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    A simple challenge involving the magic of color lights devolves into a freeform nightmare of corporate logos and limited color choices.

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    stop throwing stuff we're wrong with you what is happening Tiger was just throwing Delta at us hello welcome to the ten minute power hour my name is Dan and this is my rush test for a coat or shirt that I got in 1997 why are you wearing like an old shirt on a show where everything gets meshing what's this Rock'em Sock'em robot uh-huh I'm working out huh training the gym can't wait for the next to turn magic of colored lights you jerks light bright light right turn on the magic of colored light light that's all I remember friends all I remember you know oh this is just a legend wow this is a very 80s thing right here to open up a package of light bright pegs and see this exact gel translucent color thing okay and then you have to make that live in three minutes and the other one has to go I like it if you guess okay I'm number one I'm number one okay oh let's go let's go hurry I need a lot of green I already forgot what it looks like get the paper off sucks imagine this is all green the whole thing imagine the whole thing all the pegs are green if I run out of okay I don't know if I'm gonna run out of green but it looks like I might run out of green is it Godzilla so far it just looks like you're filling in every peg hole with green yeah yeah that would that's accurate I didn't know this was time he said three minutes oh I can't do this in three minutes that makes this hard and interesting okay okay I ran out of green so everything's green that should be your first clue Wow number one what a great clue yes green is F doesn't the Leprechaun from Lucky Charms oh well that was good though okay green clover uh no that was that one was less good this is more Lucky Charms related uh no finish this sentence they're always after me period there is a warrant out for my arrest this is good enough I guess it's just a blob no it's not just a blob it's a perfect circle okay you're gonna perfect that circle this green sir and then I got a and then okay and then I got a well I can't get these out can I get tweezers ah I can't get them out now oh I was gonna remove pieces I was gonna make it that's not tweezers as his scissors I can't get them out I got one out this doesn't count towards the spine it doesn't oh oh corporate I have no earthly idea it's that it's the Xbox logo did everyone get that well I can't do the method now it's so current wanted it to do alright then now you'd have to come up with I'm closing my eyes so that I can't see okay that's possible yeah it's yellow so it's the subway logo don't guess yet what do you mean McDonald's it's not it's not possible that we this is a little awkward um Franklin the turtle the logo for the show Franklin the turtle just not a show called that is there Franklin the turtle he's a legendary children's character is he really he's a turtle and he's silly and he has a backpack that he goes to school and his friends hate him all right stop yelling at me I'm not yelling in general not you I'm such a dad move Blockbuster Video yes Aaron what's the company that does the cashes checks what's a green now it's windows it is windows yeah that's all I had to do to get there let's finish it it's the windows logo mm put a window in your can we see the real one for comparison to see how terrible it is all you got all the colors out of order there we go oh wow right I even memorize as I kill the blue green red so that's one point to somebody I don't know who gets the point the guesser or the maker how about then we we we as the grumps get a point hey we're trying to get three points they're gross get a point three point yeah all right three points for us we win no we don't get three points for just one we're trying to get three points overall and then we win he's made of glass what if the child ate these then they would dive glass poisoned dates it was the eighties man do you know how many kids ate these things I'd say more children than not what do we got next close your eyes Daniel they're closed oh that's too much detail okay whoo are you excited for this one you're not gonna guess it in a million years I have no earthly idea okay imagine it's all filled in with yellow okay but I'm just gonna keep filling it in with the hello and is that the end of it or is there more to it or if gives me hard ones you get the one that's just like it's blue but this one's like well there's all these like tendrils is it the band logo for your favorite band in mine Switchfoot Switchfoot I think that's the new release of the Nintendo switch you play with youth I'm just laying them down now just to fill the space Erin that's not how a library works well I'm gonna have to hold it up in a second all right here I'm done okay this is imagine it's all yellow inside but the red is very particular where it is wait what is it tell me what it is then are you serious what is it what is it evoke Monica I'll give you a hint I'll give you a hint what did let him guess you just hold it up in front of um what's wrong with you in morphs defense this looks nothing like the shell logo and I would have never never gotten that I tried it's hard no I know I'm not because you've done that how would you done it's impossible me no yeah I agree any more extremely complex designs with rounded edges would you like us to put on this grid of a light board Chris thank you right how the kids do this when they were child's okay all right my eyes are closed my lips are sealed my butt is clenched oh boy that's pretty tough too Aaron what happened what happened got you over self it really blonde of the drink in me it's blue it isn't part of it is blue do I get points for that nope I wish do we get points for that Blockbuster Video no what Burger King Pepsi Taco Bell maserati Bugatti hot body oh is that America more future fonts for spacious skies for amber n-- ways of gray and for purple I may need you to turn in your citizenship above the Furnham plain AMERICA AMERICA together these quesadillas and gonna go with Brotherhood from Xena seven seas Wow oooo I know what it is do you um American Airlines no this is red not pink American Airlines is red okay well it's also not bad what the heck is that I feel like I know it it's mmm Auto way FedEx FedExed American Express what's in your wallet I don't know Erin I know it's big just move on that's it that's it pay attention to where like the holes are be a Bank of America okay can you see where they'll be oh no no no no not letters be just a design what the heck are you talking about Domino's yeah yeah all right I hate their pizza okay it gives me diarrhea it well thanks for the future brand yell Domino's which one you got barf that one okay that one's man all right fine you know I don't want to pass all right I told you I didn't want to pass pulling out the Playboy logo like I even know what that is which is something I would assume I would read for the articles if I knew what it was Green Green imagine this is completely filled in I'm not filling it in actually completely filled in with green yes okay is it four-leaf clover what four-leaf clover what is it lucky from Lucky Charms isn't lucky yeah lucky the Leprechaun what that's right right what else could his name possibly big I guess I've never really thought about what his name was frag Clarence and it's all green except for these white dots that we're seeing yes well they're not dots so much as they are something else okay there is yes how do you not know that there's a meme about it that you're a part of skittles know what skills M&Ms dang it they're it's three lines let me just give you a hint there's three lines and I'm part of me oh it's spoofy yes it's poofy yeah yeah great job Aaron well I had to give you a like for him yes it was very hint heavy but you know what this is our show so unless everyone calls us a bunch of jerks in the comments we would that's cool why would you do this I think that's how that's our that's our winning horn and our losing it's just it's just excitement noise thank you oh wow that is just great well it was super wonderful to play with life right again this is a wonderful toy and hold on I'm gonna I'm gonna I think what is still out there eating these pieces I'm gonna I'm gonna make what I see when I look at you oh it's a deformed but Thank You Aaron you're welcome it's an it's an apricot that I'm about to dip in juice wait a minute why couldn't you just say I love you why do you have to I have to tell me like do I have to make me jump through hoops because I'm repressed thanks for joining us on the T we love you and we hope you have a lovely day goodbye
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