SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK (2019) Ending + Monsters Explained

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    In SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK, the long popular and controversial horror books for children is brought to frightening life on the big screen - unleashing the terrifying creatures from the books into the real world. Lean all about the monsters and their original appearances in the series, along with the tragic story of troubled spirit Sarah Bellows, as well as explaining the ending that sets things up for sequel.

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    howdy folks welcome to found flicks on this sitting explain we'll be looking at the big-screen adaptation of the beloved children's horror novels scary stories to tell in the dark where a group of teens stumble upon a book of stories tied to an infamous local town legend and find the book has the power to bring its horrifying words to life with dangerous results and it's up to the teens to face their fears in order to save their lives if you're a fan of the books and read them as a child like myself and are wondering if the movie version is worth seeing I can absolutely say yes what the movie version gets so perfect and spot-on is bringing the horrific illustrations from the book to life in the real world when I reread the books recently I had forgotten how simple and short the actual stories are usually only one or two pages each but what really sticks with you and in many cases adds much more horror to the stories Steven Gomez abstract in extremely distinct illustrations creating unforgettable creatures and nightmarish visions far beyond what the words convey clearly director Andre Albert Hall and producer gamble del Toro realized this is the real strength of the books and bring these illustrations to life to perfection you know what makes them work so well they were adamant to use mostly practical effects as in stunt performers and actors in suits with some CG additions to really make the creatures feel alive as del Toro said 90% practical 10% CG and this combo just works so well in its execution along with some excellent production design and atmosphere these creatures from the pages are just as frightening as what our imaginations would conjure when reading the stories I did wonder how exactly they would adapt the extremely short stories into a full-length movie and rather than a typical anthology with separate chapters they bring each of the stories into a larger overarching one which I found to be a creative way to unify the stories together into a grander whole however the elements beyond the monsters sometimes two brief appearances are less memorable almost acting as the calm between the storm or really filler before they introduce the next story which makes the movie at times fuel over long and a little slow at points while we impatiently wait for the next nightmare to occur it's really all about them is the most important aspect of the adaptation to get right in my opinion anyway so we'll be breaking down which stories and monsters are referenced in the movie the complete story of the vengeful spirit at the heart of our story and explaining the ending that really opens up thanks to a sequel our story unfolds in the turbulent changing times of the late 60s 1968 on the verge of Nixon becoming president and the beginning steps of civil rights yet as we see there is still plenty of casual racism to go around though the small town of Mill Valley feels far removed from these changing times only glimpsed in the background of their lives this aspect appears to be drawing comparisons to then and our current political climate with that Trump guy in charge and a general feeling of unease in the country I don't really know the necessity of this as it's mostly window dressing and doesn't affect our characters too much but it's definitely there on Halloween night a group of wisecracking oddball friends taking a page out of stranger things or any other kid cast of the ilk are growing up and beat up for their final Halloween hurrah together before getting too old for candy and costumes every year local bully and all-around jerk ass Tommy pulls a prank on our group but this time Chuck is ready for him when Tommy spots them also on a date with Chuck's sister Ruth the three egg is car and Chuck unleashes the coup de Gras a flaming bag of dog poo that lands right in Tommy's lap causing him to crash this car into a fence nice prank and all but maybe should have thought about what to do after as Tommy is pissed chasing the kids with a baseball bat who take cover in the car of a stranger at a drive-in Ramone providing them protection when Tommy comes by to threaten them and a fast friendship grows between Ramona and the game and perhaps a looser romance is in the air for Stella as well and I'm not sure why maybe to impress Ramona and it is Halloween night after all Stella suggests they go to investigate the infamous bellows house a grand abandoned estate also home to the town's most famous urban legend said to be where a young girl Sarah has slain several children known for whispering scary stories to them through the walls before taking their lives then riding their tails and a book with their blood cool sounds fun let's definitely check it out if I'm the door locked up but Ramone handily breaks in with a pin initially it doesn't appear that there's too much going on in old and musty and covered in cobwebs that is until Chuck decides to try and scare Oggy hiding in an armoire and waiting patiently to spook his pal he then hears a noise coming from outside and shockingly when opening the door the house looks back to its older pristine lived-in state spotting an older woman and her dog who stare intently at him yeah just as quickly they vanish Chuck assuming he's just seeing things elsewhere in the house Ramon and Stella stumble upon the mysterious Arras room led there by a door hidden behind a shelf that takes them into a stark lonely basement there she finds her book of scary stories and when flipping through the pages does appear to not be written in your standard ink the others join them in the basement chuck in particular ready to leave which proves difficult when a still angry Tommy shows up locking them down there along with Ruth it's a pretty road to do to your day bud stuck in the basement they shout and scream to get out and something surprising lends them a hand black swirls manifest moving along the walls and unlatch the door this is essentially the spirit of Sarah herself in each time we see the black swirls we know that means she's utilizing her powers outside they find Ramon's car has been vandalized by Tommy and Stella offers him her couch in the basement but she can't help but look at the book again flipping through the pages we see references to many different stories from the original books what she's confused when coming to a bunch of blank pages even more so when written words begin to appear writing themselves on the page telling the story of Harold perhaps the most famous of the books mini haunting creations and steam Tommy's name appear as well meanwhile Tommy drunk off his ass makes it home and has none to please mother reminds him of some important egg delivery he forgot to do sending him into the crop fields to do so it's here that the scarecrow called Harold resides a frightening doughy message missing most of his midsection Tommy likes to beat it up and says that he hates it but the reality appears that he is actually frightened of it yeah well who could blame him that thing is pretty gnarly looking and it's thanks to Sarah's story that brings Harold to life first scene no longer on his regular state then appearing in the cornfields lumbering after Tommy he attempts to retaliate with a pitchfork but the dude is made out of straw after all and Harold turns the weapon instead on Tommy jamming him in the seeing that somehow there is straw in his wound it only gets worse as more straw begins to spring from his ears and top of his head finally his mouth vomiting out straw onto the ground ultimately turning Tommy into the new scarecrow later seen wearing the same letterman jacket he was that night in the original defeats are mostly the same but instead it's two farmers who use their scarecrow herald to take out aggression on a farmer they dislike with that name in the end it still comes to life and one of the farmers get skinned alive so quite a different in here than the original but I actually quite like this new take on the story and apparently they actually shot the skinning part but ended up cutting it out Stella is disturbed by the story but it's only a story right but she along with Ramon find out the hard way that isn't the case when finding Tommy's now scarecrow fi body oh well no big loss he was a chode anyway but things get personal when the book and Sarah select their next target their buddy Augie who's home all alone on the phone he complains to his mom about to lack of food in the house but luckily there is a mysterious pot of still in the fridge waiting for him his mom doesn't know who made it but hey it's there someone had to have right well it's Sara that's cooking up something disgusting you don't want to eat that stew I promise the others see another story starting to be written the big toe which was originally a folktale about a young boy finding a toe and his family eating it this time featuring a clueless Oggy doing the same see where this is going they frantically call him and beggin to not eat anything meanwhile he's just digging into some of that delicious stew balking at what they're saying and not really paying attention to what he's eating he quickly gets a wake-up call when accidentally eating a toe spitting it out in disgust and spilling the pot on the floor and spotting other delights like eyeballs and what have you in there as well mm-hmm although the toes owner isn't exactly delighted with Auggie's eating habits a croaky voice calling out to him where is my toe and then the terrifying person it belongs to appears a ghostly thin woman with open mouth and gangly limbs that proceeds to stalk him around the house always ruining the same question about where her toe is he takes cover under a bed hearing her shambling footsteps outside the door slowly creaks open and Auggie can barely contain his fright...
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