K-Pop Fans React To And MEET K-Pop Stars (ATEEZ 에이티즈)

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    ATEEZ (에이티즈) surprises their Fans. Watch to see their Reactions.

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    ATEEZ (에이티즈)

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    K-Pop Fans React To And MEET K-Pop Stars (ATEEZ 에이티즈)


    debut songs really set the tone and their debut surprise the some of our best day it's a tease I love this occur Oh ages my sister loves 80s comedy yeah okay pop let's get it he's uh he's known as the mo mo a guy this is one of their legendary performances that's my bias right there for each group you have like a bias and they're just oh they're just your favorite I was more fluent there's parts of Koreans that I still don't get he's the best dancer in the group oh my god my bias is don't lost he's like the youngest but he's like amazing book like that's so impressive like the whole like dancing and being loose thing I think this was their debut song and they just really killed it for that they have so much passion when they dance Oh Huijin in the middle yes he's a leader and he's dance king must be so hot filming in here this is one my favorite song I love how each video is like a completely different aesthetic just like come at me bro head oh my goodness I really appreciate the choreo like you can tell how hard they worked for it catchy I can't do it what'd you say when you drink I love them with their colored hair you look so good that's all I know fanfare like I like the song this one's good this is a really good summer song I can actually understand this blowed away right now they're under this is so impressive you know one of those songs you want to get up and dance yo they're visuals always kill so good luck he's such a good singer I want their flags so much he's a good rapper and a good dancer oh no hot it was the coldest in the middle of a desert were like full like teams and my long sleeve they can dance they can dance for sure I would hang their flag in my room I would you can just tell that like every part of the video like was done with such care like the clothing like the cinematography like the choreography just everything is like a hundred and ten percent as a current a teeny you just like love everything they do it's just so amazing and as much as they accomplished in just this short period of time I'm just so proud of them so before we talk more about them can you tell us what your favorite thing about a teases they're such a good performance group I really like the beats something's moving and I don't know how I feel about this like wow that was really impressive my sister's gonna kill me like oh they are tough but they're not trying to show off that they're like scary people I'm the guy but my lace gun oh yeah wait where'd it go I like the Isle of boy is it Korea I just like how they make their songs cause like one of my favorite parts about a song you're good they were really really refreshing like when they debuted cuz debut songs really set the tone in their debuts think that this is all just luck but it's not just luck for them like I just said these guys are so good-looking and they heard all that that's I don't know that's embarrassing but you know I hope you guys are yeah happy meeting anyone like is crazy right just like it's such a cool opportunity that this show brings I like I can meet people like this I know how to introduce myself in Korean yeah thank you so much for just so excited and impressed and grateful that you guys are here the fact that you guys could even carve out time in your schedule because you guys are saying you had a concert in Grand Park and then you're performing at kcon I mean that's just so impressive I mean it's dedication to fit we made a tea that's the most important schedule from like all of us we're really thankful that you guys work so hard and you practice and train so hard for all of us you've given us like really good comeback after really good comeback and I'm I look forward to more it's not because of you guys you because of you your bias bees it's like definitely a dream come true it's something all 18 is ever wish for in their life and just to be surrounded by 18 right now it's so crazy especially as an international fan because like I've never thought that I would be able to see you guys because you guys are in Korea and I'm here you know so far away and to be here right now sitting with you guys it's just dream come true it's one of our deemed too yeah yeah I'm here to be a part of it I'm very happy about that there's one thing I've always wanted to say we actually were born the same day June 15 1999 so like a miracle in Africa yeah there's Sarah desert and also so hot in there and there is we we always wear that long sleeves and jacket and like my clothes is look like padding so it's too hot but that's a that's a funny moment and it's a good experience to your name I really like that part he's an Phantom that I guess we'll watch here like important in go I feel like meaning we always talk about talk to our fans with our music this is our dream and maybe this is to be made by our a teeny cuz they they are enough motivation that we can chasing our dream so we hope to they fade the same way they their dream and when they chasing their dream we are one of motivation so simply if you could perform one song with 80s what song would you want to perform well not such a great dancer but if I could I would really love to perform I only know this one you do that we do can you compare Justin yes so for 80s what is it like for you guys to be on tour and to get to meet your fans like this Constitution they undergo keep on that damn toy 80s you are 18 you might not gonna she knows you okuni Terran film was the bunny boy did you get them finally before we go guys as a fan of eighties and for you 80s what did it mean for you to be able to meet each other here today co2 you good about didn't date says I don't condone gum you know Percy to cocktail it's amazing it's because they've helped so much you know they have songs for every type of emotion all of us okay ok public trial is juicing in the pan you open the another context where we were talking about okay I'm going cool Paul tell you what don't worry your smell feeling chaotic oh god I never thought that this would be possible and like it's just sort of mind-blowing it doesn't seem like I'm here right now I don't think it's normal to see like people from a different country yeah like performing and making music and then seeing them here it's always like an honor because I think we all know how hard you guys worked to get to this point I'm just lucky right now and I know like I said this earlier you guys think that you're like you're here because of luck or just by the time you guys debuted but it's really your hard work and your talent and just you're like you know all-around fun and outgoing personalities it's got you here and I'm just so proud everybody is just happy for what you guys are doing and just thank you for coming today every time and every moment with a teeny or like you guys some someone who like our music this that time is so precious and that's one of our inspiration because we know that the goose is snezhana connection you got your names in Antonin I'm do like what tears I know when the moon were so far away could I so cut them a check out minami on man I gave us a catamite cheetah fan delete like they really are like money impacting that will I would even change the color to call it does change our life anything look good on you go yawning yawning that terribly thanks to FB for making this video chickadee it's just not who is that
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