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    guys are so such a great message my Comedy Central show second chances is finally premiering tomorrow August 13th at noon Eastern 9 a.m. Pacific on Comedy Central's YouTube channel so make sure to go over there tomorrow it's a really fun show about a guy trying to get a second chance in life I can't believe they cast me in it that's down here there is a preview of the show I'm gonna throw over the clip right now nice that's a good throw he's up 46 more like 406 something old mother died died a midlife crisis might scare some but not me Jason Ben you look like you have a plastic bag under your skin you look sick he was a weirdo no how dare you so I put everything I regret not doing into an urn vowed to empty it right fill it back up I'm gonna run a marathon mom I'm gonna confront think you're cute huh you can stop by I always want to take karate ever since I saw the Karate Kid it's now my goal to not only be the well-respected youtuber you know but to become middle-aged inspiration you deserve because even a guy like me jason nash could use a second chance a game yesterday nah yo what's up guys welcome to the vlog oh wait I don't know if we're welcoming someone to the vlog if it's just another segment in the vlog but I'm not sure how it's going on I don't know how it's gonna edit guys that part comes later so what do you want from me just welcome back welcome back to my car hope you guys are well I hope you guys are killing it it's Saturday morning I just worked out I weighed two hundred and three pounds I used to wait 226 boom about six months to lose twenty pounds and that's the truth guys they see these people I lost 20 pounds and knowing dude really well somebody must have cut off your arm cuz I just died I just don't lose weight fast I just can probably cuz I'm so ripped still got the gun but I have to say I was talking Jeff the other day I was like I was like the good news is this camera I said but the good news is is like at least now I'm still fat but at least now like I have strength I didn't have that before that's good I'm really happy about that I'm happy I'm losing weight feels so much better oh so much better all the time and you know what my Pilates class there's one girl and she is usually mean to me and she has not been so goo Briana we're here we're going through the Angry Birds premiere I know it's a lot of Angry Birds some kind of shadowing David this weekend I'll be a teen choice and I'm just doing lots of stuff so this is what I'm doing and I know what you're saying you're saying Jason we love everything you do so well imagine if people said that all right let's go inside and see David and Natalie this is a big day for both of them well really just David but Natalie she'll she'll have she'll have her time at some point few years from now on my way to premiere perfect premiere drive see the thing is when you try to do that you actually look good okay guys David's big day we've had a lot of Angry Birds stuff going on who thought who ever fuckin we'd be so concerned with Angry Birds I mean literally it was just a game at one point well listen my kids loved the movie last night so I will say that day the best time thank you so much I felt bad I didn't say thank you as we left us exciting Saturday morning premieres those are different than nice yeah they're kind of nice JP but you'll see people will have their kids there at that connecting flight in Florida for a family yeah I had no problem you guys are so such a great downtown Mexico our great boyfriend and girlfriend yeah well that's what everybody wants but you can't give people what they want everyone ever happened too bad everybody's sad about that but it's fine for Natalie's sake is probably dinner okay this is Jolie she works with mr. Nick I'm Fred yeah so when the Box gonna talk about like oh yeah what's it like working with the mine for eight hours I'm like trust me I get it like even when he's like shooting with us not a word not assuming he's got a little edgy sketch he's like I want to get food we're like yes we want to get food where do you want to go Nick where do you want to go and he's like I don't know let's go to a restaurant I'm like what restaurant just write it up cast of Angry Birds is here these guys there's red just got out of rehab so we're happy that you could make it here today a lot of fun there's all the other ones I don't know their names with all the characters from Angry Birds there's a big guy it's the green card day I said that's Jason Sudeikis in there I think he's committed really the character is that entire team is feeling she punched me that one's cool look at that I am tempted I am tempted to start wrestling with David is taking pictures staring and Natalie so not in the shot I don't photo vomit who just locked eyes and it was awkward we saw the movie last night so you're welcome you need to go because David is often a teen choice and I am off to wring come on boy all right welcome back to the vlog my name is jason nash i say that i do comedy but if you're not laughing then it's a tragedy anyways no tonight we have like a packed weekend there's so much going on I can actually bring my kids to this we're gonna go to a nice little screening it's a private screening that the studio has set up for us to go see the movie which is awesome I make kids in love Angry Birds so that's a freaking slam dunk I was Harry just City David and Natalie ran it in his blog and I was like I'm gonna go man and they were like what do you know don't leave like just gonna be really fun you should stay I don't think yeah but my kids in tape it goes bring your kids to Angry Birds and I was like oh oh yeah okay I can do that and they were like yeah they're like there's literally nothing better for that house like oh yeah so now I'm running home I'm gonna get the kitties and I got we're gonna go to Angry Birds it's super fun all your favorites will be there from the blog squad teri Jo Kim Kim yay Kanye Kourtney and Kim just totally okay different group all right here we go this is me getting out of every car you ready woke up this morning with 10 a.m. David's stayed over last night gave me a phone call because I need help with this team choice thing I go all right I'll come right down and he goes I'm in your house I go all right I'll be out in a minute okay we're going to the Angry Bird screening I got charlie here I got Grammy here Wyatt here Charlie's been enjoying her time in the front seat is a brand new thing for her how do you like the front seat so far charlie I'm taking it away from my daddy a couple of years Wyatt Charlie would be in the front seat I know but it's like it's like 1/2 tspoon seersucker you know actually you know you know it's not looking you're not like like great job but it's all good joke it's insincere it's not in here like it's not like not an audience pocket but it's not like like it's like an applause but I don't we for like just like we're having a good time but you know where you're gonna reject my whole personality yeah like like tell you a joke or something yeah you're like I can tell you're not listening when you go ah that's so funny what are you talking about and listen to all your jokes you go you go you go ha ha that's so funny no I don't yes you do this is where I had my movie premiere for Jane Nash is Mary I pick good friends of ours hey Brandon Alex oh it's are you excited for the movie fun yeah I like Angry Birds yeah that's the service if you want to eat something Jeff's has heard a little bit David's in a movie and you're not no I'm they're making us hopefully being about one life give him your lights you use the kids really letting the kids down how's that he didn't work out today he told me we were gonna go for a run didn't work out I can even work out for you Jason I could support you looking really good oh just let people enjoy so I love Jackie's there was absolutely no happiness what did you say there David sauce that was so weird you go huh Chicago huh that was eye-opening yeah you got no no because that was a real eye-opener it's Axl oh my god to starve Angry Bird Jason Sudeikis tried to come in and kick them out okay all the favorites say hey man this is Jackie Davis manager I put Chris you run Steve I was making money once a month Emily comes to I think and see a prettier yeah or see you screen II we reckon vided for the premiere oh my god Oh Scott you're in the movie too I didn't know that I say it's not on anymore partly that's a bad burn yeah food out of the bath oh my god yeah when I go there for show it to Brandon he'll say yes oh yeah I bet son poisoning once in my life I'm thinking it's gonna excited I'm very excited now the Bobby and I'm happier marks here I love her she makes me feel like oh yes the way she acts look at this dirty Thomas here wow you're not this song is not real are you kidding Annalise I asked they don't have pretty glasses small enough for him oh that's so funny who are tux to the movie premiere I'm here to burn on this is sad Bobby what do you think guys we're starting in 1 minute 1 minute Scott's got it they want me to make a little speech guys but I say that's funny anyways you're about to watch Angry Birds 2 starring david dobrik david dobrik and david dobrik alright we did it looks really good on you actually watch the person does that anyways I still of course mean - well well well...
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