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    When I upload Rust Gameplay Videos, you will find many different things including stories of my adventures, intense PVP highlights and fights, Solo Survival, Group Survival, Roleplaying, Funny Moments, Trap Bases and much more!

    The only aim in Rust is to survive. To do this you will need to overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Build a fire. Build a shelter. Kill animals for meat. Protect yourself from other players, and kill them for meat. Create alliances with other players and form a town. Do whatever it takes to survive.

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    CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 CPU @3.20 GHz
    Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-B150M-DS3H (rev. 1.0) LGA 1151 Intel B150 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
    Memory: G.SKILL NT Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2400 (PC4 19200) Intel Z170 Platform / Intel X99 Platform
    Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1070
    Storage: 512GB SSD + 2 TB HD


    decayed bases relics of a forgotten age hordes of heavily armed players once patrolled the halls of this stronghold but those days are long gone however the loot doesn't just vanish it remains in the boxes where it was left to gather dust so what happens to and now that it's old owners are gone well that's where I come in a bit of wood and some quick thinking can get you inside the compound walls do some poking around and who knows what you'll find he took two headshots holy yeah good yeah sorry man really yeah a lot of nothing yep hey freak off you hacker watch your language mister what we got yeah the garage I wish you could sit in this chair slowly turn around I've been expecting you you're like cracking whoa figure go to strategic as you get a new flame boys and back at it this base active they'll do a little investigation ISM that a person oh oh whoa a quick glance through binoculars and my eyes widened I need some wood guys this base was full of treasure ready to be plundered I don't have any ladders though guys I don't know how I can get over it I might have to build guys look at all those boxes where do we jump from go for the gate nope nope it's too far I need to I need to revisit it well yo what's up man yo what's up dude yo I'm currently trying to get into a base and I know there's a ton of loot inside it's like a little trip it's the jackpot Oh what could you do it that was really scary you take a double barrel all right you like I think we can do this extra pumpkins oh oh I think you can make it I think you can make it I can definitely do this dude well I don't know if I can see there's the nice nice no-one any ladders I mean uh sorry weather no oh my god oh my god oh okay there's definitely things in here dude throw me some pumpkins maybe nothing crazy boxes mom wanna chew I think I'm happy we'll definitely have a Tsar Oh like 3,000 like 40 stone walls what yeah box full of charcoal I'm on my mom oh they're like everything set up for us yeah we should we might be able to explore that base oh maybe it's an education this was just the tip of the iceberg believe me we explored that vase - I see I want to get up in I mean I'm over own I see damn oh and another star I did like a complicated slight jump all right you know let's make a base right here and we can just build out with the tempo just build it right now let's fight the treasure chest that was that was pretty good I'm gonna make a cold lock there's definitely like the gun chest below - there we go gonna jump on my head oh my god that was so close design talk yeah I was 15 as well okay you can just drink a little bit yeah oh wow it's 42 HP we can like chopping it out three one speed it to throw like some points yo sup buddy sup each camp alright this might have baked lutes be a glue get ready to make your life much better yeah this is actually boss Oh Oh the new stack of gunpowder stack a couple my god there's lockers dude oh my gosh oh okay alright rocket launchers big oof no it's a breeze anything I think so I still have faith I feel like I have do you believe l9 and 2 bolts my dude I like that oh we suppose I said it's me it's me it's me that's what amis that she doing is ripped it are you kidding me right now Wow me well I do it in uh oh my god look at our and the 280 did BQ little head up there I don't know that they were farming though she killed him we kind of need the stuff right now zero farming Oh each other you that can't do this thanks man hey man I'll pick you up man seemed like a nice guy man don't try to be cheeky and attack me man ok man see you later man hey good luck out there man Oh okay oh did you go to sleep we actually need that oh this guy had a lot of later oh my god put all my loot away so I don't have to worry about is it hammer anywhere I have one on the ground on the top of the box oh did you see that I'll be right back I'll sign it clicked on the wrist don't kill me that other base I see you I see a box that wasn't exposed before oh yeah those definitely weren't exposed before I see him he's on mats I shall make the tutu first noise oh yeah noise oh yeah oh I just got shot what man well he can kill me instantly I killed him 17 more me good yeah someone with the bag out here okay I guess my plan failed oh I don't think so sir oh I can build pretty clothes you like right here oh yeah okay definitely I'm gonna go well there's a toy here careful I don't know if that turd is sent out or not a letter no ladder pro base bill you got okay oh okay thank you like that with curiosity and excitement we headed in oh my god there's more boxes here the other story boxes here oh no these are all walkway can we not reach those yeah we can use a spear I'm pretty sure we can leave those dude give me the incent what is TC hub nothing could have a nice tie like 8k gunpowder that's just what I said Oh someone's building a base right by our base we're gonna break one oh yeah you know what I mean sound removed you two insane screeching yeah I know I don't know what to do okay we'll be right back what do we have BP's what - dude what do we do start with the neighbor and we I want to make another base any like a little hole Oh Dean up by our base kind of Venice this place is good oh I see him I see the guy do that shadow is dead oh it works don't worry we're gone wait here's another killer hold on just made the space yes the base somewhere he just came over it's not the first great that we did that ones the first floor is now the cave oh there's a Tier three in here dude he's open oh I'm scared I'm going for the jump oh we are set for life oh we need to no no no I have to do it like broken one they're mine yeah that guy had a bunch of shit no I'm good okay great okay no one move going ah very nice Oh leave me soon right yeah I gotta go at 7:00 that's actually good no what do you have to do I got a date you date and this fine pay of rust he chose to gonna do I'm gonna run have a go on and on your date yeah thanks buddy brother yep you guys do think that's enough for us for today hey you look great I brought this for you can I come in no thanks you got a beautiful house oh is this your little pad what's her name oh she's adorable you ready to head out I am starving I did eat a pup oh sorry I know right I couldn't believe it either yeah it was so bit I had great time tonight oh you want me to come in cool let's go after I'd gotten off my companion's completed the construction of the new base and crafted some weapons back from my date I was ready to capitalize on all that loot we had accumulated old base is decaying it's like a graveyard in here sixty thousand people used to live here now it's a ghost town Starr there's a turret okay yep turn it off all safe to run yeah yeah Oh dad SATs right the shooting down right there up there yeah finished him all right I'm gonna go recycle right see Fiocchi lives there let me loot it we should I'm dead I'm dead full dead full dead mp5 he's got mp5 I died fast but it wasn't that suspicious oh I just got killed early this guy might be cheating I got headshot six times Oh family okay diluting everything yeah that's a four times after I killed the naked why oh I'm down I'm pressing f7 it's not working how many close to that wall let's rate the henchman here's a confirmable I've never seen the limits punkers everyone stayed really together I'm gonna wait him right now just get shot through the door oh well I think the Bell didn't keep reading him are you dead Welling nowhere yes well there's another one I'm dead what is two in there I told you to make your decision let's get ready to read it his voice to that was like he's such a loser god he's eating bad soon Oh what's going on we're gonna die again let's do it I'm not even gonna sneak up here he knows we're here yep he's building right now still the one door though he's actually they trust me oh I'm down hovering back oh my god I may go I'm coming back I'm gonna have a bag here coming me running in right now down here we got the bass we gotta be back oh my god these idiots dude you can buy cheats but you can't play thank you some doors on it and yeah this is all I lose stuff from the round hey get your paste bacon when you idiot hey what was that about taking our guns did you get blue stuff what happens thank you you got your bass you like shit talking hackers getting back at them and taking all their loot now that feels good there is an ingot outside got bid yeah you got been he just got banned I got her Luminess oh this they're coming they're all coming up the hill towards our base I'm lit cook right but once guys with middle chest plates okay we need to actually move we leave some guns here think it is still in the same spot but what happened to the hackers you ask well they got what was coming a fat bannerino you guys want someone to organize the base all right I'm gonna I'm gonna get all the stuff to recycles I like how down here it's like the ground for a second a little patch of Earth I'm actually about to all right oh yeah yep oh dear oh best oh come on oh my god I just uh killed what good headshot one hold it hit him three times what's that once full dead coming oh one second I'm get involved teeth okay I'm okay I'm okay mm he said okay looting oh okay kill the negative bumble yeah dude how did you how did your date go on oh it's good we had a fun time is that why you couldn't get on and at the night time yes it was it was a late evening oh I'm gonna cue at...
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