I joined a cursed minecraft server...

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    I joined a cursed minecraft server...
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    all right I don't know what's going on oh my god this is scary me yes sort of the recording they're saying it's mystery teams I don't know what that means oh good this guy doesn't know what it means that means I'll know what it means mystery teams has been enabled yes what what does it mean mister seems dead a banner at PvP the person with the same banner is your teammate banner what what do you mean get a banner at PvP let's just say I'm so confused how did I get here okay well it's starting and I'm in a game with like people who know life this game so it's over for me I don't even know how I got here oh my god it's starting dude what is HAP oh my god what does this stop you at temple maybe oh look at my skin maybe the temple will give me diamonds and then I'll win if I can't even get in there okay what's my banner I don't even know what they're talking about should I probably get trees first there's trees okay I'm gonna do that first cuz that sounds like a smart idea I don't know what's going on I need to find my teammate somehow someway and just understand what's going on okay well I have 20 hearts dude what is happening okay let me grab these trees and we go like that and we go in here well I have an ender pearl on my body okay steaks this is a stick my okay my brain so this isn't actually wood I'm so confused where's the pickaxe dude how do i what how do i craft my pickaxe oh your hello upside down maybe oh my god I'm so smart my brain dude I don't know my brain really hurts okay let's let's just grab the stuff seven okay no dude this is actually confusing me I guess I'll grab the tea tea for good luck because this might be useful later all right hopefully I'm doing a good job at this so far trust me I don't understand either all right let's go how do I find my teammate let's just say that um so this isn't actually a sword I yes PvP way and teammate on at PvP 1 PvP starts okay let me see if I can figure out how to I'm weak this is a diamond sword what is that okay okay well they didn't change T and T so I'm gonna use this eventually so when it's PvP turn on Oh 30 minutes 30 minutes I've to wait 30 min of K so what am I meant to be doing during these 30 minutes I to mining right Oh an apple it's just a normal Apple but it's an apple so now I need gold to make all I understand believe this Loomis I am the first one to crack all the way out I'm enough who caved what I want to do though why why why is coal equivalent to bones all right well let's attempt to win this game that won't happen oh look the cave system ended I don't know what would happen if I made a stone pickaxe ooh now we're getting somewhere never take straight down right let's do anyway alright hopefully I don't die from this I hear lava I probably shouldn't do this oh my god that could have been bad I wonder if I could tower in this that actually might be a good strategy but for now Oh God all my life diamonds we know that's not real cuz they want to screw you over and every way possible so I'm assuming that that is iron if I'm smart what did I just get from that I got nothing I got nothing I'm getting nothing what block is this students will jet dropping nothing what am I wasting it what if it actually is diamonds there's no way oh my god who iron please actually be iron oh my god oh my god I almost fell in the lava and died so why what am I getting out of this what am I getting let's see it's that's iron I'm assuming yeah okay so let me try this now let us make an iron pickaxe let's see what we get okay an iron pickaxe and let's see if we can mine those diamonds even though it's obviously not diamonds but let's see oh my god someone died yes someone died yes I wasn't first to die let's go hahaha they're agreeing to respond him no all right give me a diamond oh it's dropping me oh it's actually a diamond that means I wish the diamonds earlier but who cares oh oh three diamonds okay so let's say I craft a diamond sword I already have one somehow so let's not do that let's save our diamonds and move on alright - write down probably a bad idea but let's do it anyway oh I'm at bedrock how does that happen so quick what dude I legit haven't found a cave this is not good all right we're getting someone we're getting some iron this is good I just hope I don't like get all my stuff take your it up and then die instantly to someone that would really be annoying oh my god no no creeper no I have a diamond sword alright so we know now it does the damage of a diamond sword good good ooh Gold I can make some golden apples perfect okay I'm actually doing good I'm mining quite a bit getting what I need perfect all right I think I have enough now for like iron armor which is good except obviously I was sort of like diamonds more oh my god I heard someone go away please I have no armor yeah oh god I thought it was on the whole time oh no my cot dude I've been so scared okay so how confusing is this texture pack to you because it's really hurting my brain right oh my okay oh hi I hope you're my teammate please not that I do much damage anyway but really okay see you're making me feel a bit better but I feel like you're actually gonna be amazing hey do you want to help me I have no food yeah I forgot to get food that would have been smart yeah welcome to a yeah I'm just gettin cuz there's like skeletons I'm gonna mind this gold though first the chest plate to craft anything confuses me so much okay that's freaky yes thank you is it awesome oh it's just so confusing okay this is the first UHC I'm playing at it's just confusing me yeah no okay thanks for the stuff alright bye well it was nice of him he gave me food what a nice guy oh okay so the normal Apple is a Golden Apple when the golden is the normal okay confuse me like that I should probably like get more diamonds I think that would be smart so I'm gonna look for a cave and get more cuz I think that's probably the smartest thing to do I have 10 more minutes oh my god an Enderman do I kill it let's do it yeah yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah where's the Pearl I just lost two hearts yo I just killed aren't you supposed to get an ender pearl or my Dom what I just wasted a stupid thing where's my ender pearl unless I picked it up no yeah I didn't get anything what there's another one to like go for it dude I'm gonna go for it again oh yeah hah yeah hah yeah hah yeah dude they don't drop anything oh I have to waste my Golden Apple that sucks hello oh my god I got teleported why what type of terrain system is this okay oh my brain hurts alright oh I took damage again what's wrong with me okay I'm good I'm good I'm pros the game right right yeah okay please I really need trees Oh a cave system I'm tempted ah let's check it out was it worth it no definitely not see the thing is everyone here plays the game and they're all good at UHC and I just don't oh no this is bad oh yes trees okay good good good pigs sorry pigs I need this today Jamie Jamie oh they're automatically cooked that's good alright so we need apples that's what we need let's try and attempt to get some an apple drop perfect two more apples or one please no what is this terrain realistically I like some more diamonds and gold and pretty much everything but I guess not doesn't look like I'm gonna get anything so I'm trying to take straight down and hope for the best well I probably should make a water bucket I feel like everyone makes water buckets and lava buckets in this there we go a bucket this is a bucket my brain oh my god why hello - that scared me so much do you want in chance like that would be great thank you know how to make my brain that would be lovely oh this is treacherous but you can all right I'm gonna steal this water bucket boom no I didn't even what is this terrain though why is the water bucket a chest plate hey cap although you can I have one gold actually have one gold on me perfect thank you do these zombies need to go away alright there's perfect I made a golden apple there we go cuz this is golden this is golden yup all right well PvP is on in two minutes this is the end for me I'm very worried considering I only got iron armor luckily I was nice enough to get enchants and stuff like that but yeah maybe if I get one kill that would be lovely oh my god I almost out straight down I it's me again I'm looking for diamonds oh I have a helmet now so when pvp turns on are you gonna like destroy my life we're gonna be on the same team that's what's happening how do you know that I don't okay I'm gonna go I'm gonna go I'm not trying to kill you awesome yeah leave the words for the last I'm sure you heard me he's like but we might be on the same team but I highly doubt it hey at least I wasn't the first to die that's good ooh ooh the mining experience can't it never mind oh my god hello how are you how do I know it's right in front of you we're not the same team okay just please yes that what the heck are you gonna kill me okay thanks dude he's so nice I'm red team okay I don't want to go down there cuz that's a bad idea but why do you spawn on top of other people that's just scary pvp's on now there's not much I can do I don't know what the goal here is alright let's go grab a lava bucket that sounds smart yeah we gotta love a bucket water bucket boot tea and tea oh hello ah hello what pan or are you can we say no dude it's because someone was nice...
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