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    It's getting HOT in here! Whether it's contestants flirting with their favourite judges, or judges with an eye for attractive contestants... or even just acts who love to flash some flesh!
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    subtitle you know what Simon if you love nasty, I'll do that right now I want nasty. Well. You know what I really want us to let's stop the talking But I wanted really nasty Okay I watch when you see me coming Oh my god Baby Robbie Family hey from here My persuasion did it he did say you wanted it robot. I said now steam it with a small end I mean that was a big nasty Now I can't stop thinking about you bubble see The dance I Was living with dead and buried - just poof in any revived their selves Yeah, you know what happened and everybody just witnessed in real life. You just got killed That's what he does, that's why he gets the big box he saves the potential and people and he brings it over there But see I've gotta give it to you. I really did love that performance. Thank you I know. I don't think I can walk straight Me too after that performance Seriously you've got some serious performance skills don't ever stand there anything again every time we want this poopsie done boss to a sober Okay, well look we got a vote anyway It's a yes from me Definitely a yes from me You felt the difference there right yeah You know come out really nasty and be remembered every time Oopsie you got three yeses Took over you because that was incredible How are you I'm good too good sheriff. Hey, what's your name? Dina Dina, yeah And how old you I'm 22 what would you describe your first album cover to look like and alive? Alright, it's gonna fire behind me and it meets them in that yeah, cuz that's not cheesy No, not cheat right not cheesy like the it's not serious that fire Or fire Fire fire Put your t-shirt fire Tina what's the song? Oh Olly Murs thinking of me off you go This is what we live in right arena in Winter time in London are you making plans? Are you still rockin converse in your own way banks? Are you sittin in the places that we used to be or if you're somewhere listening? to Bob Marley then I know that you saw we're thinking of maybe Do you still pick up the seashells on that Pebble Beach There we used to be and your dad came out and chased me down the street Do you remember just ask it I used to be then I know That you saw well thinking of me. Okay? Oh? Okay Why'd you stop it, I couldn't listen to any more that He was getting some emotional it slowed Dean if I'm being honest with you Yeah, I'm kind of getting the feeling here that you've done this because you want to be on TV You know you can't say I won on honestly with y'all. Honestly. One is so much It's beginning to feel like an audition for The Only Way Is Essex. I'm not so I feel slightly used here nah Nah you hit nice feelings now if you put me through honestly. I'll prove to our one else can take hard work I'm not saying it's gonna be it would take a miracle This is Dean no seriously, you're a nice guy. I think you should join the Chippendales or something What's that Chippendale looks like your thing - she'll show up your body and stuff and there's no singing involved Simon I've said it it's another Cheryl No, it's enough on me - no way it's the wrong show for you. Didn't know ha. Thank you Thanks Hello What's your name my name's Josie Whelan How are you I'm 26 What you do for a living, I'm a tool salesman I go into a building sites and smash things up with tools This is brilliant Why have you come to the exact earth today oh Well, I've been playing in bands for about 10 years now And I really wanted to something on my own and also I've got a four year old son as well And I want to do the best I can for him and give me the best life, okay Yeah, it's really lovely as well Take it away, all right daddy got a good voice good singer Woman you need it Ah My god what a voice? Okay Gary's gonna start getting jealous because you're gonna be stealing all the female attention. That's it Joseph that was a brilliant audition you're an amazing talent. You got an authentic rock voice. Thank you. Thanks, Don You know what the best thing about this audition Joseph was that when you came on. You know she believed it, and then you start to sing it. I feel absolutely Awesome, what a great voice? I really enjoyed that it's gonna lose a lot more You smash it! Great tattoo, and you smash things that we choose and and then you say Now we're going to vote Joseph I'm going to say Yes Definitely biggest yes of the night No zip pull four big yeses well done. Thank you! What is your name my name is P knowledge, but you can call me Perry, baby Welcome You are looking beautiful baby they follow them Making me black. I have that effect. I neva lift up my top here Can you look that upwards on our disease account They're all there, baby, just think where's baby. I want to hear what it sound like Who don't get me close one more door. I don't wanna hurt My darling I must admit. I love your ass a little bit more than I love your voice It's gonna be a note for me, but I'm gonna be dreaming about those ass I counted it was all eight. They've just just nice Here in the middle you look a bit like Richard Gere By work better working in shops that kind of stuff what shop do you work in over combi and Fitch? Because I know what they have to do in Abercrombie & Fitch the guys have to take their top off don't they stand never notice Okay alright Try to maybe go we have and I said no no no Yes, I've been bad when I come back. You know I ain't got the time and if my daddy thinks I'm fine Gotta make me go to rehab, but I said No We ever say Thank you so much Khalifa guys you just put water lit up there you play guitar You've got beatboxing going on all of you can sing good looking lies. What more could you want? I Think it's a good audition the harmonies were very good. I see potential here definitely I really loved it, and you are my favorite of watching all day. I think it's fantastic Creative musical, it's just a shame you're not all better looking really I Would love it than the beatbox comes in I think there's something really special here Like Jerry said I thought it was a great audition well done I'm definitely yes for me well though Like their fanciable like an ailment always worked didn't it didn't work say that did it You do I think you've got better with age now, I'm 31 J. Oh yeah, you're getting that Oh your eyes are gorgeous How are you I'm great what's your name my name is al Calderon nice. How old are you I'm 19? Yeah Do you have a job I am the designated happy birthday singer and host at a restaurant everybody grabs me Know they're like I see a candle and they're like do you have a girlfriend? No you don't? Sara smile well ha no oh my god. I love the song yeah, okay You see you watching in the night Me when I feel like it go home Me Oh, ooh I would want you to take me out on a date? Let's go let's go don't have a time machine Simon okay you of all people should not be talking about time machine Tiny machines don't even travel that far back in time, okay Hi What's your name Andrew short I'm 18 18 and you work Technically, I'm still a student. I graduate this Saturday No Kouga can we get over there, okay, cuca says you can sing You're cute and you're working those eyes right now isn't working Yes, I will good luck bird birds flying high you I Don't feel like it was strong and not for this competition, but you're cute Sexy Thank you, so what's your name? My name is Matt linen. Okay. How old do you met? this Wednesday eights Okay, would you do for a living? I'll plaster are slash musician great you married no Thank you, so you're all solo. Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah So why here why this time I've been involved in music and worked really hard with various bands and stuff I've been in I feel like now's the time it's coming the show and and show you guys where I've got all right Let's see what you got Chavo Chavo Chavo Chavo Shuttles been dogging my soul just a day I was born I've been a Woman up in a Woman I'll be the same She won't let me go No won't let me go no no no No, no she will let me Thank you Man, can I be honest with you yeah? We've had so many sinners like you over the years, and it's not because you're not good singer. You're a good singer I think if you're not writing your own material. I think this is really really tough. Yeah, I do You know I like the gravelly voice that you've got the smoky voice Are you nervous I've not been in this situation before Do you look at the floor when you Perform with your bands. No, so you know why not look at us. I mean we gorgeous out Yeah, very beautiful very beautiful good answer My Blue eyes, I really like the texture and tone of your voice I just want to connect with you more I think if you Just open that face and those eyeballs. You could make any girl Just melt if you just really mean it I think you're really talented. I think you need a break. I'm saying yes. Thank you very much I'm gonna say yes. I want to see you again definitely thick Please own it own it and work it I believe in you I'm gonna say. Yes. Oh, thank you very much You've got four yeses Thank you very much, what up is take a hot listen to what we do said yeah, I'm taking your glass. Thank you He looks so good yes Awaits me in front of the judges that love being under the lights, and I'll do anything to get there There is no plan B for me my dream comes true. I have to go marry rich into someone's family Hello What's your name LexA Behrman? What do you do? What do I do? Currently, I mean I'm just trying to make it as a singer and a dancer and a performer I'm struggling, but th...
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