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    Two straight edge adult men experience the sugar rush of a lifetime when a bunch of red solo cups are filled with strange and exotic soda flavors. The twist? They have to throw a ping pong ball into the cups to drink them. You've never seen anything like this before in college!

    *Absinthe shown is Saiteaux Absinthe Botanical Soda. It is a non-alcoholic soda.

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    hi welcome to the tip - welcome to the 10-minute power hour where are we hello our Erin and welcome to hello Erin and welcome to the ten-minute power hour my name is Dan I'm Erin and we are here in what is usually our streaming room but thanks to the makers of dreambuilder toy TM what we today we're playing soda pong Wow each of these cups has been filled with a different strange soda that barf found from around the world we're gonna throw balls in - what is that for that's where you keep your sodas cool on a hot day this is meant to float in a pool oh it's like the little ice thing yes keep your beverages cooler yeah yeah okay all right it's bad everybody you were to love me or leave me shirt are they gonna be kept cool in there Dan the dinosaurs they're not Erin there's no ice in there oh that's cold don't don't let's uh let's start the wharf has to talk speak closely to Erin because erin has the mic on him I have a lavalier Oh weird weird it's not it wouldn't be weird even if it was yeah good friendship we're gonna be playing a little Saudi pong and what you're gonna do is you're gonna take your Saudi pong ball I'm gonna look at each other in the eyes and you're going to kno look throw it okay that decides who goes first okay I say okay one two three go go go go made you just go first calling it miss it right right right cup Center pocket okay okay maybe not that one underhand what no oh man looks like you suck Erin didn't know that you sucked so much mid a pocket gotta be heck and yeah this is number eight flavor eight don't have a smirk on your face while I'm doing this do you have to down the entire thing okay so it smells kind of nice okay it's very sweet really what chug it all the way it's cream soda mixed with nyquil is it really that'll put you right out almonds almonds how dare you it has a vendetta against almond your jus just made me consume almond juice say almond again almond no you didn't say it the same way I don't I'm now I'm thinking about it we'll have to we'll have to let time pass and then I'll say it naturally okay say almond almond almond almond aah mo ND how else would it be it sounds like a dude's name it what's above it ha yeah all right what is it it's mr. Q cucumber soda oh that weird one is so good it's so refreshing gosh if you've never had a cucumber soda in your life no take your cup off that raft you animal throw okay stupid scoreboard no monkey yeah you're amazing oh this one's very dark it's scary dark oh no it's like staining the inside of the cup it's disgusting it's got a lot of iodine in there oh that's a gray case it's like look just put it in your mouth was it dr. pepper oh it's Malta Guha hey I hate that I don't know it loves Malta Guha what is it it's it's gross it's very clear and bubbly ooh now it smells good good it tastes like those those Valentine's hearts chalky and chemically great job what was it birch beer alright that sounds good okay rear AK yeah hey-oh add the sugar squeakers it's like a mountain Dew but like a good version of it and parched inches away I mean you're practically placing it at the cup at this point there you go yes my god alright who's 5 it's 5 oh my stomach hurts it's a nice clear greenish one oh that's nice that has to be the cucumber one right yeah that is nice is that the one with the little bubble at the top no that's ramu neigh it's a Japanese drink stop yelling at me how do you not know your sort of trivia you dope go back to Canada I'm not from there yes I'm a king I'm a queen it would be good if you didn't lean two feet or it is a little reddish there's a lot of it in there - thanks Chris mmm vomit it tastes like but diabetic coma it tastes like cough medicine but good its cough medicine yeah I just ran it through sodas carbonated yeah remember when we ate that giant gummy bear yeah it kind of tastes like that Oh like fake non carbonated soda I think I'm losing feeling in my right yeah there's too much I having a stroke yeah I think so Oh drink that's a nine don't smirk at me every time I tell him the number he gives me a smirk like uh huh like it doesn't smell like anything it's clear oh it's got my hair in it is this just water oh oh that's oh no that's strong that's really strong don't giggle don't giggle at you peed in it what is it what I want to try that it's like sweet blossoms I charge bees eat eat it Oh would you stop we'll look at you you're amazing Oh oh dude if you hid it from long distance well that's a lot of balls yeah how are you so amazing at this ten please don't smirk Oh smells like Vicks VapoRub Worf has a very excited look at this face it's very nyquil I know I mentioned that before but this is like ten 10 times more nyquil oh it's moxie what's moxie Roxie's disgusting ever what is it it's a drink that sucks a health elixir yeah I feel healthier already I'm gonna go home and cut off my feet cuz I can't feel it Oh F ah you got it now what County Oh cross the whole world whoops ah dang oh my god I'm gonna scream it was that your balls into ash water cup huh I should be in a carnival check this out oh this looks very oh this is ha you throw out a muscle in your neck this is making me have to poop oh oh no no no no no this might be the malt one that you hated oh I think it is multigo yeah I had to drink all of it I'm actually not gonna be okay if I drink all this that is one of the most vile God's oozy love of those she really knows it's special drink it is special look at the side of the cup how it's like getting stained that's happening to your insides ah no Jory you wanna try this don't look at it just drink it I had it described in great drink it my god take it take it with you catch one you caught it before Louie was good hit my body yeah what enjoy how are you boy that ball is floating high Kris you really filled these up yeah it's awesome isn't it she is oh it's like a cherry cola really mmm can you aim for this please what a man dick buddies the cherry cherry pepper elixir I think it may be too much soda No thank you for going for the good tasting one oh what's the bad one yeah oh it's cuz I got the sugar shakes come on this is hell on earth it's a it's a it's a four as in the amount of days left I have to live it's it tastes like cleaner oh it's like menthol Wow it tastes like various trees you enjoy go again yay enjoy my friend stay thirsty did you do that I don't know man it's a week I don't have a sense of smell anymore it's just sugar what's the number is six as in the mark of the beast Pennsylvania Paco that's the one that you dress when they taste like the gummy bear oh the carbonation list soda yeah it's just stupid half of its your beard and chin right now so I guess that's it right what what happens now one rebuttal here's Ben get one rebuttal shot and if you make it in you stay alive and if you don't you got to drink it and then pass out okay that's got it thanks man well I lose here we go okay yeah well thanks for joining us on soda game sort of sort of soda pop anyone else want to try the lemonade anyone want to be on camera you are Tyler yeah it just tastes like lemonade cowboy yikes here to check some Mahmut cowboy don't mess up our set yes okay here you go baby Oh smells awful you can almost like soy sauce drink it you armadillo I'm keeping that in the back pocket that was that was four year old Ike that was channeled right there oh no I don't think so no it's fine is the lavender one oh it tastes like a lush bath bomb yeah I've eaten those can have is it what do you mean can you have a sip you know still the show oh it does taste like a bath bomb I got absinthe what do you think oh no no oh no oh that's not bad what it seems like if I ate a fridge magnet like that's like you know what I mean hot hot hot ginger that's the one I'm definitely passing Lacey soft drink whoa-oh-oh-oh has it awakened something you should probably wash that down with some more that's a life I don't want to go back to not fun no no no it's not fun it's a little fun I've actually keep drinking this yeah yeah exactly right it's like you're like hmm that is discussed beer Rachel you want some of this okay there you have it thanks for joining us on the ten minute power hour see you next time I love you so much I'm such a furry all right that'll make the people happy
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