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    this is a definitely a scratch against there's been um geez later gentlemen we'll handle it up doll with problem no yeah that sounds are like anti love song kind of like what you make Santa of chicks or somebody's Omar you feel all warm inside oh my god merrily hey oh oh no but girl you know I don't know but you know they wrought with the key a little cute a new tape in the streets right now gelato go get it right now everywhere crazy how you get y'all out a little there come from you know the little thing I do right how I eat I got I'm saying it's a little medicine I take before I eat no I'm saying I roll it over says okay I'm following it right that's the best kind right though right right then there's one over no name okay okay ain't no Benny look at me anytime no I'm saying like I got I just had my first child when I first when I get when I hit my little got me a letter have a child to take a condom oh yes I don't look like hey I know that you guys playing it to feel either way he young to me he got mochi got little cube a about area oh I seem to cover this whole Gotti mojo bitch 24 missed calls so with this is just a real without a real train set come on whether the rear screen shot without a real treasure come on that's what it is please do so you saved that's her name in your phone yeah that's how you saved it as the context yeah it's only claiming to like you got on my bathroom RT no no I'm not 11 laughs ooh he got a little basketball team for real for him Chicago be on the way Chicago Illinois there so some of the marriage question with this even is yo gotti situation what is there it is their Everglade waiting car don't refer to him to know God and he ain't got we please don't he's an island when I'm worried about you know a no-name is okay let's notify me we just told him nobody with this other organ on it baby yes is not a video of you with this kid and I guess he was kind of school and all of that was that real or is that like something that's going to turn into the court may merit because I was like young dog the kids hanging out were younger dog article are the court I don't know what really ordered a courtroom now there's this video we shot the video the song was fun I try to find when was that her today come on down everybody know that yeah everybody know that yeah sound one on for one yeah or not I didn't make saying look without doing no I can't do it nope cocaine music faggots dogs don't know the cocaine no that ain't even bet I know now when he's feeling right I feel so out of place over some faggots right come on yo no se I shot the video knows the hole there was an old store land of the video you know I mean so he did actually kick it with me and I would be for like a day now but it wasn't it right it wasn't quite worried mom got the cop made you be a mentor wow I think that was the premise of it like we was because when I first seen it I was like now I've been a leader Airport opposed to be on the plane going to Jacksonville we handle an 11 I'm going to go to the spot get the extra B hey got all oh that's a good a video on my mama bro my girlfriend's out I'm like I'm like dan is crazy but everybody thing is real I got home I'm talking to my girl she's like oh she just going off about looks just different still like you ain't been here edition didn't he like shit at me right there yes I'm a might be she pays good and I mean oh shit I like that more fucking sexier buy me my own oh I love it they said you okay scrumptious you know I can't argue it is I when you go to court ain't a me you went to pee so I know what you talking about with the kid I ain't no no judge I like man you is retarded no okay without y'all take me to a real house out of the house the Trap House he did say they don't bet he did say I'm good I'm sober in love yeah I've seen you I fucking knocking see strength through your so I see also you so you can you know no I brought them out for you can you see those two yeah okay cuz those were what you need to be looking at not my face okay okay not my face a big thing the smaller kind right every year I think the flippy yeah I got dressed that date by yells oh yeah you did I'm excited man this chilling is sitting in Cali engine going in no I mean that's right yeah you know and right now you want to be over here because it might be a little bit colder over there a Memphis not a little bit not a lot of go little layered up goose down right now saying we can't we clap for people but your friends in class yeah look at your friends over here no no I don't even know it's not even have a plan they were happy they don't look in at all yeah yeah L didn't feel like what you do to them right not at same place back then I used to be in low desert go get the money in it motivation motivation motivation motivation yeah grassy motherfuckers like we made back music paper wrap being in fact see them playing ball my shoe cover three I'm David Duncan with Cobras nothing I'm good I can play all right ah Oh remember I'm your singing I'm good with balls Oh basketball softball baseball volleyball so I'll see you tonight move Marie likes you still go and play right now you play nah damn nah you wish you learn no a little bit just a little bit okay the studio right now imagine you could play a little heart they'll be hard I would take you to a whole nother place - are you gonna make me go call my mom oh yeah playing with you go maybe I didn't plan sex play overnight matching today what's wrong trench no you can't have a dry day that's like your - boy DJ week one real 92 3 exclusive right here what's your name bro though yeah so this is young dogs he's repping Memphis first time out here uh we're gonna break down like your head to toe game right here so like what's like the glasses bro the sweater the belt to shoes break it all down real quick so why he forgot what he had ladies in government diesel I mean yeah hoodie do you change yeah double J's yeah presidential Rollie ha ha first down yeah buzz down stupid we got down oh you know pinky go with it yeah I mean we see them is what is the PID break that down PR eaters paper empires my label on me so I had to go I had to step it to ten so you see me you see that two times y 2 times because it's like I see it once and I understand it's paper out Empire but then it's like paper route Empire again it like other just encasing sheet the first turns is it cuz you look they're like the diamonds will blend you on the top when the bottom one and I mean like I want to make sure they um in California and America we say stunts on them hoes pretty much yeah we bow on them just a minute right so I have some of your lyrics here bro I'm hoping you can like break it down because I'm trying to figure this out right so this is from your treat song right so keep it real with your dog no matter what preach same that claim she love you shall set you up preach out here in these streets ain't no such thing as love preach the only thing I trust is the peaceful and slugs preach what does this mean bro in other words to preach you can like transfer that you can like you can take that out and put affectionate there preached many thanks all right face facts like keep it real with your dumb amount of wit your dilation matter Ronnie on daily basis um how you talk to her on a daily basis you homie your brother your whoever your business partner whatever like for y'all to grow and I mean she a big future got a whole lot of paper whole lot of guala you gotta keep it real my mouth away that's the only way like communication like this is like communication is the key to everything not mean so it keep it real with your Donald model would same to claim Sheila she will said you were like so you know it's a slimy it's a dirty word yeah you know I mean so no like it's dirty and I mean same claims Lucia says you will rule number one if you in the streets out here in these streets ain't no such thing as little I thought the rule number I want some get papers get table and you get paid but like rule number one you gotta you know it ain't no such thing as a little round hanging most on your look cuz if you fall in love with the streets or you filing lower in other parts of the streets yeah you're gonna trick you off the street so they treat you out the streets you can't get your pay I'm married so does this mean I can still get paid because yeah yeah yeah okay okay cook ah so dolls like break down who you are just real quick like you just said you had like 13 14 mixtapes like for me bro and I'm just being honest like I just heard of you maybe like 2 years ago right so like quick in in like a nutshell like who are you bro like rep your let people in Armenia and Glendale know who you are because those are like my biggest fans in in Armenia the city of gladness like right down the street yeah yeah yeah everybody else I don't know but break it down though like basically really like I'm the biggest artist out of the self right now now I mean and by number two is like really I'm the biggest independent artists in the game right now and I mean not just in ourselves like in the whole gang right now just because of what I'm doing and how I'm moving and the way I'm doing it now I mean like a lot of people could say too independent but are you actually the artist and the CEO and I mean and like a lot of people said independent okay like your whole catalogs from your first CD you put out - right now why you and your prime your peak is it still the same record label - you know I mean so with me like from the first on...
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