Best Friends Play Truth Or Drink (exposed)

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    Colby Brock and Sam Golbach spill the tea on embarrassing truth questions or they have to take a shot of lemon juice for losing the challenge... if you wanna see a part two get this to 50K LIKES!

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    are you ready what is the worst thing you've said about me to your other friends who do you think is the most attractive in our friend group but you can't say her who is more annoying out of us to know God what's up guys Sam back at you with another video today and accompanied by mr. goldrock transition guys today we are going to be playing at truth or drink but under Jim we don't drink on my channel are we no actually we don't drink in life ever we've never drinking a shot of alcohol rolling clear so today we have lemon juice and a shot glass from our Kauai Hawaii trip where we only drink lemon juice also yeah trust me uh-huh so oh god I forgot that's glass this truther drink was inspired by a channel called cut they do like a hundred of these videos so I want to give credit that's why I got the idea oh and I really love that channel I do too it's so good yo if anybody from cuts watching we want to play on your guys's channel please so yeah I've got a bunch of questions from like their best friend stuff and they they have a serious so maybe if you guys like this will make it a series - obviously credit to them though so what we're gonna do is I'm gonna shuffle this deck you're gonna shuffle this deck so it's fair and then we go through gonna start all the questions two rules you can either answer it or you drink or you drink that's all that we gotta do it's easy god I'm like shaking oh I've been shaking for the past like four days I'm okay why you have like anxiety about like wait you have excited about the TCA yes I've been like scared like all week you know tune in tomorrow 8 o'clock just like yes excuse me that didn't work at all betta please boom there's our deck where we go one by one back and forth rock purposes for the Versa line are you ready I'm ready yeah I want him to go first alright so here we go welcome to Teresa or drink can I shuffle it again I guess it doesn't really matter know what what Reggie put a little title card this is true the drink of their faces on it all right dang alright Colby what amount of money would it take for you to never talk to me again it's your amount of money brother so if a billionaire walked up to you what do you name your price we're gonna be making billions in the future so you wouldn't take knowledge I do it for like anybody else in the planet everybody else on the planet that's great serious man built this from nothing so it looks like you'll never talk to Katrina for a billion yeah you would you talk to me for a billion yeah I'm ready you could take like 2 million out of his billion ok I'm fine never talk to you yeah good yeah we've been happy that's the first one all right have you ever disliked someone updated oh let me go anywhere Wow you haven't really dated that many people I've only had one like sorry chocolate mostly talked about are we going to talk about like people that we talk to or dating because if you're my dog weren't the one girlfriend than that or I mean like like I guess you didn't do high school people to the flings of high school I don't think I've ever like disliked people why would I dislike someone that you're interested in they've always been like my friends there's something like - yeah it's never been laters cuz that would be so awkward imagine if like either one of us if we hated each other it's like significant other that that would be really really weird taking a shot yet oh oh oh close question have you ever had a crush on someone I've liked or dated uh no honestly I haven't so you don't take a single girl that I've ever thought as attractive is it that you thought was attractive I like the length but baby they did or like gone on a date with or dislike Bennet like talking to you've never see really been like mmm like he likes that girl and you know I feel like that girl - well you're with your ex for a long time you're with Katrina for a long time so there's not really like eight times where sandwich just like single you know yeah I don't think so did you hear that he's hungry that means he's lying this is easy guys what's something you wish your ex would have done but dinner anything one thing that would have done that I wish they would have they didn't do but I don't do but you wish they would have not cheated on me repeat I guess that does that couch but but she did do that okay so I wished it would have stayed loyal okay that works like shout out she's watching this video it was only four times you can tell them not salty anyway what would your stripper name be mine yeah hmm like emerald there's something introducing and you walk out what like in an emerald colored dog so nothing to do with your name emerald not like emerald Brock no just that's it I'm gonna introduce us emerald in every like jewel or like wow yeah it's about like only jewels this any jewel yeah like diamond der you wouldn't say like big brag no this is easy dude have you ever cheated if so what was the circumstance wow I'm gonna answer this one mmm-hmm because I've already answered this before and fast I have but it was I can explain we've said that before I guess I want to just explain myself mmm I have as well but I'm not as proud of the circumstance so I'm gonna take shit I don't want peddanna the web's it's just because it's a complex story it's not gonna zazz bad it's just really complex is it yeah you sure that's uh and my girlfriend sitting right there so squeeze it squeeze it Thank You chef no hey you trying to do it freaking shudder I don't think I'm going to be able to this is a great lemon juice Oh God in my eyes are you water yeah I don't want to do is just do as much as you can like you know have to do that's a lot no it's okay cuz I'm gonna do this same shot back to him later Oh God oh wow good morning folks I gotta go Experion wow that actually burns my throat oh you're doing all oh god no so sour I don't know if I'm happy I'll talk the same in this whole our next video you okay yeah I'm dandy yeah that wasn't alright that's not fine we're fine he is cool chump change all right can't believe I almost answered that God you basically did as I did answer it but I wanted to explain myself you wanted to or you don't want it to that's what I was going for it okay you know you can do what I explain yourself can i yeah I'm gonna keep this quick guys all right this was say cuz a lot of people have been messaging me I was like how could you do that so it's at the end of the relationship I haven't been talking in the skirt like I've seen this girl like maybe wants every two weeks and like it was obviously like coming to an end haven't been hanging out with her at all haven't been talking to her at all I was planning on breaking up with her and like we both knew the relationship was basically over continue we both knew it was over I was planning on breaking up with her the day I got back which I did from left from New York I was a trip we went to a trip yet to New York and went back and I told her immediately and we broke up but it was kind of like it was coming and it was it was like if we were in love you know I'm saying like we were gimmicks yeah kids love work it would be a different story so I don't know if you I feel like it's still cheating because we were still dating we still had the title you mentally we need really in like like for like two months like three months like we knew it wasn't like doing going out sad all right now you got another question all right oh oh good question what is the worst thing you've said about me to your other friends the worst do not know Mike I'm gonna drink only because like I actually don't know like yes I'm being sued like what the what would I'd say I don't work like talks about like thanks family he's mine just gonna take that one little like clip Sam he's my partner okay I'm not gonna make it oh wait to the side I think I get to decide here that's like about as much as you can for sure judges was that about the same yes I look it's fine he answered an extra question though you didn't have to so son like my sinuses right here just win like yeah I agree so I'm gonna do how you did it kind of and do like I haven't have sort of the good luck oh I think it's worse than taking actual shots not that we've ever done that oh man but if I've ever had a shot before in our entire lives I feel like that was worse than a shot definitely I feel like I'm sweating it from right here oh that gave me just like chills yeah you guys still got half way boy Oh take it like a champ whoa oh yeah oh yeah like opens every hole you want to open your holes lemon juice is your answer not that we left or halfway done have you ever hooked up with someone from a dating app I'm glad this is my question why why cuz I don't think I have I don't like Nevada I've never really had jokes on you I don't think I have have you looked so hard cuz every time like a lemon juice ya know I've never seen you been like I'm really into this guy I met on frickin tenders all right boy I have gotten catfished I have - oh yeah but it was by a fan and you know what is even crazier I get themes every single day of more obvious catfish because I think they think that now like I'm just like stupid and whoa I get like after I post that video every day at least like 10 in my dm's like just catfish is alright next question no have you ever pooped or peed yourself as an adult yeah never never myself but I told you this Pleasant tell anybody else wha...
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