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    Yeah, I'm notoriously bad at this. Ugh, I can't help, but laugh because I'd like laughter it's the best medicine. That's why I never get sick You were sick a few days ago *Pfffft* AH! Hello So this is more-on week here with Smosh, and thanks to pop-tarts We're gonna do more of what you guys want to see. so for this challenge pit. We are gonna do another TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE(wooty-woot) *Smosh Sounds* You asked for this! Olivia: You asked for this and we're givin' it to y'all. Noah: Wow Noah: Sebulba, I did not ask to be a slave boy. What? Keith: No stop , stop Courtney: Well,You know the rules So, no touching, 30 seconds to make the person in the hot seat laugh, and there's water in their mouth. Yes Courtney: We're hydrated the whole time.Noah: Oh, and don't forget the constant failure Keith:Drink your water. Courtney: Go away Keith: Okay, And i'll tell you when to turn around 30 seconds on the clock Keith:Turn around *Keith has a aneurysm on set* Keith:Oh God Look at my poop I got her Courtney: Look in there! The poop Courtney: Where is- Who has- Why does he have that? Keith: Guys remember the- the hills have eyes? This is it! The poop has eyes Noah: AND IIIIIIIII WANNA SWIIIIING FROM THE CHANDELIERRRRRR IIIIIIIIII wanna fly like A bird through the nIIIIIIIIIght Like a bird through the *forgets the words* Keith: Don't give up Noah Noah: I didn't know the rest of the words I got her warmed up for you Who's Throwing hats? *gasp* OW! my head! Shane: nice. Nice! Courtney: Are you okay? Oliva: No, I'm upset!!! Noah: Oh, and this is a hard brimmed hat Shane: Oh no. Courtney: I'm so sorry Olivia Oh no this is concussion number 5 Courtney: Olivia, no i'm serious im so sorry Olivia:Ugh! i'm so upset right now oh, woah lets just throw this hat on my head! Oh. Woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Concussion number 5 Ow, my head still hurts Ah i'm stupid ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm dumb I'm not okay (Everyone knows Olivia) Hi, Welcome to Chevy's I ugh, I am legally responsible to tell you that we found it. Hold on. Sorry it makes me laugh, but it's serious my job Huh, We Let me say this, we found a dead macaw in the nacho barrels So, do you want nachos or- Courtney: I hate you so much Shane: I didn't even get to say my joke Olivia: How was that Cort-bort Courtney :that was good, I feel terrible I- so I I threw a hat that I guess had fallen off the rack and I was like "who threw that" and then I Nailed her in the forehead Who's throwing hats *Gasp* Olivia: Ow my head! Shane: That's fantastic. Courtney: It was not a soft hat,it- It is plastic Shane: way to go.Nice aim. Shane: I watched it happen Olivia got straight Smacked ugh Yeah, full on concussion Shane: Hey, it was up I'm Krabs McDaniels come on down to craps car dealership. You got to put it all the way down Olivia: NO TOCHING!!! no touching !!! no touching!!disqualified! Shane: It was too good Shane: All right buckle up, baby.Olivia: All right. I know you've always wanted to hear me sing, and I'm here to sing seriously I am beautiful No matter what they say words Can't bring MEEEEEE down I am beautiful in every single way Words can't bring me- Keith: Shane did that Olivia: What was he doing? Keith: No that's so- that's wrong! Olivia: I'm literally singing! Shane: I was behind you just going be supportive, be supportive, say something nice to her My brother lives in Arkansas My sister lives in Houston My mother lives in El Paso And my dad is down by the river My mom lives in Tennessee That was good My daddy's by the river AHHHHHHAAAAOOOOOO YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH moon- I want you to see my moonwalk Ready? Noah: You gotta look at her you can't look at us. Courtney: LOOK AT ME!!! Keith: I Guess you guys all kind of went for like songs because I like music and everything. The thing that got me about yours when you said your dad is by the river.Noah: and my dad is down by the river and my mom lives in Tenne- Keith: Cause nobody expected that like everybody laughed in here like that was good Noah: (accent)Hi there, I'm casting for a small short film, would you like to be in it? I Only need you for one role, and it is une Sexy hitter. Would you like to audition? yes? here, audition Audition! OoO! Send me your headshot and resume I shall meet you at this coffee bean tomorrow goodbye Coutney: Im red Oh ring ring rINg ring helloooo? AHHOOOOO Its your mother Hang on it's raining I better protect, your beans! Olivia: Dude sh ugh- Dude she said beans What? I gotta protect my beans! Shane: Yeah i've been good iv'e been good ya know Coming out of my cage doing just fine. I gotta gotta be down because ya know i want it all Started out with a kiss how did it end up like this only a kiss It was only a kiss Noah: are you falling asleep? Shane: calling a cab. Noah: you having the smoke? Shane: just taking a drag Shane: Jealousy Shane: That was gross That was full-on one spit at first. Oh you got a little something Got a little somethin' there Olivia:Hugh, thank you. Shane:There you go Courtney: Here she comes Shane: Here she comes everybody stand Shane: thank you Shane: May I present your. . .Wife? Olivia: everyone was ssso funny. you i'm- *Keith makes horse noise* not sure what was happening Shane: We finally figured out, Ugh Olivia's comedy preferences, Olivia: You haven't figured it out!! beans Countney: Please, please my son he's very sick * Dolphin noise* Please somebody must give him mouth to mouth Please can you? oh, you cannot, please supervise it and call 9-1-1 ready, I need to begin chest palpitations Time for the mouth part Oh he's good You have like drops of water coming out It's okay I Digress Olivia: I just want to demonstrate something *Olivia makes weird noises* Noah: Why did she just take me through health class? Noah: Oh, It looks like you cried but that's from my mouth i'm so sorry. Keith: I was really into character Shane: Yeah, you going down punk, right here, right in front the whole school in the parking lot! all right going down I'm taking you out. I'm taking you out. please don't hurt me that hard please dont hurt me that hard YEAH Definitely everyone got water to come out of my mouth. Keith: yeah, not in their eyes though You're just I stupid, I thought could hold it together, but the characters flip of like really not wanting to like get in a fight But he totally called the entire school to watch Olivia: So funny. Noah: That's really funny Olivia: vroom vroom I'm Ryan Gosling from the movie 'Drive' except I don't have a car, so I have a dolphin Olivia:I'll do something else for you then okay Olivia: Can I go again? Olivia: I- I want to go again. I need to go again.Keith: Olivia, come on! No-no, ill go again. no okay i'm bye Keith: I'm just really glad that we're dating now. I know that you like certain things, so I want to get you some gifts I know you like to workout.So I bought you some weights one pound apiece You like to eat I got you some chicken This is what my mom told me that I should do this going up For any man i decide to be with Shane: when You walked out you look like Dennis Rodman in a wedding gown just could not I almost couldn't hold it together Courtney: So i got this new turtle neck and I can't itch my neck I can't reach I got a itc- nose itch ah Can you get it? It's too small for me . I got it at a store and my mom won't take it back Courtney: Man, i've never mad you laugh! Shane: yes you have. Courtney: not in this game! Noah: Aye, yo, you a cop? You a cop? Yo you a cop? Yo you a cop man? Yo, I need to know if you a cop or not. Yo man are you a cop This is really important, man. I need your help you a cop come on if we gon' be roommates I need to know if you a cop or not. Keith: Aye man are you a cop (ʘ_ʘ) Keith: yo you a cop? Noah: you're so stupid Shane: Keith looked out so Committed to these were all hilarious. you guys all make me want to laugh all the time. Keith looked out so Just his face was so actually scared(ʘ_ʘ) he was actually just like "yo you a cop?" Was like now can't do this can't do this at all. Group round! Olivia:yeah, lets do it. i'll go first Courtney: My son, * Dolphin noise* my son, he needs water. Courtney: My son needs water Courtney: my son needs water Shane: What are we- What are we doing? Shane: it's like Beans right? Shane: That's HA- That's dolphin mouth-to-mouth. That's normal Shane: Hey, while they're doing their stuff. ugh you can look over here at the 'Miracle Of Childbirth' Olivia: aye I'ma get choo. i'ma get choo. oh, i'ma get choo Noah: Look at my son coming out my wife ugh is really big. He doesnt know If he can come out but he's hurtin' and shes cuttin' Shane: Where's Anthony?!?!? Noah: I don't know where Anthony is Noah:All I want is Anthony and all I want is Anthony all i want is Anthony Noah: I think I just became a country music fan I dont like it Shane: Keith. Yo, pass the rock! Olivia: Aye man, just tryna sell you some mix tapes Keith: No that messed me up You started it she finished it Olivia: yes I am farmer Olivia: I will dig hole Noah: Oh my gosh girl, I swear, What I had last night is comin' out of me Courtney: Look at this madness.Who wants to do this all day? Courtney: Sitting on a toilets? Take one of these! Noah: Oh!! Ooo One second girl, one second girl something came out of me. Courtney: Adult diapers for adult diapers Oh my God, I had no idea I was pregnant Keith: It's a baby?!?! Noah: It's a baby! Courtney: I dub thee Olivia: Oh baby! Noah: Oh my God. Are you Hall monitor? Courtney: Sir Noah: Wow, Can i- Can I go to the bathroom on your shoulders? Shane: Are you all monitor it made me laugh because out of all the insanity No...
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