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    The Raw Nature crew observe Komodo dragons hunting in the wild during a visit to Rincah Island in Indonesia. They then demonstrate the effect of the powerful Komodo venom on a piece of raw meat.

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    this is the harder Komodo country here one tiny little village and the rest Komodo dragons there's over a thousand animals on this little island alone and this is just the beginning of the rainy season so these things are hungry right now so you ever get nervous around here I mean I feel like my head's on a swivel right now I would use a different word adrenaline and I mean these trees here we don't know we just got to be careful this look what's your own deer you look around you the whole time just too careful Wow he's totally just got him by the neck there yeah yeah just be careful because there could be more coming out I mean usually in this situation more animals are gonna pick up a scent and they're gonna come out that is HUGE he's looking at us right now guys this is just stand back be careful be careful he's got the wrong scent he's got the wrong set go go go go go you can't bring him back around bring him back around he's confused he's got a scent he's got the goats am confused we gotta get him back onto the right scent you ain't got behind it go holy cow Wow he'll get on the goat now he'll get on the goat all right stop stop stop stop okay go she goes so can you say gonna take it away from the little guy look at those jaws on that thing there's also another one the Komodo dragon has a top speed of 12 miles per hour that might not seem like much unless you're the prey there's another one coming is another one coming mr. Lovell keep an eye out guys we got the trees behind us you know wow it's just man they're just ripping that go to shreds those guys are hungry they are very very hungry this male here I mean he's huge look at that NASA it's like purple saliva on his side look at he's just trying to take the whole thing away yeah he wants the whole thing by himself he doesn't want to share it so these guys they have like cannibal tendencies I mean oh yes I mean that small guy's got to look out survival of the fittest it's going down it's going down and what he's just taking it all in we'll go ask keep on looking behind you because you never know I mean he saw how quickly these other two came it's a female yeah yeah so you think they're all part of the same family or does it really doesn't matter they're not a no no I'm not gonna share even if they are family they're not gonna share you just hear those bones creaking and cracking their opportunities feeders and when they get the opportunity they take it the appetite of these guys is just unbelievable I mean they're not chewing at all this wallowing lack and I like how a snake swallows its prey now let me ask you kind of stupid question once they're done with this and they notice that we're this close to them are they gonna walk we should think of moving out of here very quickly right because they're in feeding mode and until that feeding mode is off we've got to basically watch our ass and get out whoa heads up it's nearly game over guys so they must be starving look at that they're on the last bit now they're fighting for the last piece and we don't want to be the last piece all right yeah just watch out now look at the ribs oh he's like smiling at you very efficient yeah huh I mean nothing left over watch yourself watch yourself okay now what's happening look at their heads being up right now they're looking at us be care full there he's coming man he is definitely not finished eating better get out of here the two of them are coming both more come another one coming where's dessert honestly I've never gripped anything as tight before in my life see right now we're at a major advantage because this animal as you can see by his belly is just so overeating and bloated he's very restricted as far as his speed is concerned look at his max I mean this light you know that stuff hanging out of his mouth that has 52 different types of bacteria and this is deadly some of the bacteria has venomous properties these specialist types of bacteria which basically latch on and and destroy the white blood cells and our immune system pave way for the rest of the bacteria to come in and set the pace for disease death and decay here's the deal I I got some of this seriously potent bacteria laid in venom from our friend Duncan McCrae one year the Komodo and you bite into an animal that bacteria attacks the flesh and then the venomous properties attack your immune system so they kind of work together what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna inject one of the meet with the Komodo venom and I'm going to bite into the other me because I think that my saliva might have some sort of effect probably not going to be as dramatic as this kimono but I want to see what happens the Komodo venom basically disintegrates meat I'll just give it a nice little wash okay that's part one nastiness this is absolutely repulsive it looks like my bite marks down here did absolutely nothing and the injections it just smells absolutely rude by the way do we let this sit here for three nights and looks like it's just I don't know what that is and it looks like this is liquid all around here Wow this is nasty I guess the three days have shown that my bite probably isn't as bad in my bark no let's get out of here you
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