SOTC Talks Nicki Minaj's Retirement, Kevin Hart's Accident, LGBTQ in Hip Hop & More | S2 EP5

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    On the fifth episode of Season 2, Joe Budden and co-hosts Remy Ma, Jinx & Eboni K. Williams sound off on the following topics: Kevin Hart (3:01), Black Excellence (11:47), Netflix: Hustle & Rhythm (15:37), Jay Z breaks down NFL Partnership (20:33) Malik Yoba & transgender women (27:20), Dave Chapelle Sticks and Stones (47:47), Nicki Minaj Retiring (1:04:34), New Music (1:10:18)

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    welcome the state of the culture hip-hop likes to talk about who got the W and who accepts to L but this week we're talking about who accepts the L GBT q we know the culture has opinions but most importantly we meal the culture has a lot of love so let's give right to the shit's LeBron James has accomplished a lot in his career but it's Taco Tuesday the one throne he'll never claim Dave Chappelle was hungry for controversy and his Netflix comedy special and some people gave it flames while others gave it middle fingers actor Malik Yoba showed a lot of love for trans women and we're gonna talk about what this means for the black community and Kanye's new album looks like it has a gospel twist so we'll see if he's trying to be saved but one thing no one can save is themselves from the opinions of our panel and we've got a new voice joining the show Evan ek Williams so you know she's bringing the opinions and her middle initial - so let's go this is state of the culture hip-hop is the commonality bridge the gap which we need young lil the older oh geez there's an endless need for information to decode the cultures welcome to state of the culture I'm your host Joe button here with a few really cool people man all the way to my left is the beautiful Remy Ma how are you I'm fine you look amazing thank you I stopped saying that do you look great it why it's true she serves a look every week that's every we hear everyone being Soviets I had one week last season that was horrible you remember I was about eight months pregnant at that time and none of my clothes fit that week I came to nothing fit and yet stole my clothes from the old studio no I'm still body we know what which means would you serve in a instead of a plus yeah it was like a strong b-plus all right I don't care this much Oh jinkx is here that's not man hey jinx we had a week off I feel like I seen your niggas in ages it's been a minute I know it is it's cuz it's really uh even a week is like two weeks I haven't seen you in Soviet slime have to see you guys I'm always happy to see you Oh Webster I check it I check in with you guys every now see is and last but certainly not least we've got a little addition to state the culture with us evany can't love you welcome to our panel thank you Jeff how are you hope we don't annoy you no no I'm super excited I'm just trying not to get uh you know in trouble in my first day of school no really glad that you here who's wait who's ready state some culture oh that's fucking stated bro alright we're starting with some well wishes for Kevin Hart who was recently involved in a single car accident in Malibu the comedian needed emergency back surgery after sustaining major back injuries and his wife said the recovery is going well and now that he is well let's discuss what actually happened are we all familiar with the story yes yes yes yes yes I'm not I'm sorry Kevin Hart was in one of those fancy rich people sports cars allegedly with a lady and some accounts saying that third person but we don't know and they were speeding around one of those mountain thingamajiggy Xin LA and in the car got really fucked up and the lady fortunately escaped with zero injuries and Kevin Hart who's back was extremely horrid and just fucked up did not go to hospital went home some accounts of his stories say that the accident happened 20 minutes from his house police say the accident happened maybe an hour from his home but he did go home where his wife called 9-1-1 that phone call has been released and you can hear voice alert own and he went around so man okay what was her voice sound sound like her voice was it sounded like I want to make sure that my husband is alright but I have many questions for him once he is alright that's what it sounded like now you gotta get all the questions why they still the pain so what the fuck having to get back for Frankie repo can yes James do you think you think that we've heard all there is to hear from this story I mean I didn't know there was all this man up nigga alright no cuz I'm my first thing is you know you you get in a car accident and your backs fucked up there's no question with that like there's not like I don't know what's going on like for fractures I imagine you feel that you go home that's just weird that's the thing I don't know about his way ship like that's just weird that's because you're not married jinx yeah but like yo for back fractions compared to angry why this is like fucking back yata me and you are here going huh no I wouldn't do it I'm just confused but also Kevin's been in like a really weird series of events everything seems a little off it's alright now tell me more about the weird series of it well you know he's had um it's like he's still dealing with the aftermath of all his Twitter comments and then the Emmys I recently saw him on HBO's the shop it feels like he's in a very sort of like damage control era of what he does I can't imagine that having something to do with this but um it's weird I think he went from being like this beloved star and I think people still like Kevin to being like this person where everything he does people like what you love people pardon me for some people hurt some spice over here I love spice early early in the show too I it's no secret Oh careful hardness not don't look like that Jake's no Capra heart's not my gym coz I've never heard anybody really say that well I'll say it again okay is not my jam and I'm sure his bank account doesn't give a shit nor sure he um I don't really find him particularly funny I find him to be a hypocrite particular wise particularly I know we'll get into this a little later in the show I was watching the recent episode of the shop LeBron show on HBO and little Nozick's was asked by someone else why he felt it was important to come out as a gay person while he had the number one running hit in the country and before this man this young man could get his mouth open to speak about his truth here comes care of a heart like wow that's the big deal and I mean you should have a need to describe yourself to anybody and you need to being coupled with your authentic self and all this bullshit on the sounder really good but it felt like the height of hypocrisy coming from camera heart because keppa heart was just in his whole feelings right because he felt that the society in the community and the culture felt a way about him having a multiracial girlfriend turn wife so keep that same energy you know the same reason why little X a little as X rather felt away about coming out as a homosexual in the black community the same reason why you felt away Kevin that you're multiracial fiance was scrutinized ridiculed in all this bullshit it's because as the culture we have a tendency to scrutinize things that feel different to us things that are not the normal to us so I want just Kevin to be consistent don't act like it's not a big deal for this young man to come out with a record-breaking number one single in the country with being a homosexual because we all know what it is we know as a black community that's not so celebrated necessarily all the way which is what Latinos X attempted to say in return correct that if you're from where you say you're from they do not understand you correct so it's like I don't really appreciate Kevin playing dumb cuz I'm gonna give the brother more credit than being actually stupid so you know what the big deal is when this young man talks about his truth as being a gay country-western pop star and so yeah I don't appreciate the lecture about somebody else's truth and their experience you're a heterosexual last I checked Kevin Hart you know nothing about what the experiences being a young black man so you really need to listen take a moment to just fall back and and learn something I kind of felt like when I heard him do that I just want to say I hate when niggas first day of work and it just be body but you made the point Jakes Kevin's been awesome shit for a minute I think he's been a damage control and I think maybe what we saw in the shop was partly that or maybe largely that I felt like that was a if that was damage control well yeah but I mean I think you can when you identify everything feels like a fire I felt like he was trying to tell people that more than he was really trying to ask the question partners like oh see trying to facilitate conversation really probably the best part is really maybe not interrupt him and let him talk but I thought he was trying to show people like hey man when he said what's the big deal I don't he was saying that the world it understands it then he was like hey guys look at me like I don't think it's a big deal anymore I feel like sometimes with some of these marginalized groups like the the purpose is to enlighten people like hey let me be Who I am and I have my own beliefs and my own thoughts and I could just be able to live life however I want to but no one else is allowed to have their own ideal ideas or feelings about that particular situation like hey I can date who I wanna have sex with who I wanna marry who I want I could work hard want I can talk about one I could do whatever I want and you shouldn't feel in February because I have pub I have you know my freedom of whatever this thing is but if you say I disagree with that I have my own beliefs where I don't agree with that for something now you're wrong no you have a thing that you want in the privacy in the confines of your own home and you won't won't have the threat of anybody thinking anythi...
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