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    NO SPOILERS AHEAD LOL. I'm soooo0o0o0ooooo excited for y'all to see this series, Kian & JC put so much into this and there are some CRAZY twists and challenges hahaha. For real tho - no spoilers cuz I'm not tryna be that bish LOL but I'm so glad I did this and took a major step out of my comfort zone and made some new friends (cheesy but true). See ya SATURDAAAAY for the Cimorelli collab!

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    Hi DIY Babes!!! Welcome to the #prettylittlelaur fam, I'm Lauren - a Canadian living in LA, makin' DIY dreams come true every single day. You'll find everything DIY related and more!! Including hauls, room decor, clothing try-ons, product testing, (many failed) slime DIYs, hacks + vlogs featuring my sweet mini bull terrier Moose! I'm so excited you're here and make sure to leave me a comment down below if you're new here!


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    oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh this is literally the bushiest thing I've ever bought in my entire life I think maybe 150 iy babes and happy weekly blood in his currently fourth of July and also happy Lake Canada Day happy currently 4th of July honestly the whole day that I celebrate fourth of July since I obviously don't really have Canadian friends here to celebrate K today I feel like there's just like soda in the background being like she doesn't even go here but I'm here for the festivities I'm always down to put on some festive headbands and festive attire Blow bracelet and we're currently at Mia's house right now and holy crap this girl went in she really committed to the 4th of July spirit let me give you a tour there show my fun things also I'm lon if you didn't see last Wednesday's vlog a girl is a overexpose but also adilyn and matt are here I'm being little spoon and bakes great little space grander rolls we we don't know them I'm about to make a bougie purchase how cute are these I saw Hart wearing them and I deemed her and I was like girl where'd you get those I need them right now and now I'm here I don't know how to be pushy I'm stressed okay they're cute right oh my gosh you know what I get guys like I just I never do bougie things ever I've shopped at forever 21 my entire life it's honestly truly my favorite store like deep down most out Cappy Cappy also guys this is Moses favorite charity I were to let him just live in this chair at all times he would do it oh my gosh me ask me yes what you think what you think what is also this bag is just like nicer than my entire life these are definitely the most expensive shoes that I have ever purchased ever but I feel like I kind of turned into a little bit of a sneaker head all those kind of a little bit definite like my sneakers and I'm super excited they're so cute they fit so well so shout out to hearts you bought them first and then told me that their recent when I DM to her asking her about them they're a limited edition collection and they don't have a ton of small sizes left and so they actually had a 5 which was so crazy because I feel like stores never carry a 5 that's like one of the downfalls of having small feet is that 6 is usually the smallest size then you've to order them online anyways they had the 5 it was so excited it was like it was meant to so oh my gosh let's do a little unboxing yeah does anyone else's dog sit like this Peters sometimes like he puts his paws on the outsides of his legs too it's very cute though oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh this is literally the bushiest thing I've ever bought in my entire life I think maybe oh oh god I even oh okay no oh oh oh it's like one of those drawer ones okay was can you want to talk while I do this and you just like put a paw like right here you know like yeah like right there yes no no okay well you know how to be independent use me but almost no hope whatsoever Wow do they wrap them individually look at shoes what the heck do all their shoes come in little bags by themself this is so nice it's so unnecessary honestly you're being no help whatsoever trying to unbox these can you at least hold the camera or like well this side of like a baggie okay you know what stand by oh wait wait no we got it we got it they're so cute buddy pink most no smells I think like you do you like them take your tongue out if you like them oh my god me too moose me too I honestly also don't know how to care for shoes that are this nice so probably gonna have to like google that and figure that out down I'm just gonna put Peggy all over again put it in a box and probably never wear them was I'm too scared to what you wanna try it on honestly Moo this is a good look for you oh wow it was so cute it was oh but he's also really cute I love when he does this he just like wants to like sit in your lap it's so cute also there have been some crazy freaking earthquakes in LA lately I'm for real tomorrow gonna go get some like emergency supplies just to have in the garage just in case because yesterday's earthquake was like pretty intense so I'm gonna get like a few gallons of water some non-perishable food maybe later - I don't know it was crazy I was at the movie theater waiting to see spider-man and I honestly felt like I was on like a boat almost like our seats were just rocking back and forth so much it was so scary I was like am I having vertigo right now like really really intense vertigo am I about to die it's something about to fall from the ceiling it lasted what felt like for freaking ever but yeah gonna go make like an emergency life kit tomorrow you know with like dog food make sure medications and stuff water all the things if you live in California I encourage you to go do the same just make sure that your family and your pup O's and your cat O's and your whatever else your loved ones are different species have all the necessary thing to be okay if there's an earthquake there's a part where you're the rules you know what to do when there's an earthquake stop drop and get under a table okay you know the rules you know the rules the rules pretty good oh my gosh guys this is exactly what I was talking about okay most very cute very cute little links oh don't look at his little his little pain but like legs on the inside she's outside hurts hello I'm currently at Target preparing for the end of the world okay getting non perishable food items and gallons of water to keep my garage in case of the earthquake that ends it all and have to lay off the land which I don't think I'll survive very long I'm kind of fragile I don't think I'll survive more than a couple days anyways I'm gonna get some non-perishable food items you gallons of water I have a ton of blankets and then maybe like one of those little flashlights where you can Crane the arm and it goes yeah I'm already not good at this the world better not end oh my god everyone had the exact same idea is us no it's gone all the ones are gone Oh things are happening that are not coming well first of all I don't really seem to know what non-perishable actually means I also rather you shouldn't buy things that have salt in them because then if you are limited on your water then you eat salty things and drink more of your water and then you're gonna die quicker and so that's not what I want and also I keep buying things that are not seeing the world and just for Mediate right now I'm gonna die yes I'd like to die with some chicken broccoli cheesy with potato soup non-perishable items is this is for now that's for later this is for the reality show Dickian Josie's house just in case the food is inadequate also yes doing that spoiler alert yeah those are for now Larabar kid also where it's at that's for later that's for maybe half for survival half for now the cute basket okay that's for my living room those are some crazy right bananas not rights not yet ripe bananas my sparse a surviving you guys my friend like honestly guys I know I mean like super light-hearted about this and like making jokes about this being the end of the world but like I genuinely am really nervous and California obviously has to say Andreas Fault Line and stuff and the last few earthquakes have been freaking me at the crap out so better safe than sorry and I encourage everyone to also you know take precautions and make sure your family is okay in the event of something really bad happening just fingers crossed that never does also moose anything is dinner right now so there's just a lot of background noise happening but let's do a little survival haul also I think I might just order some like water reservoirs maybe on Amazon that might just be the move because they feel like everywhere is gonna be sold out okay companies are for now so these are not for now okay so but rich crisps and then kill also if these are so good these are for now and not for up here earthquake kit but legs are so good okay so I got these in sweet chili power three this basket also the cookies on par for the office which is coming along swimmingly and I think I'm gonna be shooting the reveal probably the next week or so so I know it's been up forever process but I promise it's coming so this is just like four chords and stuff in my office so this is not worth quit kids they've got Clif bars Larabars Larabar kid for me because I'm a child and beef jerky I remember I said not to buy sell things for him buying be salty it's impossible and then this is a little bucket I'm just gonna use in the garage to hold every blog every without fail okay I was gonna keep going by protein bars also I know I just like kind of skimmed over this super quick and I don't know how much I'm allowed to steaks I know I'm gonna be under an NDA which is basically where you're not allowed to say anything like legally about spoilers and stuff but I am going over to JC and Qian rental Airbnb tomorrow night to do like YouTube Big Brother real world or whatever and I've seen some of the cast already and it is going to be wild this is so out of my comfort zone I don't know how this happened well I do Jason texted me and asked if I want to do it I was like so anyways that's happening so I figured I'd bring some snacks just in case because I'm such a frequent eater and everyone else eats just like three meals a day but I feel like I eat three meals a day plus three snacks today so I'm not inconvenience I'm gonna bring some snacks in my suitcase I also don't know what I'm doing so there's that so anyway these are for tomorrow and then some canned stuff also like I...
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