After 14 years i found out what my parents did to my real parents

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    hello my name is Nelly and last month something absolutely insane happened to me to say my life has changed completely would be an understatement I don't even know how to put into words what has happened but I'm going to try because this is a story I just really need to share honestly we never know what surprises life is hiding for us just around the corner I was just enjoying a normal teenage life until one crazy day so I'm an only child in your standard middle-class family I guess I never really felt like I fully fitted in at home or at school and maybe I'm a bit odd but it's not because of my parents I mean they absolutely adored me and I've always been quite spoiled but oh yeah I should probably add I'm adopted it's something I'm totally fine with so no one needs to feel sorry for me my parents died not long after I was born in a car crash I've always been curious to find more info about them but my adoptive parents didn't really know much about what happened there is one thing though not many people actually know I was adopted because I look pretty similar to my adoptive parents which suits me fine actually it's always made things easy the only thing is that they're a bit older recently I got into martial arts I've always had obscure random hobbies and my parents have always encouraged me every Monday Wednesday and Friday after school I walked to my martial arts class I love it I can't really explain but it makes me feel so free and powerful it also makes me forget about all those awkward teenage things like why I don't have that many friends and why I've never had a boyfriend during one of my classes I went out to get some water from the vending machine and noticed an older guy hovering around I made eye contact with him but he quickly looked away then I forgot about him that's what martial arts does to me it helps me live in the moment the next time I had class it was pouring rain and of course I forgotten my umbrella I was running along the sidewalk when a car pulled up in front of me and rolled the window down I recognized the driver but couldn't place them he offered me a left home but I knew better than to accept a lift from a complete stranger but he seemed like a nice person and I was sopping wet so after much hesitation I accepted I was sitting in the back and he was looking at me in their rearview mirror he laughed and told me not to worry that he wasn't a serial killer but what if he was his eyes were honestly so familiar he dropped me safely at home and asked if I'd mind taking the box on the seat next to me it needed to be recycled and he hadn't had time I thought it was a bit random for him to ask me but I didn't want him to suddenly turn angry on me so I did it I set by and ran inside to dry off my parents were still at work so I had the house to myself I decided to double check the box before recycling it it wasn't empty I couldn't believe what I was seeing inside for hundreds of newspaper article cutouts old photos and some official looking documents that were yellow from age they were all of me me as a baby me as a toddler and then I spotted something else a photo of me with a man and a woman and I kid you not this woman looks exactly like me it was almost like looking in the mirror this had to be my birth parents but who was the man who had given me this box and why I was so overwhelmed I just sat there staring none of the articles mentioned a car crash they didn't mention death at all where my parents still alive then why had I been adopted I read on and it quickly became very clear that there is more to the story than my adoptive parents had ever let on as I read on I discovered that my parents had been teenagers when they'd fallen pregnant with me and coming from a traditional conservative background they'd been forbidden to keep me my mom was only 14 when she had me and my dad was 16 I couldn't believe it I was 14 now that means my mom had me when she was my age this was too mental something weird happened next I noticed that my surname was the same as my birth parents but then why was it also the same as my adopted parents we all had the same surname was that just some kind of bizarre coincidence I felt sick underneath the photos I found a dusty article and I couldn't believe what I was seeing it was a photo of my birth parents and my adoptive parents together in exactly the same photo then I clicked my adopted parents were actually my grandparents but that meant no I couldn't even think this next thought my adoptive parents who were actually my grandparents were horrible cruel people how could they have done this and just hidden it from me the article said that they'd been so embarrassed that their daughter had fallen pregnant as a teenager that they sent her away to a boarding school and told her to never come home again unless she fixed her ways this had all been in the newspaper but I didn't even know my adoptive parents have even had a kid before I mean now that I thought about it it made sense that they seemed particularly good at raising a child after all they've done it before suddenly I wondered who my dad was did that mean he was still alive too as I sat thinking about how I might actually be able to meet my real parents my adopted parents came through the door they could tell straight away that something was up and before I even had the chance to speak my dad grabbed the box out of my hands and ran out of the house with it well that did it as if I could be any more furious I started screaming at my mom I can't believe you you're a liar how could you lie like that you told me my mom died my mom is your daughter this is so messed up you're my gran I couldn't stop shouting at her she just sat there sobbing and said she'd done it for her daughter's own good and for mine too she said that if people had known her 14 year old daughter had given birth our family would never live it down I honestly didn't care about what she was saying I just felt so shocked and sick that she could lie to me about her daughter being dead what kind of sicko fakes their own kids death like that I went to my room and locked my door I needed to get away from these people my grandparents adopted parents I didn't even know what to call them anymore my dad or should I say my granddad came home later that night drunk I could hear them arguing all night long I'd managed to keep one photo from the box of me and my real parents the man seriously looks so familiar in the middle of the night I suddenly woke up and realized I knew who it was the man in the photo was the man who'd given me a lift home it was him I knew it which meant I'd met my dad it felt like my heart might stop I had to find him I didn't have to look hard because the next morning he came knocking at our door my parents wouldn't let him in but I pushed my way through them and threw the door open he was crying saying he'd been trying to make contact with me for months we fell into each others arms crying and my parents just stood there silently frozen he couldn't stop crying and he said he was sorry but he was too late he said my mom had been dying to meet me for years but now that chance was gone I didn't understand what he meant I could barely make out what he was saying through all of his tears then he told us my mom had been diagnosed with cancer last year and she'd sadly passed away that morning my whole life felt like it was falling apart my adopted parents standing behind me were suddenly hysterical I thought my mom is going to have a panic attack their daughter had died and they hadn't even seen her for 14 years it felt like something out of a movie it couldn't be real these were my grandparents and this was my dad and here he was telling us that my real mom had just died that morning and now I'd never had the chance to meet her it felt like I was losing her all over again when I was young I'd had to deal with the fact that she died in a car crash and now here I was mourning her all over again this time for her real death and I hadn't even met her that day we sat and made funeral plans it was the last thing any of us felt like doing but it had to be done even though my real dad had never forgiven my grandparents or my adoptive parents whatever you want to call them he knew he had to sit with them now and sort this out even if just for the sake of me I felt lucky that I'd finally met my dad my real dad it was like him to come back from the dead but also my life got turned totally upside down I knew I had to find a way to forgive my grandparents they were already suffering enough with the news of my mom dying and I didn't think they would be able to cope if I just up left them my mom's funeral was one of the most surreal moments of my life imagine going to your mom's funeral a mom you've never even met it crushed me it was the hardest day of my life eventually I forgave my grandparents completely and started hanging out with my dad a lot I couldn't believe how similar we were he left martial arts to seems my obscure interest for in so obscure after all so even though I never met my mom at least I had met my dad and so in a way I guess it was kind of a blessing now I have grandparents and a dad from thinking my parents were dead too meeting one of them and realizing they'd both been alive this whole time well life can be very surprising what do you think of my story crazy right please leave your comments below and don't forget to like this video and subscribe to this channel
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