Testing Fun Beauty Gadgets w/ My Sister!

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    Today I tried a bunch of fun Beauty Gadgets with my sister Molly! What other videos would you like to see?
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    We had so much fun #Trying all of these #Beauty #Gadgets! There was a heated eyelash curler, lip face masks, a funny brush cleaner that spins really fast, and more!

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    hey guys it's real welcome to my channel today I'm hanging out with my sister well everybody she is a new mommy that's right and I thought what a perfect day to invite her over and test out some funny beauty products as a new mom I get zero sleep and so I'm willing to try out any product that might be able to help me maybe these will help look like I do get sleep Molly's a good sport to hang out with me and do this with me I'm gonna be putting her links down below she has got an Instagram of you guys so go for it Instagram so I went online these are the ones that I found and mo and I we were gonna brave it together and we're gonna try these out the first beauty product that we are going to try is a winged liner stamp okay if this works but that could save me a lot of time in the morning that bat could help if you just you don't have to take the time to pencil it on or brush it on just this could be a win this could be awesome could be won or not I think putting on a winged liner is one of the hardest things to do in makeup yeah because even if you get one side really good it's hard to get it identical on the other side that's one of the things I struggle with is that a bowl just makes a little bit yeah I think you stamp on both sides are you ready for this okay so it says it's waterproof smudge fruit and life roof well what if you put it on well I have makeup remover wipes easy instructions here it just says prep stamp wine woah see huh you have even more directions in here for most people applying to a clean skin or lightly parted skin will be sufficient to achieve perfect wings all day apply primer and powder to your eyelids first and then use the winged liner stamp so before we use this we both already have winged eyeliner on so let's wash off one of them okay and then we'll compare up close your eyes you can see the before and after ready here's the before and then we'll show them the after so your the right sign you get this one step 2 oh damn what's whoa that is the stamp look at that and this is the right one and you just stick it on there okay let's go for it here we go here's the crease I'm just gonna stick it on oh my gosh look that work that actually really worked oh my gosh okay and now how's this and now you look tired I have these anyways like felt liquid liner yeah I love these oh my gosh let's just try to fill it in this is actually really not bad at all I put this shouldn't mind going up which is a look here we go see it's positioned up you're not even cuz it doesn't match this one but yeah like I mean I'm not doing this one as thick as the other side yeah you're just a little too far down too far up we're just a pair we're just a pair for sore eyes but I will say the product does work and it was really easy Steve no Stampin go we are gonna try this electric eyelash curler instead of just those regular you know clear part clamp ones that that curl it that takes you know a couple seconds I like those we're gonna try this electric one I'm terrified what if it rips on her eyelashes what does it do I just don't understand it heats up what it says only shorter heating time no temperature control Oh two years of temperature heating or eyelashes are we you loser and it charges in a USB super tech-savvy oh my gosh okay are you ready I'm gonna open it yeah I'm ready technology has come a long way this is a be product that charges in your computer oh I'm noticing that in general a lot of the gadgets I've been trying beauty and otherwise USB capable last time it wasn't a good thing though Oh I already has it already lights up it might have a little powder gonna fit is it already working oh my gosh am i yeah look it's I'm a power source it's heating up I am the power source I'm Holly oh my gosh ready what is this red power oh my gosh I always thought I had an electrical charge and now facts this is put mascara on the eyelash that sounds like a terrible idea there's a low temperature put it on low put it on low it says after mascara becomes dry put the brush teeth under the eyelash keep pressing for 15 seconds repeat several times I mean this is on this is hot here we go I can feel the heat oh no Molly butyou're that's hot oh there's like a little metal rod in the middle and that's getting really hot and then the plastic around it is not hot so here we go it says it goes very hot for 15 seconds no it's hot don't get that away from you it's too hot this does not feel good don't do it don't you forget that does not feel natural well I feel it hold it there oh wait - ho no banana oh that's a low static that's it we're just not even area think I'm turning this off Mike come here here I'll try it I'm used to stuff near my eyes it's too hot awesomo Joe right by your eyeball right red this is the most I've ever had a trust you okay close your eyes slightly just slightly like that oh it's sold out there for 15 17 seconds Mike it's like a challenge how are you doing that it's too hot so hot and your eyes are not in that curl anything can I just tell you that the by that you haven't done anything to has more curly natural lash than the one that you're actually trying to get a product to work on it you've been doing that forever I used it on this side there's no difference let me show you what a manual gadget does these work great these are amazing are you it he is almost everyday okay just slightly close your eye one two three four five okay now patty five seconds not 15 no solid heating up and charging and you can't burn your asses ha no burn your eyes Thank You Lane okay thank you thank you are you ready for the last product I have for our beautiful eyes I got us these they are charming LED eyelashes what yes what is that I said make your life shining Nikolas open SMA and see whoa whoa we got another Church oh these are the four instructions right here they're on the lid which is nice and convenient step one USB charging step to control changing LED light mode so there's like a little remote clips on your shirt so you have to wear this and then put these on your eyes and it will rip this off you and eat them and they're just lights that you put on your face literally the only instruction says stick to eyelid using adhesives like me you let's get these on I'm gonna start putting these adhesives on the back of these guys okay so can you clip me yeah here let me get that design there you go there you go put it on the back okay there there there it's on these will go perfect with your new wing liner oh my god that's so uncle moly now that you're all charged let's do me okay we're gonna be so good-looking let me look at it okay here we go talk about somebody who does not need any help with his eyelashes check out he knees eyelashes they're really long it's so pretty oh look at these oh so baby boy thanks for checking me me so sweet okay we're just kind of struggling with this beauty stuff here oh so much it's not a ready gonna make it your button wait a minute two three party they're only the color I am green Molly knows purple but they have differently honey's red though no that's still per sorry it's get mine partying like you let's turn off all the lights and see how these really look are you mesmerised by our beauty my eyes are up here sir touch anybody's attention Molly if we went to a rave like this we would be the talk of the town it is terribly uncomfortable on your eyelid cuz it's really heavy and it's pokey but it would be cool if it was on any other part of your face like I'd stick little like panty things a little light-up panel on your cheeks I would do that are those the only two settings Oh like permanent so you can see how crooked my ideas oh this is party setting this heading is all the things you get this you get stay sure you get flashes you get everything ready my god you don't know what to expect are you ready for the next beauty product let's go you know what we need after that what we need something relaxing I have found us some lip masks okay that might be a good one this is hydrated stay fresh age-defying so we're about to go defy the age okay welcome in fun okay here you go mo and I'll give you a few extra in case you just like love these all right what's the instructions oh it's a product recommendation chart so that's not insert I think you just stick them on your face how long do we keep it on our face do we leave them on our face for ten minutes o'mara directions I'm here okay cleanse the area around the mouth thoroughly okay open foil pack and immediately apply the mask around the mouth area leave it on for 20 minutes peel and dispose okay look at this a little spa day looks really slippery watch out how did you do that okay my cookies immediately but here doing oh my gosh it's so squishy no it's so chewy and slimy what what what do you do you're sure I don't lose I'll lean back just like relax although these exposed to moisture eyes your lips like it's missing my lip it's too big so just like my bottom lip love you have to do - I mean if I move it too far up there I can't get my parts of my top lip aren't why do they even put a hole in it let's do this Annie can breathe through your nose I can't do this mm-hmm I don't like this it's too weird it's like cheesy face like can we just stick it somewhere else like all of our moisturize my forehead okay I'm gonna let this sit well then actually sit yeah it's really sticky try it on your forehead oh it is cooling - okay now we're really good way better than trying to put it on your mouth...
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