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    Today we’re trying not to laugh with the kings of all things try— THE TRY GUYS!

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    hello we're back and we got the try guys you guys got a book coming out soon right the Handy power thing up we had a birthday like did you all share a pen at the same time to get wrote it one word at a time to go you guys know the rules before we did make sure to punch that notification valve our editor has to do something every time I punch every time our editors behind the camera looking at me very upset right now heck yeah all right guys we got behind-the-scenes camera also so you can see I'm pairing so you see me naked yeah yeah good stuff all right let's go it's me and today I'm gonna talk to you about just crazy don't we just have it's time no way we just have a time here I choose you Magikarp hey thanks for coming to my barbecue so nice to meet more parents in the neighborhood oh that's gonna be a good burger so how long you lived here for a long time we just moved in so nice to make other bird friends well I'll see you here you can keep that it's a hamburger ComNet soft moonlight dancers on the ground let's hug it out alright well we changed your oil got your tires rotated looks like you're due for a new filter though and also I'm a naughty little bunny boy did I do it I can't see if I did it cuz I taste fry I don't hear anyone so but it's good assume I did it like a UI like I rub my lamp you must fire my fish you got a pic one oh yeah oh sweet is nothing you sell the game yeah yeah yeah I had to close my cheeks so hard around that poop hmm no no I'd like to order if you know I'm suicide yeah thanks little bone bro did a lot of weird sound we're here to tech that everywhere it's sad to see which ones are we pretty weird this thing on nah check this one out is this one weird no sound no great hey guys what's up it's guy big Eddie here so you really because you said why did I dress up like a pig what oh okay I'm just bored yeah it's me I just want to show you this really sexy thing I do with my horn you look out dude hello my name is Sir humblebrag apologies for being late my Tesla was acting a little strange it's not a big deal I have a six point three inch pan yes no some water like one up in my nose that time should have aimed for the boy I sure am thirsty after that game and wonder what would quench my thirst maybe a smash water bottle Wow water bomb get it smash that story I don't know if this is gonna be fun especially through my window I want to do change this morning Oh more than I thought it was gonna be honest when I signed up for this bit okay okay you let this at all so you're thinking about trying viagra what excuse me my good side I've been looking for the bathroom have you seen it have you seen the bathroom is it anywhere in the room we out to NASA Kappa nu well according to my research I 14 done with your buzz Betty will cremate search red feet first oh no the bots are coming and it gives it's like NASA but it's like it's like a drama but snaps of it then you gotta kill face BOTS and Bethenny am i right hey you want to see a magic trick all right close your eyes and if you have to make your say double asian three times and go your eyes double agent will be here all night how's it going yeah I've called about this new smart water bottle I got a Smosh dot store that's living there so me and my wife tried eating this last night we both have had explosive diarrhea all day no no no no no I'm great the instructions I ate it up mm-hmm yeah no cat up in little pieces of course I sauteed it I'm not an idiot and the gate yeah no I'll hold honey I'm telling about the diarrhea yeah no she says it's spewing everywhere how about truck well yeah I mean I tried it but what's this professor no we did find life on the moon and guess what it it's not just look we'll be right back after these short messages turn out well for me you'll scare the bones right the bonus matter let's hug it out yes thank you mmm well whoa watch out watch out you do not want to be swinging with a forehand like that let me tell you you gotta ease and turn from the hips just twist twist out from the hips and then you'll be getting jiggy with it I meant to say hey you ready let's do this man they do this there's no going back what else we've been training for you're right sir moment is what father told us to do mm-hmm mr. dad dad let's go I hate you guys all right Toto I don't think we're BuzzFeed anymore you know I thought for once you're gonna switch up the format from the skeleton I was like he couldn't have put the skeleton in that doll and yet you did I did so a good good good on you sir all right who's left Eugene Wow sir I have to tell you your new roller coaster was spectacular me and my wife loved it so much isn't that right but I swallowed it on exhibition you made me swallow thanks ma'am oh you must be really good I don't like the sound it's rough and coughs gosh not like you soft and smooth hold me Annie like you did you've done this before yeah hey you you got a big heart you know if you wanted you could have a big titty to a plastic surgery at NASA Avenue we have bright minds if you really want a big bananas and that's the easiest you joke about Eugene your jokes might come back to haunt you all of us Marie okay I'm baby's all grown up he lost his body though sweet I'm gonna do it I'll do it how to use this okay oh no oh no I just can't figure it out taste the rainbow so before you guys came in today we received a call from someone who is apparently been trying to get in contact with you guys for a bit you left a voicemail and I thought this would be the best place to just play it for how are you huh get out thank you guys so much for coming on here uh you guys have a tour coming up too right sure we have a tour of this summer called legends of the internet you can get your tickets right now nor it it's gonna be go 20 cities across America if you're a city we'll be inside of you again thank you guys so much for coming out I hope I never see that skeleton yeah and do you guys don't forget to hit that puts that Belvin just your push yeah subscribe if you haven't check these guys channels out of be having he eats a lot of stuff I sure do and they do other things as well we try other pants I will see you guys next time thank you so much for watching and thank you to the try guys again for being wonderful boys now this is summertime guess what you might be feeling parched so you should get yourself a smarsh water bottle all you gotta do is go to Smosh dot store or you just click the Box on the screen to watch a video that's selected just for you okay love you bye
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