Apple Watch Series 5 -- Hands On!

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    Apple just debuted the fifth-generation Apple Watch -- the Apple Watch Series 5. This new devices has several new features including new case materials titanium and ceramic as well as an Always-On Retina OLED display. AppleInsider got to go hands-on with the new iWatch at its special event in Cupertino.

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    what's going on everyone it is Andrew here from Apple Insider and I am very excited to be talking you guys today because just now minutes ago Apple debuted the brand new Apple watch series 5 it just happened and we got to go hands-on and try it out there are several new features to the series 5 and we're going to kind of go through those high-level before we get into an actual you know hands-on review that will do once these launched and we actually can have them for our own starting on September 20th so right now we just got a brief hands-on so let's talk about the new Apple watch series 5 so Apple watch series 5 comes in four different materials there is aluminum which there's a light silver option a darker black option make gold option same as we had before there is the stainless steel which comes in silver dark black space black and gold same as we had in years past but we also now have titanium and ceramic now ceramic has been around before it is a very clean white color and then there is titanium which is brand new for Apple watch it looks very cool and it has a very much brushed finish to it especially on the silver one it looks very brushed metal versus likely anodized aluminum which is kind of that matte finish the stainless steel which is very glossy and polished so the titanium is definitely that brushed kind of line finish to it very looks metallic and the black version of the space black of the titanium is also that brush finished it's a little bit more subdued because of that DLC that diamond-like coating around there that makes it that black color as far as the weight goes titanium feels definitely heavier than aluminum and it's pretty much on par with the stainless steel so if you like the heavier material of the stainless steel but you don't like the back of the stainless steel can so easily get scuffed up and scratch especially to the silver one then the titanium may be a good option to go with now while we have had the aluminum for many many years now the aluminum now is 100% recycled it doesn't look any different like the aluminum models we've had in the past but it is completely 100% recycled now so that's just a great environmental fact of the new Apple watch Series five now the business do the other big new feature of Apple watch series 5 which is the display we have it we now have an always-on Retina display so no longer do you have to worry about waking your watch up when you want to look at even just the time it's just always going to be on so a couple things we noticed in our hands-on time is that while third-party complications will dim it normally so you tilt your wrist away the screen dims down but it still stays on third-party complications will dim just like the rest of the watch face however third-party apps do not do this they get kind of a frosted look you can see the time on there so we're gonna have to see how that develops once we get it and you get to play around with more apps but it does seem that it's a little bit different than Apple's own apps and how they deal with that dimming watch face when it goes into kind of that standby mode so you can still see it but it's a little bit different between third-party apps and Apple's own first party apps Apple watch Series 5 also now it includes a compass so there's new complications that we got to play around with it's also its own standalone app and it works like a compass it was it pretty much seemed like exactly like it should it was nice when we jumped into the Maps app we actually see our orientation which was very nice and can be helpful when you're navigating just using your watch we're just having the Maps app on your phone and of course developers can take advantage of this so we'll have to see how that progresses once developers are able to launch their own apps to take advantage of the new compass in the Apple watch series 5 otherwise this is an Apple watch it does a lot of things there aren't a huge list of new features and we didn't see some of the features we are expecting such as sleep tracking so this is on sale now you can literally go to Apple's website in order this right now there's a new watch studio we played around which is a cool way to choose your case you're sizing everything in pick out your models there are a bunch of new Apple watch bands we saw a few of them here in our hands on time but there's a lot more to explore online and you can even try this out for yourself if you launch your iphone and head to Apple's web site and look at the Apple watch page you can view the Apple watch Sirius 5 in augmented reality so you can throw it on your desk and actually look at the Apple watch for yourself before you go ahead and pick one so let us know what you guys think if you want to order an Apple R series behind you and find the link below in the description the Apple watch series 3 is still around at a new low price of $1.99 but I'm interested to hear what you guys think let me know on Twitter at Andrew underscore OSU and let us know your questions and we'll do our best to answer them hey everyone did you guys like that video be sure to click on that like button so we can create content that we know that you guys want to see and follow Apple Insider on all social media channels if you want the best prices on any Apple gear check out the Apple Insider price guide that is updated daily and until next time we'll see you later
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