My First 4th of July | Juanpa Zurita & Twan Kuyper

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    papa yeah but boy you made it alright this up we have to throw the biggest party in the world today today yeah why not tomorrow tomorrow's Friday what tomorrow tomorrow's the fifth in today's the fork and the yesterday was a third yeah but today is the fort and that's what's most important because it's Independence Day huh you know you don't know you don't know about the fort ya know Independence Day in the United States it's the biggest day in the world bro I haven't really heard of it in Mexico what's the u.s. at the u.s. is the world so what I'm so sorry I don't know if I'm the one to help you I have no idea about anything maybe you should call John no John is out of town oh but listen I can teach you if you help me set this up I'll let you know everything about the for July all right I mean you ready may the force be with you for sure I'm getting better huh yep all right hi Alyssa wampa rule number one okay I'm gonna need you to change I need to see some independent colors here okay yeah yeah you go shop and I'll go change awesome hey may the fourth be with you stop don't do that nope hey yo check it out but do you think I got green I got red or white independence colors yeah the it's great man but like what happened to the u.s. independent colors fourth of July you know that's what we talked about remember yeah I misunderstood this is this is not all you bought right no no no no I buy off way more oh right yeah well show me okay he is my boo pump of July think July come on are you serious right now but you're not messing with me cuz the Grinch already pure Grinch get full evil soul honestly I'm about to give up on him alright so I'm coming you're not okay close your eyes I'm serious Lon's you're right okay you're right go gate throwing up and then and go then huh I was messing with you guys a flag from the back this is the first thing that I bought actually I just didn't want to tell you how cool is it bumper that's my shirt I know that yeah but you know when you look man just save it if you're gonna wear my stuff I have something way better for you okay all right just follow me then who's gonna give you my money back no one all right last one done great you look great I love it yeah my next step huh it's the grill okay you've used this before right yeah okay great well we cook steaks hotdogs burgers and that's about it amazing yeah so why don't you do that and I'll get the sauces all right cool it's all good yeah I got barbecue sauce got the salt yeah that smells great man what's that steak it looks like tacos psychos no hope no no no no no no no no I you want to try at least no it's my mom's right I can wampa listen up yep we cannot celebrate for July if you don't know what you're celebrating that's very true all right some united states history for you right you who's this guy George Clooney close George Washington first president understood first president George Washington all right Jack Sparrow Benjamin Franklin Oh electricity he looks loke legs expo for sure there's cat Dumbledore what bro what's wrong with you I grew up watching Sabres I'm Winkley ever come illegally yeah where's this guy Elvis Presley correct king of rock'n'roll there we go baby you know this guy right Captain America create a superhero to ever be alive yeah bit that great man but are you ready for rapid fire girlfriend link Lee Elvis Presley lately frankly Wow you killed that you killed that what's fun Yankee Doodle went to town riding on a pony next J JJ JJ JJ there's a Fiesta in the US hey pretty good man was that a remix ah okay this is a very special song that my first friend in the United States taught me so here it goes I think a broke man oh that is sad kind of fun though yep all right you know what swamp I'm really proud of you thank you you know I could call you an American my father I'm not going to go yo I couldn't have done this without you you're great teacher oh thank you I appreciate it oh I think I think the guests are arriving so your last task tell me Haiti just light this baby up go meet my friends let em up baby no don't do that it's lit no it's just
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