Rich Boyfriend VS Broke Girlfriend

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    Relationships are tough, it gets even tougher when your boyfriend or girlfriend is rich but you're broke.

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    is everything okay no I have something to tell you what wait did she love me no babe I didn't cheat on you but I did get fired today what how well I did something really stupid sir like I've been telling you for the past hour there is absolutely nothing I can do for you okay well I hope you get hit by a car Wow Jess well at least you have your savings right yeah my savings totally hi I just wanted to know how much money I had in my bank account oh thanks I'm screwed 1,500 1,600 1,700 perfect babe you have your half of the rent hey that's 225 325 four dollars exactly only 1,696 dollars to go okay surround sound systems let me add that to my cart ps4 Add to Cart xbox okay I have to cart let's go okay I can probably sell this for like $20 sunglasses I don't bother sell that for $50 all right babe do you need this time to switch controller yeah why oh no reason to promise all this for a hundred bucks yo there's hauling a 75 inch TV for $600 what what people are selling pictures of their feet for $600 I have nice feet all right pervs give me your money hey just to remind you is your turn to buy groceries this week is that cool oh yeah groceries um hey you know I was thinking Kim K did his diet where she fasted for a whole week I think it would be great for us - I'm not gonna starve all week why not you can lose an extra few pounds I don't need to lose any pounds I've been hitting the gym everyday I look nice yeah but you've been eating those Oreos late at night yeah once in a while but I'm not getting away from it I mean babe I think you're the fattest you've ever been really yeah so we should fast for a whole week and then next week you can find the groceries come on I'll do it with you okay yeah yeah sure yeah we can pass if you think we need to okay sweet and you know what I'll take these chips and I'll throw them away just to avoid temptation okay no no no please work no no please don't do this to me right now come on let's go okay you're gonna work ready set hey babe yeah sure I'll be there in ten minutes Thanks yeah I bought a convertible for a reason obviously I'm gonna put the top down come on is broken good babe you can track this any time let me know I can drive my own car I'm an independent woman okay okay diversity car then oh I sold it why minimalism babe have less do more your home is a living space no I have storage space did you just Google a bunch of minimalism quotes what no it's a lifestyle okay babe you're taking this too far they would just pay for your rent this month get a new job and then everything's gonna be fine it's okay what no babe I can pay for my own stuff I'm a grown adult okay you sold my laptop last night so I sold your laptop we got mine we don't need to minimalism okay minimalism that's fine you believe in minimalism so why didn't you sell any of your clothes then oh I need to wear those nah you know what I don't think you need your clothes so walk in here let me grab all of these I'm going to sell them babe no no I need to wear those clothes actually instead of selling them I'm just gonna go donate them how about that you think that's a good idea mate Haji stop it drop my clothes I'm about to take all of these over to the Salvation Army and give that to the community because of minimalism okay bye thank you guys so much for watching today's video I hope you guys enjoyed it we put a lot of work into it I hope you could tell we went to the car we were in a car for this video true love right there true love but make sure you hit this video with a thumbs up and just a reminder we'll be releasing videos every single Sunday for you day you too suddenly you know this make it happen but we want to give a couple shout outs so shout out to Lesley Machado and Lima Hussain for tweeting out last news for you and if you want to shout out at the end of the next video make sure you tweet this video right now right now we didn't right now make sure you tag us Cecilia - who is hard to you you know this exactly make youtube Stephanie channel subscribe to our vlog channel where we vlogs about real life how'd you just do you next week I wasn't there to see
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