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    Matt and Rebecca Zamolo play Hide and Seek in her Best Friend's apartment to discover the hidden secret of the Game Master Incorporated.

    After the Game Master Network discovered that there is a secret hidden best friend they had to search the best friend apartment to find any clue available. When they entered no one was at home. Matt, Rebecca and Daniel Split up to see what they could discover. Matt found some game master spy gadgets while Daniel found a bean bag chair. Rebecca sees that there is a not so secret sign on Alice's door and tries to break in but there is no lock whatsoever. Alice all of the sudden returns and so does the GMI. Rebecca secretly attends the meeting. Alice's cerebral analysis is wearing off so they reactivate it. Now that Alice is missing what can we do to solve this mystery?

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    Many of you have asked if we are Project Zorgo or if we are affiliated with PZ4. No, we partnered with him one time but he betrayed us and he is now considered a rival.


    well in one of these where would it be maybe it's a different basket oh here's another basket how do we like Alice disappear Daniel should be here any second he gives information for us you're not bite you we have to find it Matt check your phone I just think you some video of my cane yeah look at that what are you looking at right now this is this is a spy camera I've set up in here I have multiple around here what I save I got to keep you guys safe keep an eye on you just watch his hair play out Alex beside after we did the last to leave the bounce house look she she she got the phone oh she why didn't you turn to us yeah so she has the phone right now as a phone would she go I don't know she Alice is missing we have no idea after we won that challenge oh we thought we won she left she came down here she said you ever use the restroom but I guess she was taking the phone okay I have some information from our Z twins hey master Network we have a problem so my best friend Alice is now missing and the phone is gone what's the message from our Z twin okay okay so there is a new location for cerebral analysis it's not at GMI HQ any longer okay so our Z twin gave me the exact location where they're starting the new cerebral analysis okay it's like it's an escape room in escape room let me move it from the head do you hear that Alice would you see she just left her partner she went out we're not the other way and they'll follow her no I think I think we need to find the phone I bet the phone is in the apartment let's see it right here if it's locked maybe you can hack in I don't know do you okay she's working bastard Network shirts in it trying to see exactly it should be okay Daniel she said that there was nothing in here no paintings no furniture nothing this is fully furnished yeah okay maybe she got a lot of furniture really fast I don't know nobody gets this much furniture one day yeah no wait that's cute we need to find the phone right now right find the phone and figure this out all right guys what is the plan well I think we should split up and look at all the rooms we need to search them because we need to find that phone that's gonna take a little bit more time than we thought I'll go over here Dino just take off the backpack you know you're right I know I've been carrying this okay cool everybody doing well someone's gotta go upstairs right you go upstairs okay good luck guys Oh guys it looks like a foam I'm just trying to explain the phone it looks like a phone Daniel you talked to phone I know all this ap here we go okay you guys so I am going in here look I was like well these shoes guy stop oh there's a cleaner but I've never seen Alice curl her hair it's like she's been drinking a ton of coffee Daniel she's been drinking coffee oh I like coffee thanks oh it's like a law this area up here if you had a phone where would you hide it I would probably hide it in my office right to keyboard it's a pretty good setup wonder if she's a hacker let us know why you think Ellis lied to us I mean she said her apartment was completely empty but it's definitely not see there's a secret hidden message appear nope I think I'm gonna find this phone comment down below Matt's gonna find the phone if you think he's gonna find it I'm talking about myself oh look at this ready no I just found a beanbag chair okay sorry I'll keep looking do you know he's just he's such a little just having fun think she has a really nice fitness thing here what's what happened huh okay beanbag okay Tino look at this what is that spy shoes oh I don't know where to look for the football you right look Matt Daniel okay we're just fine my shoes yeah we don't spy shoes okay you guys we were looking for the phone can you see what Alice's room what No did you go in there you know I just called you guys oh okay open up go inside oh that's where the phones at that would make sense can you hack in maybe I don't know I can try do you know I still have this I kept this okay y'all gonna double camera there's like no frequency this was like a traditional lock with no key maybe it's like her handprint her thumbprint like we would need her this must be where the phone is do you remember during VidCon when you had to get the Red Hood thumbprint maybe that's how we get into the door later we got to get her thumbprint oh you guys Connor how you think we should try to get into Alice's room obviously there is no key but it's still love you have to get in scape room in order to get in you gotta know the code oh there's like a secret hidden like trapdoor somewhere where like a button that we didn't press did you see that thing up there dude you don't even get into that what this it is it is just an air conditioned yeah it's just the controls where'd you go oh just going upstairs you guys any tide I need to find the best idea Oh I know you're here it's like not even real life oh where am I this looks like my place I didn't realize I was in the wrong place so okay okay okay okay it's pretty good I don't know I found the best hiding spot until she sat on me I was under there so we're here because we want the phone you took the phone and now you have your backpack back yeah we trusted you you don't understand they told me I gave them if want to be done I just want to be done with this I don't want to play this game anymore Alice you're supposed to be my best friend we need your help we need you to help us get back at the phone please this is too much I am I didn't sign up for this I went to a casting and it was supposed to be simple now there's a game and there's a phone I just I don't want to do this anymore how can we trust you I mean you told us you had an empty apartment look box is in look it's clearly completely furnished and why is your door locked there's only so much stuff this isn't my apartment they gave me this apartment okay well why is your door locked to your room they locked it the only way to get the door unlocked is it oh my gosh they're here find the bed fries yes Daniel it's not good that's time to go another round of cerebral analysis but you guys said identifying on the phone I gave you the phone you're an artery no you said that I'd be done give you the location right we need to rescue her you guys it's always do she's part of the game she wants to get out of it we have to rescue her you guys match the thumbs up button if you think that we should go rescue Alice because I think she's a good person this is it fair shout-out to you guys in the gamemaster Network that got our merch and tagged us on Instagram check out the video right here where we did the last leave the bounce house and we found out what's inside Ellis's we gotta go
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