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    Gordon Ramsay is one of the world's most decorated and successful chefs, with an empire that includes more than a dozen restaurants, countless best-selling cookbooks, and seven hit TV shows, including Master Chef Jr., which returns to Fox this February. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the MOST-REQUESTED GUEST in Hot Ones history finally sits face-to-face with Sean Evans. Despite his misgivings about the culinary quality of the wings of death, Gordon throws himself into the challenge full force. Along the way, he discusses his chef influences, explains how to make the perfect scrambled eggs, and tries to find an antidote to spicy food.


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    Season 8
    Episode 1

    First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.

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    ah scuse me is there a toilet nearby quickly do you mine I've got it is it nearby there's right into the green room right into the green room hey what's going on everybody for first we feast I'm Sean Evans and you're watching hot ones it's the show with hack questions and even hotter wings and it's a banner day in internet history as we open up season eight with Gordon Ramsay he's one of the world's most decorated and successful chefs with an empire that includes more than a dozen restaurants countless best-selling cookbooks and seven hit TV shows including MasterChef junior which returns to Fox this February Gordon Ramsay welcome to the show great to see you so we started hot ones about four years ago and shortly after we put up our first episode we're bombarded with requests to get Gordon Ramsay on the show and as the show has grown so too has that albatross around our necks which has followed me from the Internet to the airport to my family get-togethers so this one is very much for the fans I'm nervous in a good way but at the same time I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder so I just want to say thank you for coming in today you're welcome good to see you Congrats by the way thank you very season eight amazing and I have four kids there pay me to come on this dad I want to see how good your palate is or how strong your palate is you've got a big mouth you shout and scream all day long but can you take a hot wing so finally under immense pressure from the family and a lot of supporters out there I'm here the world has pressured us into this room Gordon that is it if it all goes tits up after this it doesn't matter we may be hot ones okay okay so how long were these wings cook for oh I knew that this was gonna happen damn yeah yeah cuz a bit fucking overcooked fly eating a mouthful of fucking sand a good wing look at your arms that's a good wing right there yeah yeah but so it needs a bit meat on them things like a quail so Gordon as we mentioned in your intro MasterChef junior comes back next month one of your many shows that become a global phenomenon when you think back and all the times you've been wowed by the raw talent of a child on that show is there a story that stands out I think of some of the earlier kids now you're back on season one the other into the 18 19 year old Alexander from season 1 and yeah this guy is a prolific chef he's barely 19 years of age and for the last five years he spent weekends and holidays in some of the most amazing restaurants across the world so I say them no mom no dad no school teacher you love me gonna hate me it's gonna be the best football coach you ever met in your life but you'll come out of this a much better cook and they do what's been the most disturbing thing that you've ever seen unnoticed or uncared-for at a restaurant and Kitchen Nightmares that's a really good question so I went into a refrigeration unit once and saw a tartar sauce three and a half years out of date how fucking dumb must you be to use this tartar sauce that's stank to use a source that's festering bubbling like something out of fucking Harry Potter that was off three years ago several Stuart littles spotted in the corner the kitchen yeah big motherfuckers not like cats I didn't know they only have cats they didn't resemble hey it was a fucking rats yeah pretty shocking from rats to mold to recently come across the restaurant with plastic cheese over nachos covered in mold you have any idea how long cheese needs to sit in a fridge that's plastic cheese to get mold fucking years yes hippie-dippie green while they smoke you might come up with these names probably opium okay hmm okay so the restaurant business is notoriously difficult with these thin margins and then of course infinite space for human error and then when you're a chef who's famous and has this large empire that goes across several continents you end up being a target for the type of Yelper or TripAdvisor comment or there's like this place is a total ripoff I could have made it for three dollars can you explain in layman's terms the basic math behind how a twenty five dollar cheeseburger might end up on a menu mmm I've seen chefs with freaking gold leaf on a burger ready to get to a hundred dollar mark which is a bit stupid really because you don't go near a fucking burger with gold leaf and white ain't that flavor so 25 dollar burger it's all about the patty the thickness the blend it depends on whether it's a chuck for the short rib a great brioche bun and how you lay that up with here all the trappings of a luxurious burger is there a hidden cost and running a restaurant that most diners are unaware of yeah it's called rent and labor costs two big key factors in running a successful business landlords they win either way so the more successful you are the more rent they ask for the less successful you are the more demanding of the rent so the great way of identifying a classy restaurant is being full on a Monday night Friday Saturday we'll look that'll take care of itself naturally if you can fill it Monday Tuesday Wednesday you'll not depend of the way there fucking grapefruit in hot sauce few series I know that you spent your early years studying classic French technique you're bouncing around restaurants and London and Paris working alongside some of the most influential chefs in the world so at that in mind I want to bounce some of the people some of the mentors that helped shape Gordon Ramsay into this battle-hardened perfectionist that we see today and just curious what you learned about cooking what you learned about business maybe even what you learned about life from each okay we'll start with Marco Pierre White mhm fucking phenomenon a nut buster a ballbreaker super talented chef if you thought my performance sometimes was shocking in the kitchen that was a fucking Hollywood blockbuster right there Oscar nominated Marc appear wine that guy had finesse he could close his eyes and dress a play beautifully and he could come out looking like a Gucci handbag I mean stunning how about geese of what he said what was amazing it was like this perfect Frenchman that was your hardest fuck on the outside and then you look at him it's the kind of guy that your grandma would take the fucking bingo we had one and a half days off a week that half a day if you took that half day you're fucked so he had to be in there no pay and shown willingness you have to learn and as an English cook enough education I had to bust my ass off twice as hard now yeah one of the best chefs living today and still a prominent figure nada cuisine how about Joel Robuchon Robert Sean was a taskmaster combined Marco Tony Bourdain geesa wah Alvaro all together and you've got durable shop because you know and the outside world it was this incredible successful genius but behind the scenes oh my god you know from raviolis flying over your head to fucking copper pans to I used to see ducks flying from one end of the case of the other thinking that just reborn the fucking wings the only thing was missing with the feathers I remember me telling me that the best thing ever happened to was a shit that ran down my mother's leg when she gave birth to me how did you get up in the morning concentrate and work the next day on that one then so for all those beautiful Millennials and snowflakes out there trust me the more you get pushed the thicker your skin they're picking your skin trust me the higher you go cheaver goal from where out of New Jersey rights to a gold and you mind if I sponsor the wings getting forwarded is like pay for some fucking decent meat on those that would be a dream come true for us there's a trade emails we'll trade emails South nippy at the beginning is like nip nip nip immediately so it's not a it's fine no mm-hmm it's not super hot so with your many best-selling cookbooks than your how-to tutorials online you've inspired a generation maybe several how to up their food game but today we want to give a lesson to the spice Lords can you break down the perfect Gordon Ramsay at home burger and describe how to make it as much detail as possible yeah so for me it's about that blend I would go sixty ground beef ten percent fat blend that with Tim sent Chuck and then I would do almost like a luxurious for it in there and then the last parts somewhat lean so a bit of a tri-tip in there in a way that it sort of holds that thing together so it's tight the cedar of great burgers in the seasoning and so to many people make the burger but they don't season it properly so season this thing chili flakes garlic powder salt pepper severe seared strong Kara's Asian on top and then it's the basting and so once you've caramelized that burger on top don't worry about it still being raw inside you baste because as you base that the butter it seeps through and become so much more richer the fat camera Liza's on top of the burgers the flavor layers beautiful brioche bun beauty toasted and then bait so not is it toasted but it holds substantially all those juices the most important thing about a burger let that thing rest before you bite into it and that's what happens sometimes they cook the burger they buying a meal it's our man it's all pissing out yeah let it rest let it sit inside there and then stack of usually so you made this one and it's out fucking day 2017 can't you afford fucking sourcing dates oh no I just stage battles oh is that good yeah bullshit here we go so where's my nice I like that you do yeah that's quite zesty that's that's fruity I like that smug Serrano some more engine there yeah I mean I'm not too sure about apricot but big big that'...
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