I AM MOTHER (2019) Ending Explained

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    howdy folks welcome to found flicks understanding explain we'll be looking at I am mother a mysterious sci-fi thriller where after an event makes humanity extinct a teenage girl is raised by a robot but their bond is tested when a stranger arrives with alarming news and it's starting to appear that the robot called mother has much more sinister intentions than she was led to believe well we've got yet another Netflix original on our hands and generally that doesn't bode well for the film's overall quality but I am mother is amongst the rare originals that actually doesn't disappoint despite an obviously limited budget and scope the movie admirably tells its story increasing the tension and questions about the world outside as well as constantly twisting who the young daughter can trust it's also technically quite polished and with only a handful of actors it still somehow works with its limited means and presents an intriguing sci-fi yarn that comes together in a compelling way I'm also impressed as they are able to make the mother robot feel like a real living character all brought to life by special effects wizards Wetty behind the Lord of the Rings as well as Krampus utilizing a practical suit instead of CG makes all the difference here I can't understand why the admittedly abrupt ending leaves viewers with many questions about where things up in the end but luckily this is a case where all of the pieces of the puzzle to put things together are there in the film the sign of quality screenwriting which is always appreciated so let's check out I am mother breaking down the film's story putting together the bigger pieces and explaining the ending and what it means our story takes place almost entirely in the hoc repopulation facility where we learn there has been a catastrophic apocalyptic event that decimated humanity which is what causes the facility to activate seeing it is one day after the extinction event the lights and doors were too light and robotic arms complete the Assembly of an advanced droid to care for the many unborn embryo stored there 63,000 of them in fact more than enough to begin the repopulation of mankind and the droid is there to raise them from infancy acting as their de facto mothers who places an embryo into a fertilization tank in a mere 24 hours the baby will be born once it's done cooking she talks to it in a soothing voice comforting the child cleaning it wrapping her in a blanket and turning on warming parts of her body almost like a mother bird does with her eggs implanting the idea early on that mother is a source of warmth and protection we watch as a child grows only ever refer to as daughter with a droid providing her with everything a mother would and more being her complete caregiver and teacher yet the development program is slightly more advanced than the norm because I still couldn't do origami now if my life depended on it let alone if I'm like 6 years old or whatever and over the years there seems to be what could only be described as genuine love and care between the mother and daughter even if one is a robot the girl asks why there aren't more children and mother explains there used to be more humans but daughter hates humans based on what she's been told as they've ruined everything but mother defends us saying that humans can be wonderful leading here to ask then why only make one mother takes her to the embryo room revealing the massive number of ready to bake baby fetuses and daughter longs for brothers and sisters in fact a whole huge family that it would make her happy and the Droid agrees this would make her happy as well promising that eventually she'll get the big family that she desires we then jumped forward to 13,000 687 days after the extinction the facility is still only having one human yet the only girl that we see is a teenager and things already aren't as they appear because the number of days we jumped 1 to 13,000 plus after the extinction it's just around 37 and a half years much older than this girl interesting inner growth daughter has become skilled at a variety of things including being able to help mother with repairs showing much higher capability than the average team though she is still learning presented with complex moral decisions from a doctor standpoint including possibly sacrificing herself to save the others all in preparation for an extremely important upcoming exam tied to the daughter's birthday what daughter seems listless it admits to not doing the reading disappointing mother who expresses it would be a shame if she didn't meet her score set from last year and not wanting to let her down when it comes to sacrificing herself she points out she was taught she should be willing to experience harm to benefit others yet questions the people she's saving that they could in fact be bad people so she would be giving her life for those that don't ultimately deserve it again much higher level stuff than I was being taught in high school that is some critical thinking and shit I was like I'm gonna go home and eat some Cheetos and drink cream soda that was my critical thinking what kind of soda was I gonna have we're later presented with how adamant mother is about the outside world being unsafe the power is suddenly going dark one night daughter tracks down the culprit to a cute little mouse but when presented to the droid who doesn't even believe that it came from outside she's unwilling to take any chances as it could be a carrier and promptly incinerates it to daughter's horror but she maintains that it's for her own safety as a surface contamination levels are hazardous to her and her potential brothers and sisters though she does show a softer more human side actually cracking a joke when she's told that daughter remembered for once to put her dirty clothes in the laundry showing us this is one extremely intelligent Android even able to evolve its personality to become more human over time impressive the mouse's visit has made daughter more interested in the outside world questioning mother if she might be wrong about it being dangerous out there wondering how she could know without actually going out there herself she responds it would be too dangerous for her to go out there and would probably ultimately wind up getting incinerated like her little friend but she doesn't want her to be unhappy asking if she has ever been wrong and daughter can't argue with this though she also has literally nothing else to compare to which will soon change when an unexpected new person pays the facility a visit Daughter hearing a faint knocking from the airlock brazenly putting on a hazmat suit and opening the first door approaching the outside one and calling out hello a woman responds saying she needs help as she's been shot and daughter decides to open the door to see for herself despite mother's constant warnings about outside opening it activates an alarm and mother is launched after the signal the woman is as she let on an injured lady daughter granting her only access to the in-between zone distracting her to put a suit on before she can let her in the woman pleads for medical assistance and his mother gets closer she promises to help but tells her to stay down slumping just out of the droid sight as she shows up she's still pissed though scolding her for potentially putting herself and the embryos at risk and daughter apologizes promising it won't happen again mother agrees punishing her by sending her off to do that big exam after all this mischief spawning 60 minutes to complete it as she leaves to decontaminate the airlock worried she might find the woman daughter gets to her first taking her gun before shaking her back to consciousness about to remove her mass to drink water daughter stomps her butt the woman tells her it's okay removing it to take a drink without incident also against everything mother has told her and more questions are raised about what she's been told asking how she's unaffected by the contagion the woman confused asks who put that in your head and it started it really looked like maybe mother ain't always right after all she sneaks a woman through the halls hiding her in the furnace room and scours the infirmary for supplies making a mess in the process hurriedly cleaning it up hearing the clucky footsteps of mother approaching and manages to hide as she passes by - oh the furnace room to incinerate a mask found out the airlock which is also where the woman is currently hiding who flips out upon seeing the Droid and flees and when daughter tracks her down she explains why as they're apparently several other droids that look exactly like mother outside called dozers who have been tracking down and killing any surviving humans this idea confuses daughter as she's only known mother who based on her experience would never hurt anyone snatching the gun back mother appears and her hostile reaction fits in with what she was saying yet the woman doesn't really do herself many favors taking daughter hostage opening fire on the droid doesn't do much grabbing her by the neck aggressively yes she was just protecting your daughter as any good mother would do and she relents when daughter says the woman is just scared and needs medical attention and mother behaves as we've seen with compassion and kindness offering to help and ushering her to the infirmary asking the daughter to leave to ask her some questions like about the Droid that supposedly shot her and if she is on her own knowing her wound is most likely infected she bust out a huge-ass syringe of penicillin seeing this robot coming at her and based on her already described fear of the droids she doesn't trust that mother is really trying to help she tries to calm her down askin...
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