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    It’s time to hunt some drones!
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    - perfect what's up guys we're dude perfect welcome to drone hunting battle each drone pilot will start right here and attempt to navigate their drone through the three rings and hopefully land in the landing zone making contacts ten points successful landing is 20 points for the first station we have our archer Cory Joseph Dunn oh nice shot station number two their jugs machine coach give her go whoa old Asian number three the single shot stress ball cache Wow in the final station the Kraken 12 balls a second of pure damage so I got selected to go first my prediction I'm gonna get knocked out of the air by Ty all right Garrett's up first Hey yeah oh no if you look back from a pregame I said I'd get through the first one and then tie with you down okay well pregame correct feeling good we'll see what happens I'm not that worried Toby's the archer he's horrible archery barn up the engines ah he lights them up one right down Broadway and all that's not by I don't know if we're keeping score I'm really trying not to but somewhere in the ballpark of 20 battles and 20 losses so yeah I'm freaking out here we go boys yeah all three ring lady laying it you're out great they're not playing it we're shooting it down we're going to finale wrong that it's not that you're ready go be ladies ever happened I'm feeling good you know just got to keep that in mind unfortunately I've got Cory's the archer who was the winner of the Luke Bryan archery Kart battle so that's a little bit unfortunate but no excuses play like a champ that's what I say and that's what we're gonna do today ready ladies and gentlemen it all comes down to this ah simply need to go through all three rings and also touch the red pad that would knock my poor winless brother out of a chance for the finale guys everyone's all team Kobe comment below if you want team kori to smoke team Kobe here we go core right my god finale very accelerating it was the greatest piloting run but of all time welcome to the finale core verse tie here's the deal I really think it's been five months since I want to battle which is not a good situation so I'm really looking to capitalize here in the finale ten seconds not as many drones out of the sky as possible I'm up first Corey will follow here we go Wow well I think I got three out of four after ties it to empty knock three drones out of the sky I need three to tie board away in Oh three they go down before time right now I think you're going to know today we need to go to booth review it looked a little sketchy in the Dordogne anybody have done that man well the final play is still under booth review back there so in the meantime if you want to learn some more about the amazing sky Viper drones from our friends at sky rocket toys click right here do you want to subscribe to DP click right here and if you want to see the last video click right here hey boys we gave you post the bottom pages you'll enjoy it Toby for now we're coming to conclusion here oh here we go Garrett do the honors yep we determined it was a tie so it's co-champions congratulations guys hey thanks for you Jane I'll get Batman Oh what am I supposed to do that half of that anything no yeah right give me your way hey this is the really decided it ties you dumb way to end it yes ok she'll give me your way no are you kidding me
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