Dave Portnoy Returns to Barstool HQ and Makes Employee Cry - Stool Scenes 221

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    - Our fearless leader Dave Portnoy has returned from his summer sabbatical and as expected, tensions were high.

    - Frankie has taken a larger role on the Foreplay podcast and as a result Dave is in the market for a new right hand man. In this episode Dana, Spider, Intern Avery and Crocs kid all throw their hat in the ring.

    - The one and only Stone Cold Steve Austin stopped by BarstoolHQ to review some pizza and chop it up on Pardon My Take (interview drops Monday)

    - Whitney Cummings stopped by for a KFCR & CITO interview and nearly left with cameraman Rudy as her new boyfriend. The Dad Father Caleb Pressley got all access to Mizzou Football and covered it the way a Barstool Big J would

    - Riggs got his eyes fixed

    - KB got bodied by a 16 year old

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    this this it was kind of cool you come back and it's like Christmas Hanukkah Christmas yeah oh I was gonna be like it we customize them first of all I'm pretty clearly not a Montauk person so this is because hey I saw at one point like this shirt with maybe business like biz thinks he invented banana land I think if it comes out that after playoffs if this guy was playing hurt and doing that type of shit put him in the fucking Hall of Fame yesterday like what that's what good banana Lance I think it's pretty obvious who's like they can't hate banana for a reason like I've been doing banana Lance and I fucking started this company there's like actually oh is this Liz's first day - yeah look she's never sad depressed I got hit by a car face I do it was see she's trying to steal my thunder - is like my day back like yeah she got hit by a car but like so Frankie was my guy who basically handled everything I did you know he filmed pizzerias he edited he made sure all my travel for the most part was taking care of Frankie's becoming big on the golf podcast and doing a lot of foreplay so it's like hard to do it so foreplay is exploding so you know he's becoming a key part of that you can't really do both I need somebody's like focus on me I have so much going on Frankie I had a conversation like what do you wanna do because hard to do both and I he wants to do foreplay which is probably the right move so we gotta phase him out and find the new Frankie how stupid I am is I'll be thinking all fucking weekend about what to say when I see Dave and I'll go in there and say a single fucking thing I was planning on saying and that he comes in here and he's like you know I want you know I took a real seriousness I want you to do shit but I closed the door first of all I said first of all my guy will no I want the laser should be on camera well you know I just care about the government like sure you do the Oakland doesn't cry I've seen it I see I've made a lot of people cry in my day softies he's probably crying so he came in and looking for some clarity we literally had like at one point like what do you want cookie in private it was like I don't know what it is like he's like I want you know I care and that's why I did enough in this month it's like all right well you don't dana tried to do it but he got bullied by david by saying he's a pussy because he said he got a panic attack I mean Danny got a panic attack before anything happened like I'm not gonna hide this stuff from you if I get the job and hide what who montz it like the fact that I like there's things that overwhelm me and that sometimes I can't get the job done right I don't want you know this is why I'm have you said this in a Jonathan are you you know you wouldn't get I won't you know yeah well I don't get things done okay hired so yeah he came on the radio and I berated him basically called on pussy him like what's your all pussy cry cry cry cry baby that's what it'll be every week oh you me the big crybaby so you know what's wrong you're gonna fucking fire me if I would you're hell that's what I mean you have a role over here so I gotta want it I don't want to think you don't care about the company I do think Dana cares another company he's just not my guy you're not going what's wrong I think you should what's wrong for your health you like it's unhealthy you know yeah sure okay with Dana with Drew say all right time for our first drink my guy would not have withdrawn my god like fuck you wanna prove it I'm gonna walk out of here make you an awesome video he withdrew he withdrew like a pussy he's a pussy it's just not I want to contribute more and I think I definitely can and all your opinion 14 months 12 as a full-time employee okay so I've been basically off as a manager the grunt for a year yep I feel as though I'm ready to take the next step and I feel like I'm ready to prove that to you what's your next step and by the way I don't think it's crab bad attitude I guess do you and Daniela not like each other I think we butt heads but I think that's I think it's good because it just makes us work harder we have strong opinions about things because I think like Erica's hearing it Danya that's what I think too and I think yes that might be a small portion of it but I feel like all that frustration stems from the events we worked on recently but I'm very proud of that at the same time like I love the barstool classic I'd be lying if I sat here and said it wasn't super stressful though you know like it's a lot of moving pieces but I'm very happy to be a part of that like I think that's awesome yeah we don't see eye to eye on everything and we what's only see eye to eye on like little stuff but it turns into like arguments that are not worth having I've been trying for the last two events three events to just like bite my tongue keep pushing interact with the golfers just try to make sure everyone's having a good time we're saying the rumor on the street is that my guys spider has a bad attitude now this came Erika said spider has a bad attitude Paul came up to me and he's he said really yeah he says that comes from you say he's like Danielle was ready to prove spider has a bad attitude is this true I mean I don't know you're not talking to Mike and by the way I preface this by saying I like spider I think he's very good job I think you're one of the best at what you do here spider is saying you guys butt heads I don't I said I said we have butt heads before does he have a bad attitude when we butt heads yes yeah if you had if you hit record in the new closest don't do it right now don't don't do that because it will disrupt um it'll it'll ruin all the footage that's on the card it just happens like I've had this problem I've had a thing where I've been recording day for like a half an hour and then like aramis waffle I have my other battery and I pop it out and pop it in all the footage I lost and what do you tell him there's a big hold on your truck yep make sure you hit stop Yeah right make sure it hit stop right all right always I think I think with your guy's help we'll get there thank you for your support okay it's tremendous it's amazing I guess I guess the the boots and the knee brace is the only thing it's missing but it looks great yeah I like the song called I like I was never obsessed with him but I like I feel like I was slightly late on him I was like more rock but that wasn't hurt razor standing out standing you've got a ways to go I'm so mad that I dropped it because I did the double catch which was all the pressure and then just dropped it Stone Cold Steve Austin hell yeah boy - did your sister I'm actually going this is surprisingly better than a quartic was going to be seven-one-seven the stone cold devil got a forearm Oh Frankie BAM that's a review like this give me the shirt off his back I don't get any better this are you getting this you've got to know all this how you know we're tight so your sunglasses oh I always go sunglasses oh really yeah like early era of the rock your best friend there we go look your headphones Oh less tactical Heat yeah I got him in an airport because mother was so scratched up in LAX well there Oakley's yeah hoity-toity Oh stone cold thank you so much this has been a thrill you sure you don't want my shirt it looks too good on you I'll give you my shirt up all right thank you stone cold take my shirt I'll wear it on the season next year I'm taking shirt all right football field in Bristol Tennessee he is certain he can run a 40-yard dash in under 4.8 seconds I don't want to make excuses my boss doesn't make excuses it trickles down to me impressive it's impressive please but it ain't for eight I mean he didn't start it right I it was a gentleman's agreement I started it when it should start again I was actually generous with the timing he said four point eight however other food will put my time over for you you see they can be set for 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