Every TFUE vs NINJA 1v1 in Fortnite!

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    Every TFUE vs NINJA 1v1 in Fortnite! These fortnite streamers 1v1s are in games unplanned sometimes & tournaments! Do you think ninja or tfue is better?

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    hey who's better T fool or you today we're looking at every single t food vs. ninja for tonight one versus one it's ninja dude so there is actually a surprising amount of times that T for ninja have one V wand and the outcome is actually quite surprising these two have essentially been rivals since the start of fortnight back in 2017 and the clips I'm going to show you definitely proved this but before we start let me know in the comments who do you think is better T foo or ninja number one so I've tried to order these clips in the order that they happen so it's gonna go from oldest to the newest and to start off we're heading back to I think it was seasoned three or four tonight back to April of 2018 this is the first time and T few met ninja in a fortnight game and this was back when T foo wasn't really popular at all he like literally was just about to join fades at this time so what ends up happening is they are both near dusty Depot one of the most beloved old removed spots and at first ninja has the upper hand he has the high ground but after popping off a few shots at each other teeth he takes the high ground from ninja then pulls off this disgusting little pop shot with his infantry rifle honestly one of the nastiest clips I've seen especially considering how old this clip is we exchanged what the man's got the young stretch yeah that wasn't him bro he was a dude no everybody telling edge that we need to fight duos yeah ggmm 100 cent great play like this video right now and you will play with T foo one day number two so this video was posted in December of 2010 but it wasn't posted by teeth or ninjas so I'm not sure on the exact date but I do notice at the end of 2018 this cliff is one that I'd actually not seen before so I was quite surprised to actually find this T food vs. ninja 1v1 but we have T Fuu playing a jurors match with a liquid chap and then I think ninja might have been with reverse to K but they're down in the desert area near Paradise Palms and his early game so no one really has any good weapons or any mats or anything and unluckily for ninja he tries to push T Fuu but fails because he runs out mats and then T foo takes advantage of this situation and just eliminate sandwich I think now makes it to nil to T Fuu oh my god number three so for this next one V one we're moving into 2019 specifically in January of 2019 this time we have T food who I preacher is playing a solo sports match and then we have min Jo's playing just a normal squads match with other players not solo they are both in salty springs and TV manages to take out two of ninjas team pretty easily but for the next 30 seconds he's not really doing much and then for some reason I'm really not too sure why he decided to pop three balloons go up 100 foot in the air and just let them go and falls to his death so I don't know if he did this on purpose or if if it was an accident guys if you know let me know in the comments cuz I just generally don't know say boy you to come save them or what send it may report your arrow you're still watching this subscribe and click the bow to turn on notifications if you want to play with ninja on fortnight number four right next up we have a bunch of 1b ones which are actually very recent this first one is from the beginning of May so this month and the thing I separates this clip from the others is this one was in arena mode or at least this is the first one from arena moon I once again we have to throw in a jurors mattress at this time obviously is playing the phase coaxes in arena mode and that's his World Cup jurors partner and they are over at loot Lake just slaying some kids and ninja with his a partner reverse to K decide to land on them which is a little bit of a cheeky thing to do on it is sort of a little bit easier than facing someone head-on but in this match it was pretty close as a ninja did actually have a bit more health and TP but not a crazy amount and ninja essentially edits t food he forgets a good shot on him but then ninja gets an even better shot finishes him off so finally ninja gets his first kill which now makes it 2-1 to ninja so it's actually pretty close i ground half out to 20 points now seafood I gotta put that on my youtube title make it my thumbnail he knocking him out like he did for me last time I don't ever since doing that to clickbait I gotta practice laying on high ground do that some people do right to qualify yeah I got them I'm so good I'm qualifying sure there's other guys don't worry i clutch these dude it's not like anyone's gonna roast okay okay let me say that was ninja hello YouTube number five this next clip is more late-game than any of the other ones which kind of makes it a little bit more interesting to me as late games are always more intense but once again when arena mode aren't obviously the end of the game everyone's just hurtling the lawn seafood jumps down he doesn't actually know it's ninja humps him a little bit gets a little nice shot off but then in - chokes a little bit and Teague manages to get the final killer in which now makes the total three one two t through so guys ninja really needs to come back when he saw another one we want to sword even this out here guys that watch this number six so this next one was from May the 20th so literally like a weekly or less than a week ago and he's taken from Epic Games is of World Cup livestream when they look at all the highlights and stuff once again here we are in our duos nindroid playing reverse 2k closed sealed playing at T Foo and this time it wasn't like a head-on 1v1 essentially ninja kind of third-party dim shot on for a war and t foods didn't really have much chance for much time to react properly but still a kid as a kill and it still counts so that now makes it what for - to ninja so he's not too far behind and so here we're watching actually this is way earlier in the match ninja and reverse we're here don't tell me aloo ke T food it's teeth who gets taken out by ninja so more fuel to fire in that rivalry yeah he had to be stream safe what why he's got an angle on me yeah I couldn't even see him dude they hit me it's ninja dude I said I know I said I was doing all these clips in order but I wanted to put this one last as it's the oldest and one of the best in my opinion so this is T Fuu vs. ninja in hate 1 z 1 and this is from literate literally like a years ago before fortnight was even a thing at this point ninja was somewhat popular teef who was like hardly known at all and drumroll please doo doo doo doo doo doo who wins T foo you have TV manages to eliminate TV here and the common ninja makes about T through after he gets killed is er it's quite funny I'll let you guys listen to it wanna check out my other four night videos I face reveals or I don't know whatever is on screen guys go click below I think you'll enjoy that video big eyes that is pretty much it from me thanks for watching I'll see you in the next video thanks for watching this is getting real and I see you next really messed up this intro oh well
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