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    Say what you want, but childhood is an incredibly challenging period. Yes, there are fewer obligations and much more free time. However, at the same time, you have to get to know a large, unfamiliar world, learn to communicate with family, peers, and study at school.
    Childhood is a challenging period indeed. However, there are some kids who seem to ignore all the troubles – they know how to pursue their goals and eliminate all the obstacles in their way. They can boast achievements that even adults would envy. Meet the most talented children in the world.


    hi everyone say what you want but childhood is an incredibly challenging period yes there are fewer obligations and much more free time however at the same time you have to get to know a large unfamiliar world learn to communicate with family peers and study at school childhood is a challenging period indeed however there are some kids who seem to ignore all the troubles they know how to pursue their goals and eliminate all the obstacles in their way they can boast achievements that even adults would envy meet the most talented children in the world Tristan Lee if you look at our first kid from the back and most likely you will not even think that there is a child in front of you well not quite a child a teenager it's hard to believe but Tristan Lee from a sunny California is only 16 years old despite the young age this kid became a celebrity and conquered the hearts of thousands of Internet users at the moment Tristan has more than nine hundred thirty thousand followers on Instagram one look at him is enough to understand he is very ambitious the young man gets up very early at about 4:00 in the morning while his peers are sleeping in warm beds he has breakfast gets dressed and goes to the gym where he spends almost all of his free time we are certain that some of you will find this lifestyle horrifying however you should not be sorry for Tristan because his hard work pays off the young man's first dream is to win the prestigious titles in bodybuilding and he is already competing in the contests the second dream is to become a professional footballer and something tells us he will undoubtedly succeed here as well so what's his secret you ask it's actually very simple as Tristan does not keep any secrets you need to work until you have no strength left and after that start working even harder Javon Juana Walton here's another child who proves that if you really want something and work hard to get it then you will eventually get it it was clear since very early childhood Javon Walton will be an achiever the boy passionately wanted to learn as much as possible in this world his desire was so strong that in the end his father gave him a nickname Juana this nickname stuck and now the entire world knows him at the age of four the boys started boxing his father brought him to the gym and the child fell in love with the sport at the age of five Javon took up gymnastics sacrificing what little free time he had today a 12 year old athlete is a champion of Georgia and boxing in gymnastics but that's not all the boy was only nine years old when he became the youngest representative of the sports brand Under Armour the one endorsed by Dwayne the rock Johnson we believe we will hear more about the achievements of this incredible child in the meantime we will wait for the release of the Utopia series featuring Javon is one of the main Leeds ethnic asad vikas many people still say the phrase you fight like a girl in a dismissive manner however we assure you no one would dare say that about if nick assad vikas because her skills are second to none ethnic as peers and adults can only envy her in January of this year the girl turned thirteen years old and we have to admit this girl had no chance to grow up without doing sports the large family Asad vikas consists of ten people and the kids begin to train as soon as they learn how to walk father and mother taught their children to move and defend themselves but ethnic el was the most talented among them all this kid woke up famous in 2013 when the girls workout video got 3 million views on YouTube today the legendary Mike Tyson Roy Jones and Ronda Rousey are among her fans the speed of the girls strikes is amazing in just 30 seconds she can hit the target 190 times even trees shatter under her mighty blows the saath Vikas family has created a speed trainer for boxers and of course they named it EV naka in honor of this amazing girl Brennan and Charlotte sharp objects shall be kept away from children we all heard that from our parents but this is not the case in this family Brennan and Charlotte earned their moment of glory in 2017 a brother and sister performed at little big shots a talent show for children the parents of an unusual duo from Ohio USA owned something between a circus and a freak show they perform themselves so their kids followed in their parents footsteps and of course we would like to warn you please do not try to recreate something like this at home or anywhere else although Grennan looks small he is the youngest professional knife thrower in the world he spent hundreds of hours perfecting his throws and knows exactly what he is doing Daniella DeAngelo here's another young lady who successfully breaks all the stupid and annoying stereotypes about girls she proves that children can do any kind of sports and activities regardless of their gender Daniella for example chose shooting her father took this sport up about seven years ago however he never complained that fate did not give him a son to share his favorite hobby with instead the man taught his daughter to shoot but he couldn't imagine how successful she would eventually become to date 16 year old Daniela has been practicing shooting for four years the girl says that she is quite popular on Instagram people love to argue that the girl is too small and weak to shoot from a very powerful weapon however Daniela repeatedly proves that no one shall underestimate her right you say am i Bruce Lee is an icon worshipped by thousands of people around the world however this little fan brought his love to a whole new or are you saying my dreams of growing up and becoming as cool as the famous actor every day he trains to achieve his goal the world learned about Ryusei mi in 2015 when the boy performed at the super kids show where he created the scene from the movie Game of Death of course his nunchucks were smaller and lighter but still you have to admit he did well today the young Japanese boy is eight years old he took part in the shows in various countries including Italy Australia Belgium Singapore and the USA he has his own army of fans but continues to train hard when he asked what kind of superpower he would like to have he simply said I would like to be like Bruce Lee Isabella Giggy highlights another kid in our list for today has grown up surrounded by people involved in sports one day little Izzy watched her brothers play basketball and then decided she wants to be as cool as they are years passed and today isabella is 10 years old and guess what she plays better than her brothers and better than almost all of her peers Giggy is a very ambitious kid she knows what she wants and knows that she will have to work hard to achieve her goal to become a professional athlete and stand out from the rest of course in a good way basketball is her life now cabinets and bedside tables of the room exhibit her cups and prizes the posters on the wall feature famous basketball players isabella has to get up early and often stays late however there is nothing wrong with this for such is the price of success Mahiro Takano when see as a live music video was released in 2015 it was praised for its cinematography and choreography but most of all for a little master of martial arts Mahiro Takano Takano born and raised in Niigata Prefecture Japan was featured in the music video for a reason SIA saw videos on the internet where Takano demonstrated her skills and invited the girl to become a part of the video Takano is not just some agile child she has been practicing karate since the age of four and at the time of filming she was already a three-time Japan champion cicadas parents believe that karate is good for the girl because it teaches discipline diligence respect and manners indeed Takano trains every day after school and never goes soft on herself even in a music video she performed every movement correctly and with maximum concentration just imagine what a fierce rival she is sky brown 10 year old sky brown rides her skateboard as if she controls it with her mind she also enjoys surfing dance as well and dreams of becoming the youngest participant in the Olympic Games in history the girl is very easygoing but do not think that she is frivolous Sky's determination is second to none I'm small but I'm going to participate in this huge competition you can do anything you set your mind to no matter how old you are the young skateboarder says sky who lives in the Japanese city of Miyazaki but spends most of the year in the United States has already managed to turn into a real celebrity not only in skateboarding but also in the social networks she has thousands of followers on Instagram in 2016 at the age of 8 sky became the youngest person ever to participate in the Vans US Open and although she did not win a medal this competition showed how great her potential is professional athletes believe that in the future when sky is a little older she will definitely we become the best in the world after all she already has her own style and the trick she does on a skateboard are breathtaking yes so far she lacks strength and speed but she will get there with age Naomi Kooten you probably think that a nine-year-old athlete can only be a gymnast or a runner or perhaps a skater Naomi Kooten from the US serves as an excellent example that nothing is impossible she broke the world record in powerlifting and at the age of nine turned into an international phenomenon naomi has become a super girl and this nickname is well-deserved especially given the fact that Naomi began to practice powerlifting just a year before she set a new record during weightlifting competitions she wins the audience over with her victories over much older and heavier athletes what's her secret it's just that this amazing girl always had the will to win and the desire to become the best today naomi is already 17 and sh...
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