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    oh yeah hold on man you know I'm saying we got to turn up on do not steal my motherfucking trip I know what time it is man we are back with another video old y'all did because last time I did a video like this it did 3 million views in two days and what they did to me bro bro what they did for me don't do this shit again we're gonna do it 10 times better ma I know what fucking time it is Melanie shit oh oh now even got some practice with these shit with the last go-around on it we got somebody like this motherfucker you know know how to get in the gun dumbass nigga know how to get in the car wish the top is down you idiot this nigga eyes yeah I know he was in the legs back to the day we got a gun coming oh yeah they make a little hot way you sit right next to the car my nigga you letting us know you Tyler still nigga come on touch the fucking keys blast swear to god I like to ask something to go go ahead touch the key look at it you don't let's go BA how you doing man hey uh you know anybody that you're not saying I got got that stuff you know huh no what about me huh yeah yeah where can I get some that well you got that killing now you got that killer that file what else you got you know a sec I'm looking for a little bit of cult you know saying like a couple bags of wheat you filming oh yeah all right were yet let's not go there can I come with I can't come with you all right hold on yeah 18 you know you know anybody they got that you know send a loud laugh at now I'm trying to get some smoke no saying no fucking car this is just a vest hey MA shit I got the money money come on come about home I carful uh-huh 318 under arrest no say and will be used against you in the court we came on your back behind your back behind your back behind your back behind your back house do you sell crack yeah what else you what else we got you sell crack a little no wait I'm trying a little weird some pills for some pills yeah yeah I'll take a couple hundred at some crack and then we can see about your people for that I have two suspects there are seven twelve are you back put your hands by your back behind your back let go to fit and by the back this is the same spot last time motherfuckers ran up on us dog last time a motherfucker pulled up on us and John does it's time a guy that hang on let him know that mom fuckin itchy yep damn I'll fuckin sticky icky Vicky better just nigga I look like a fucking crackhead if anybody would get this fucking car right now it would be a fuckin crackhead look at this nigga look at this nigga hold on look at and look at it you peeping at me he creeping at it he's died he's died he's - hey stop oh yeah oh yeah he took me he taking me he taking it all fuck you got it you got hold on it is dumbass nigger go ahead don't hey I'm gonna light your fuckin ass up oh he's gonna shock about to shock oh oh oh no no hey chill chill chill chill bro hold on hold on back what's up what's up what's up way what's up hey hey what's up hey hey off on my door bruh hey hey hey get off the counter brah I put my shit down I put my shit down get off my nigga breath hey hey hey get off my nigga breath I get on Monday thank you know my shit man give me my shit man no hey hey hey watch it back give me my shit back you can't stop smiling since you know why you can't stop smiling huh you don't know at your car the the Lambo yeah yeah that's my car rented or what you're into no that's my action I don't know what kind of niggas huh I don't know what kind of things you fuck with but that's my car I actually worked hard for it it's my car I got a couple I have a couple of just like I have a boyfriend what's up you gotta know I'm thinking you Cena wait how long how long you and your nigga been been together play I can just tell like the ten minutes that we've been talking like you're really ambitious you know ten minutes you got that mission ya know we just met each other you back towards me we just met each other and party like somebody go to your house like you have to do what I know what will convince you my house matches my car fire super fire big-ass fucking match ten baboons I can hit all a date they get my crib I got a match you know that how you like it so maybe you don't reach your car see I'll rip my fucking car is nigga look at that shit so it's our first date but I mean I got the Lambo I got it what's up your time good you done all right with your boyfriend you sure yeah no problems I want to make pull up my career you guess your locate your bomb you know what let's go you ready no I just met you I'm gonna let you drive my goddamn car honey Jesus Christ Oh God you nervous yeah relax I got you here happy that you ain't saying like Clayton you know say ma I could take you back to my crib I really don't get girls to this point so this means a lot to me you know sanneh it's one thing for you to be on my car but my crib that's a whole different level you feelin me I'll just bring this back to my crib no peeking I'll tell you in the open eyes all right on the count of three just keep your eyes closed huh relax I got ready one two three I'm not playin this is like literally my fucking crib come on come on no one I am NOT playing this is my fucking crib I'll start this bitch up at everything what is so funny what is so funny this is my fucking crib yes I won the lotto a few years ago I had to choose between a nice house and a nice car ultimately I chose a nice car but this is not bad most people don't even have homes what is so funny I don't understand what's so funny I did not lie to you I did not lie to you no I did not I said Auto big-ass fucking credit big right maybe what do you have this this is a fucking crib as a bear walking you are literally walking there fucking walked in bitch walk not fucking home bitch let's trespassing you dump that fuck you fucking that got me a big-ass fucking crib that
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