel little bit like two sleeping bags and now now we can get food I can't find frozen pizzas okay I lost my apartment up man are these all the right prices no get the travel together hygiene is not it is Matt it's important green ones now cute so far we got nothing does that that beautiful for breakfast sandwiches but I'm squishing it to make my wait hold on you're so smart peanut butter and jelly and never squishing once at all right chapstick chapstick you'll think I like oh please oh my my dammit set the timer timer time is up you guys Amazing Race sneak the compass hurry hurry hurry on compass good thank you now we gotta come on to the nose to nose bad or this is probably a compass to you know one could have been here and I've been hopeful maybe a pilot license some motorcycles so we can get out street-legal dirtbike yeah all the roads are gonna be jam-packed with traffic and you're not going to be able to how do you guys think you this I think we did very well I think you did good yeah put this in the back of my car and just like keep it there for real hey guys feeling I think Ethan I did the best but we have to see Jeff Todd pop the hood baby of always a total won't let you know when we show our oh this cold you like damn that looks really good Tomica number two disposable water that's very good to decrease sip it out like a straw but smart okay guys where's your water storm proof crank late so it's like a flashlight and it also has the radio and a siren in and out charging good fine guys yt some food okay first aid kit then we got some food some Clif bars because they like to fill you up walkie talkies we don't have a roof anymore so a poncho in case like the water line breaks you guys were pretty good so let's hop open number three anything we need to heat up whether we catch cook kill it's all gonna be done right here we also matches that are storm proof water proof underneath set fire ready now you see that oh how many Lunchables you got though cooking ball set so if you want to cook our baked beans that we have underneath matches to start fires we got flashlights with triple-a batteries so we never run out of light wine let me get bored wanna drink you may get a sponsor canteens fill up with our water we got one of the lifeproof straws as well because you're gonna find water here and there so you need to make sure you collect as much water as possible before you continue your journey earthquake Valley this is for the first night his fan cooking this off instant coffee because you know me and my baby ain't going nowhere without them exactly so we keep coffee table running after the earthquake baby first thing we don't need to because that's kill the compass you're gonna know exactly where everything is soggy waffles baby self protection and also Freddie daily needs where we need to cuts no you don't nine your survival kit they're gonna have to trade me an item saving dag where you guys gonna sleep on the rocks the Joe Josie walk throw blanket our clothes are gonna be real dirty but as long as you change your underwear you stay sanitary and come to and dry compact Bret cook fits in the box dads are like we say the winner of today's about this race and it's all fake anyway
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