Joe Rogan and Bill Burr Laugh at Preacher's 'Dick Root'

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    the problem with church is the problem with anybody that gets in any sort of a position to power it's easy to abuse it so to have a guy who is a pastor that's not a creep and that really cares and is really a good person and really wants to care about the community and really write wants everybody to do better and get better with life but isn't trying to buy a fucking Rolls Royce like Joel Olsteen and live in a giant mansion it's like it always megachurch and always goes it always goes south it's absolutely love about Joel Osteen is he's an arena act yeah yes as a preacher he's he bought the old place the old arena where the the Houston Rockets asked to play he bought it yeah that's how much money that guy has and then he fills it up yeah well that was when everyone the hurricane came people criticized him because he didn't open up his doors to all the folks who were displaced from their home I was teasing them about that it's like you saw that electric blue carpet he put on anything what yo you fuckin guys getting it all wet he does he has a sick ass look at that place oh maybe it's the curtain that I thought yeah I mean look at that that fucking place holy shit yeah that looks like a Dice Clay special and all those people are throwing down all those people are paying to be there okay I want there's somebody out there scalping tickets I got two by the altar there's two ways of looking at it right one is these getting all those people together and there's a sense of community amongst all of them and two is that guy's making a fuckload of money and he's got so much power you know and all those people just at your but it doesn't mean you necessarily a bad Nick doesn't necessary me he's like what what can you do with it which is getting the reason why I'm thinking uh you know stopping in every once in a while I'm gonna find a good spot like they were doing that rock and roll Church thing for a while there was a I remember one of my friends was a producer his assistant was she was lost she I think she spiritually or she was lost in a lot of ways but she was doing what's going on Jamie oh Christ what $4,950 dude you want to go what the fuck yeah we could do that oh no that was more thousands four hundred bucks no no no four thousand nine hundred fifty dollars to ticket for to take 5000 where resection for rodeo d-dude for grand and what that guy fucking that's not even at this I catch the handkerchief when he's done fucking preaching how much I get for up bro to or not available not available so now he's a resale tickets - you know what it is man they got fucking season passes people probably buy season passes - Olsteen - this tour this is for this Florida stop well I saw there was a place that I was at that he was coming to I'm one of them one of the big spots I was at he does these arena tours and he does Vegas - he does the fucking t-mobile Arena in Vegas I want to see the show there his eyes open or no smile and shit it's crazy it's a lot of money that guy's make I used to say he's so full of shit he can't look at the crowd that's why his eyes are like they're still here how they still believe in this shit there when you're lying I contact is the toughest fucking thing ever but he's making people feel good knees maybe he's in show business I want to see the show though he's in the God show biz and you happens you have to respect an arena act I think I think there's something to that yeah there's something right it's this girl that I was talking about she was real lost and I think she was Jewish at four maybe she converted to Judaism later but anyway for one point time she was going to the Rock and Roll Church she was like she was a sweet kid she was like you should go you would really like it I'm like I guarantee I wouldn't like it I'm like with some young hip guy probably sing songs probably tries to fuck women like get out of here with that right like a yoga class it's like David Koresh right that's how Waco got started how did he get started get started with one guy with a guitar and he brought that message of Jesus and he had some really profound things to say and people really it really helped them feel better resonated with him then you start banging people's wives and that's what happens yeah well those rock and roll alternative churches there's a few they like the Justin Bieber guy you know the guy that Justin Bieber has he's the one who told Justin to get off the road after Oh Justin come back home to Jesus like he's gets these guys to do that wait you get a basketball player I stopped playing basketball to not up play wait no no no no no that guy's not doing the road anymore all right girls back and forth but you know took a little time off my right to her somebody and yes to her cancels tour because the the preacher told them it's but maybe he's right though let's be honest first of all Bieber probably has a fucking billion dollars in the bank and maybe he was frayed around the edges as losing his fucking marbles the kids twenty-one years old he's about as famous as a human being could possibly be only 21 he's young there's the preacher what the fucking dick root priest hold up what's what's going on with his fucking shorts bro no no no no no no any guy who's showing dick root you know I mean like the base of your cock you're pulling your shorts down to base your cock like that you're doing that because you're trying to get laid stop pull your fucking shorts up to a normal height those things should be five inches higher I know what you're doing you're your cock is slapping against your thing you probably don't even have underwear on you fucking creep Jesus does not want you dressing like that no look at him he's got abs big old handsome guy he probably Dick's chicks down for the Lord right dicks dicks them down for Jesus it's big little handsome charismatic guy dick it him down for Jesus apparently he's a very good hanging with Oprah so you know he's legit
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